Avoid Sites Selling H1N1 (Swine Flu) Treatments

The US Food and Drug Administration recently warned consumers against sites selling H1N1 treatments. Sites have been reported to be selling everything from counterfeit Tamiflu to herbal swine flu remedies that have little grounding in medical science.  In addition to the threat to consumers of receiving impure or otherwise harmful unproven treatments, the US government is concerned consumers will believe themselves to be protected by whatever they purchase from these fraudulent sites and not take recommended H1N1 prevention measures (such as getting the H1N1 vaccine and practicing the good hygiene tips recommended by the CDC).

While there are some legitimate online pharmacy sites that have been reviewed on Sitejabber, we strongly recommend against purchasing H1N1 treatments online. Please ask your physician for more information, or visit the CDC’s H1N1 information page.