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Recently I sold on Poshmark, a brand new Vera Wang handbag to a customer (Kathleenandjas) who actually very Brand newly made an account just to purchase my bag. She bought it same time she set up her account, in January (this current month). She purchased without an offer, never inquired on a discount or made any offer. Excitedly I secured it 1,000,000% and I sent it out right away within one day again being excited it was my first sale! 3 days later while having other issues and things going on in my personal life, I open my app to see her blatant insinuating harsh insults to me. I made her a beaded bracelet, I make jewelry, mind you I used real earthy beads, nothing cheap. Thoughtfully enclosed and shipped.
Only to have harsh insults regarding my enclosed gifts. She proceeds to say that my reason for enclosing such nice gifts was because of my guilt for selling her a damaged handbag. The handbag was not damaged! I sent it BRAND NEW, it was brand new when purchased and brand new when shipped! I made a beautiful bracelet and sent her a bunch of office pens, pencils etc... I was so excited!... only to be deflated by her, who instead of reaching out, instantly insulted me and assumed I cheated her.
I am now labeled with an IND (Item not Described) on my Poshmark account and a CAUTION. And now here I am writing to Poshmark dozens of times just to have them ignore me.
She never shipped my handbag back and on January 14 they said if she didn't ship I would receive my payment. They canceled her return 4 days ago (which was fraudulent anyway) and I've yet to see nor hear from them.
I have to deleted all of my items for sale and I am done with Poshmark, but I will not delete my account until I get my money. Anyone else having a similar problem I'd like to know.

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  • 1/28/21
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