Check If Your Favorite Brands Promote Equal Gender Practices through Sitejabber and Gender Fair Partnership

You’re waiting for your United Airlines flight, scrolling through Amazon, and sipping on a Starbucks coffee. Gender Fair says you’ve just supported two businesses that value gender equality and one that doesn’t.

Which company is the outlier? In partnership with Gender Fair, we answer this question by inviting you to discover whether your shopping invests in businesses that value gender equality.

Women don’t want to wait another hundred years for equality, and Gender Fair delivers the way to take action. The first certification to reveal corporate gender policies, Gender Fair joins Sitejabber’s values campaign, disclosing on every reviews page whether companies are Gender Fair approved.

Vote now! If a company is not Gender Fair approved, we’ve incorporated an opportunity to vote, where you can call out their business by submitting requests directly on respective review pages.

While the number of advertisements celebrating female empowerment has increased, the corporate values behind them sometimes tell a different story. Gender Fair investigates both.

Gender Fair evaluates companies based on the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), measuring whether they: 

  • Take action to advance female leadership
  • Choose advertising that breaks stereotypes
  • Demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility
  • Provide a healthy working environment (paid maternity leave, employee diversity, and more)

Meeting the Gender Fair standard is not meant to be difficult–companies are graded on an, unfortunately, poor corporate average. But with such a low percentage of Gender Fair qualified companies, consumers are the next step to shifting gender practices in the new decade. 

While the sad reality of unfair business gender practices still exists, the impact you make begins with your wallet. Check out reviews pages like  Amazon, Starbucks, and United Airlines to see if they are Gender Fair approved. Money spent by loyal customers can urge companies to reform a long-established imbalance in corporate policies.

Before you hit the next “buy” button, check out their reviews page on Sitejabber for direct access to their gender policies behind the corporate scenes.

How will you shop Gender Fair? Let us know in the comments below!

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