SiteJabber Launches Partnership with HON to Help Consumers Find Quality Health Websites

The deluge of health information and services moving online has been both a blessing and a curse for consumers. On one hand, consumers have access to high quality information on sites like the Diseases and Conditions Index of the National Institutes of Health and the Consumer Portal of the Mayo Clinic. On the other hand, hundreds of thousands of websites have emerged offering information and services of dubious quality. Consumers are often left with the unfortunate choice of either relying on a handful of big name websites or taking a risk using an unknown site.

Sitejabber and Health on the Net Foundation (HON) would like to change this. Already, Sitejabber’s very proactive community has reviewed thousands of  health websites, helping consumers learn from the good and bad experiences of their peers. HON is the most reputable and longest serving non-profit dedicated to the deployment of useful and reliable online medical information. HON’s expert staff certifies websites based on eight principles to ensure their quality for consumers. Sitejabber will now be publishing HON seals on all websites that have received that accreditation, allowing visitors to Sitejabber to see this information alongside our community’s reviews so consumers can have as much information as possible when making the decision to use a health website.

To see the official press release please go here or here.