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product didnt work, nor does customer service

banggood doesnt have customer service, they do all they can to not deal with problems and avoid helping you. they expect you to make a youtube video showing the problem. how do you make a video of a flashlight not working. i will never...
over 1 year ago
1 is the best.

I have received excellent customer service from Gustavo does an awesome job!
over 1 year ago

Caveat emptor

I know that it's useful
over 1 year ago

Ali express is a total scam and walk away from it

Isn't that the entire reason they don't use PayPal? So they can rip off people.. It's 2018 But I demand that you send me cash... REALLY
over 1 year ago
Rod G.

Sites better than Amazon??

This may sound crazy as Sharper Image is a company that was in its prime in the 80s. I remember 25 years ago really enjoying trips to the mall visiting sharper image and looking through their catalog. I still use a sound soother I...
over 1 year ago

I need help!! (

Please help me friends can anybody tell me how can i get back my deposited amount from Actually i got an project from from the Here I accept the payment the made an instant payment through my paypal...
over 1 year ago

How to spot a shady website

Yes, IF there is a telephone number it's a good idea to call them! And there should be a phone number, if they're selling you something! If nobody answers, leave a message. Any decent website will call you back within a day,...
over 1 year ago

Ordering Bridesmaid dresses off the Internet

Hi Michelle, first of all congratulations on your forthcoming wedding! Although I have no experience in ordering wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses from the websites you mention, I think, if it sounds too good to be true, then it...
over 1 year ago

Any legitimate companies that pay for work at home jobs?

There are a couple of legitimate options for work at home. For writing and graphic design, check out: (graphic design) (article writing, design, other categories). If you want to do inbound...
over 1 year ago

Uggs,coach,gucci, etc where to buy?

Yep, all sites with ugg in the name that claim to be selling Deckers products are fakes. No exceptions, other than the official site itself. Always worth reminding people, thanks.
over 1 year ago

Jury Duty Scam in 11 States so far!

OMG, lol, If you get a call, Hope, call the court and ask for the court clerk and find out what you need to do to take care of it. Poor thing, lol. ;)
over 1 year ago

what is all the fuss over Acai?

a couple of years ago, I began drinking kombucha everyday, when I was depleted of energy during a stressful time. I do think it made me feel better. Now I drink it a couple of times a week or whenever I need a boost. I did get used to...
over 1 year ago

Junk Mail - USA only

Chris, After I started reading them, yes they are realy not junk and it gives the opportunity to "pick and choose" and most likely find your "niches" but it is good that mechanism has been developed for...
over 1 year ago