Counterfeits to Watch out for This Holiday Season

Counterfeits are shaping up to be one of the big online pitfalls for consumers to watch out for this holiday season. With the tough economy more and more consumers are looking for deals, but more and more of those deals are turning out to be counterfeits. The Sitejabber community has flagged the below items as being most likely to end up as counterfeit presents this holiday season.

  1. UGGs: while the UGG brand has elicited some controversy, there can be no doubt about the deluge of sites selling “authentic” UGGs that have been misleading consumers and selling bad boots.
  2. Coach: typically handbags and other leather items make their way into the counterfeit market
  3. Tiffany & Co. jewelery: think fake little blue box under the Christmas tree
  4. Athletic jerseys: high priced authorized jerseys have prompted sites selling counterfeit sports jerseys to come out of the woodwork
  5. Perfume: more information on this from Sitejabber and WalletPop
  6. Nike sneakers: highly sought after Air Yeezys  (Kanye West’s official shoe) and Air Jordans are common counterfeits
  7. Ed Hardy and Juicy Couture: Jersey Shore inspired counterfeits making the rounds.
  8. Luxury watches: Rolex, Omega, and Tag Heuer are a few of the high-end watch brands most often counterfeit
  9. The North Face: seasonly popular ski jackets, fleeces, and snow pants are a few common targets
  10. DVDs: counterfeit versions of expensive box sets of popular TV shows such as Glee are all the rage (among counterfeiters)

So what can consumers do to avoid counterfeits? The axiom, “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is” definitely applies here. Also, as always, be sure to check reviews on Sitejabber before making a purchase.

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