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Online scams

If you don't have phone numbers or physical address of any online company, please do not shop.

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  • over 1 year ago
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Shopping is my fav thing to do so I know it.

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So you know how to find all the liget site's

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Hi! That's a good question. Maybe these links help:

Online shopping safety:,2817,2373130,00.asp

Identifying fraudulent websites:

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yah we already know if website is not secure then never shop from there.

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This is WHY I LOVE Webroot Secure Anywhere. They give me a toolbar filtering extension that shows me when a site may be suspicious if I google sites and it will totally BLOCK a site if it suspects anything! Have used Webroot since 2007. I don't know enough about computers or sites to recognize if something is hinky or not! I love that they do it for me.

Although Jason, I'm going to check out your links too! You can NEVER have enough armor!

AKA TX_dashopaholic

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