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Leaking batteries.

Kodak used to dominate the camera film industry. Kodak AAA and AA batteries, however, leak after a few months. Both batteries have ruined many of my gadgets.

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  • 1/26/20
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At least their not exploding or catching fire like Amazon Basics are. Same problem though cheap manufacturers using cheap materials.

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All you have to do is look on the battery... MADE IN CHINA is more likely your problem. I look at everything these days.

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No argument there, old and dead batteries will always leak. Chinese batteries leak faster and don't live out anywhere near their expiration. Date.

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Those batteries aren't even really Kodak as that company went bankrupt several years ago. Whoever's making & selling them may have licensed the trademark or maybe flat out ripped it off. I've had a similar experience with bust buy batteries (their insignia brand), year & half ago I got a box of batteries $10 in store, 4x C & D size, a 9V, dozen each of AA & AAA. Several had leaked when I got them home & the rest have a stunningly short lifespan. Something people often forget is to look at the chemistry of the batteries, its often listed on the package, Carbon / zinc (the cheapest) are among the worst for leakage & short life. But it's not hard to find batteries that are a bit better without getting hosed by the expensive brands. Can sometimes even get some that are decent at dollar stores if you pay attention to the labels.

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