Shop Safely for Baby and Save Money From These Top 10 Baby Sites

Preparing for a new baby can be a daunting task but, thanks to our Sitejabber community, we’ve rounded up the Top 10 Baby Sites on the internet to help take some stress out of picking up all of the things you’ll need, at the right price and from merchants you can trust. The sites in the baby category that made the cut range from well-known established brick-and-mortar stores to more obscure online-only gems that every new parent will want to check out. Thanks to online shopping and fast dependable delivery, busy parents no longer have to leave their home to purchase anything they need, from car seats to diapers. We’re happy to share this list with you so that you won’t miss out on anything you and your growing family may need.

#1 Buy Buy Baby (reviews) –Offering an amazing return policy and their famous 20% off coupon which can be claimed by simply signing up for their email newsletter, Buy Buy Baby locked up the #1 spot according to parents. If you don’t have a neighborhood outlet, they have made ordering online a breeze.

“Once I started shopping at Buy Buy Baby I never went back to any other baby store. They have everything you need and is always offering ways for you to save money (i.e. 20% off) which is wonderful especially since you buy often and in bulk for baby essentials.” – Bianca H

#2 Carter’s (reviews) – One of the biggest brands in baby clothing and their site offers all of their other famous brands such as Osh Kosh, as well. While you can buy Carter’s in retail stores, you should also check out their tremendous online selection. 

“Carter’s is one of the best clothing stores for babies – has everything you need. Very cute and affordable.” – Sean G

#3 Babies-R-Us (reviews) – Many new parents plan at least one trip to Babies-R-Us, but the big advantage of shopping on their website is a wider selection of products, discount codes sent to you via email and free delivery for many of their items.

#4 Target (reviews) – Everyone loves Target for their low prices and everyday items. It is no wonder this had the number four spot based on the reviews of new parents, as it’s the perfect one-stop shop for all of your family’s needs.

#5 BabyEarth (reviews) – BabyEarth is a privately owned company that has been in business since 2003. They have a special interest in eco-friendly baby products and a fantastic, carefully selected gift section. If you are looking for green solutions for your growing family, this company is the perfect choice.

#6 The Honest Company (reviews) – Jessica Alba created The Honest Company after reportedly becoming concerned about the ingredients in baby products as a first-time mother. It was launched in 2012 and has grown to be an estimated, $1.7 Billion company. Their website states that their mission is to “cause no unnecessary harm, and make products that are as non-toxic and as healthy as possible”. It’s those values that have prompted Sitejabber members to rate it so highly. With so many parents focused on finding baby products that are organic, BPH-free and safe for their children, it is no wonder that Jessica Alba’s company has grown so fast.

“I love the diapers. I love the prints. I love the thickness of the wipes. I love what the company stands for & that their diapers(and products) are non toxic and plant-based. They have awesome household products & I love bundling. Having the bundle sent to me, instead of lugging my 3yr old & 6mo old to the store constantly is a great time saver.” – Karissa W

#7 Kid Safe Inc (reviews) – KidSafe is a company that focuses on baby proofing your home. Not only does the site carry many hard to find items, they also offer videos and tips on how to create a safe environment for your children. According to WHO, more than 2000 children die every day from preventable injuries ranging from falls to poisoning. Creating a safe environment for children can help prevent these unnecessary deaths and KidSafe is a great site to learn about and also purchase necessary baby safety items.

#8  FridaBaby (reviews) – Their most popular product solves a difficult problem every new parent struggles with; a baby’s stuffy nose. If you’ve ever struggled with the conventional blue rubber bulb type removal tools, try the NoseFrida. NoseFrida is an ingenious invention that allows the parent to gently suck out their baby’s mucus, restoring clear breathing, so baby can eat and sleep better. Earning a top spot on our list proves just how much parents value their product and service.

“My son could breathe so much better after just using this one time when he had a bad cold. He slept better too!” – Barbara Z

#9 New Arrivals, Inc. (reviews) – One of the most treasured activities of any new parent is creating a beautiful nursery for their baby. Department stores can lack variety and enough interesting designs for some of our Sitejabber families. Many of  them turned to New Arrivals for a fresh look at their designer crib sheets and nursery decor. New Arrivals has hundreds of designs and, if you still can’t find just the right fit, you can even create your own custom baby bedding.

#10 Stroller Depot (reviews) – Every new parent stresses over buying the right stroller, as it is one of the most useful items you’ll need and can be among the most costly. There are so many different types and the needs of parents vary greatly, so the stroller your friend recommends may not be the best stroller for your family. This is where Stroller Depot stands out from the other places to buy strollers online, offering great advice and helping parents select a stroller based on their specific needs. Most retail stores carry only a limited supply of strollers and they often do not carry the higher end brands at competitive prices. Not only does Stroller Depot offer a wide variety of different styles, they can also walk you through the buying process.

The following companies just missed the list this year, but they’re definitely worth mentioning.

Happiest Baby (reviews) – The Snoo is the genius invention of Dr. Harvey Karp, world renowned pediatrician and author of the bestselling book, “Happiest Baby on the Block.”  This special baby sleeper will vibrate and lull your infant back to sleep with white noise safely by also protecting your baby in a secure swaddle. It senses when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and will automatically start working to get your infant back to sleep so that you don’t have to lose any. According to their website, “At this time, it is the only bed on the market that ensures an infant will sleep on the back, per the latest AAP recommendation (October 2016).” They offer a 30-day money back guarantee with free shipping both ways. So you can try it out and see if it works for your baby, risk-free. The only question is if your sleep is worth the price tag of $1,160 USD.

Exergen (reviews) – Every parent will eventually need to take their child’s temperature. The challenge is, of course, taking a child’s temperature accurately and without causing more distress. Exergen makes a completely noninvasive temporal artery thermometry (TAT) thermometer that simply requires a gentle stroke across the forehead. It has ranked #1 for the fifth year in a row beating out other thermometry methods including rectal, according to a recent survey of physicians. The company website will give you plenty of links on where you can purchase online and the thermometer costs around $40.

We know how exciting/exhausting/terrifying/exhilarating this time in your life is and hope this information will help you on your quest for the best products and services for your little bundle. If you know of any other invaluable baby sites that you feel should be included, please list them in the comments below and share your thoughts in a review on Sitejabber.