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Uggs,coach,gucci, etc where to buy?

I see many fake replica sites and sites claiming to sell wholesale brand name goods like Christian Louboutin, Prada, coach, Juicy, and these are the things that I want. Does anyone know where on the internet I can find these types of designer brands for a steep discounted price? Reliable site and preferably based in the US but it can be outside the US if they are reliable. Anyone?

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  • over 1 year ago
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You told me about Gilt group, can't you buy cheap designer items from them? Aren't there other shopping clubs where people can get deals?

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I have used them and maybe I should review them here on sitejabber but my take on it is that they have really really good deals sometimes, but the way it is set up you never know what is on the site. I think anyone looking for cheap discounts should check there first but don't expect to find exactly what you want. If you are open to buying ANY prada bag for cheap, then Yes, go to these shopping clubs. But I was thinking more like a site that sells designer stuff cheap all of the time with a huge selection.

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Be real girls, finding gucci shoes at 80% off rarely happens. I have seen up to 50% off on this store and I would highly recommend it.


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I don't know about that Tracy, you can find some great deals online. It is rare but you just need to know where to look. Hautelook is one of those places but you need to really dig in deep to find the deals


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Hey! if you want to join Gilt, use this link here and you can become a member since it is invitation only


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Does anyone know from experience the site

they claim to have authentic designer and there prices are unreal!
but im too scared to buy untill i do some more homework
can anyone help me with this?

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I like how fashion58 has a real office address and real toll free phone number. They also have a real authorize.net badge. But their pricegrabber review goes to a different website. If you hit the pricegrabber badge on the site it goes here
it reviews www.designers-imports.com

That is somewhat suspicious. If it wasn't for that, I might try buying from that site. But otherwise they look pretty good. They even have a blog http://www.fashion58blog.com/new-arrivals/ and it seems that usually when sites are so well run and organized that they are not scams from China or other countries. I am very tempted to buy this belt I saw on that site...

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Hmmm, I looked the address though and it seems to be in the middle of nowhere? Or maybe my mapquest has gone haywire. I wish to know where to get cheaper authentic stuff too! But other than ebay, I dunno where else to go =/ It's hard to sift through all the counterfeits...

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You bought fakes from China. bbsneaker.com is also a scam site from China.


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phony ^

But thanks for the warning, however unintentional. We can now add the above URL to our list of Chinese wholesalers selling fake goods.

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Good idea Chris! I wrote a bad review of ladyluxuryshoes. Maybe the spammers will catch on that spamming doesn't pay.

Sophie =)

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Agreed, and thanks. Unfortunately there's no support for members who do take the time to police the site on their own initiative, so it's really up to us to do it where we can. We can never win against the spammers, but we can at least make them unwelcome and send a message to others that there are members here who care about the quality of information the site offers.

Keep it up :-)

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I think everyone would. There's just this matter of not having a couple of thousand to spare on a purse.

I wonder what the Hollywood thrift stores are like?

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And the award for Spammer Of The Day goes to ...

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And they are all fakes :(

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i do know of a lady that sells genuine second hand designer. These bags are all in very nice condition too. www.fashionphile.com She has great reviews as well. She can be found on Ebay (US) I think. I have been saving up cause even a second hand is way better than a FAKE from whereeva!

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This is a counterfeit UGGS website. After being had for $115.00 I have done research only to find this out. They are a person based in China. If you look at the bottom of their website you will see Chinese writing. They have no phone number to contact them and they do not reply to e-mails. They will take your money and never send out your order. I have talked to several people that have also used this website and all have had the same results.

I have attached a copy of a e-mail from the real UGGS Corporate Office stating that they are a counterfeit website.

Thank you for contacting UGG Australia. I researched the website you provided: www. uggsoutletonline.us . I can tell you that they are not an Authorized UGG Australia retailer, and may be a counterfeit site. I would recommend contacting your credit card company and putting in a stop payment request for the charge. If the company has already charged your card, I would recommend inquiring about a fraud internet claim to reverse the payment for the boots.

If we can be of any further assistance please contact us at 888-432-8530 Monday through Friday 5 am until 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday 8 am until 5pm Arizona time. Thank you!


UGG Australia

Deckers Outdoor Corporation

Customer Service Representative

Phone 928.779.5938

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Yep, all sites with ugg in the name that claim to be selling Deckers products are fakes. No exceptions, other than the official site itself. Always worth reminding people, thanks.

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