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ITech i would recommend staying away from this comany

This is my message to ITech, today July 29, 2019:

your customer support does not see the world as it can be not to mention that you sold to me an old, beat up POS, I will tell the world via the internet of my experience with you.

I bought a refurbished samsung chromebook last fall, "it got lost in shipping" for one month.
When it finally arrived, i was 5 days away from departure for a 7 month out of country trip.
The samsung was beat up badly on the outside, but it fired up.
I placed it in my closet and there it sat until i arrived back home in last month (june 2019)
i had a need to use it couple of days ago and so i unpackaged it to charge a dad battery, there was no charger included with the samsung and when i looked at the charger port to see what size it took, i was greeted with a plastic hole with no jack in the charging port.
i contacted itech about my situation and their response was " regret to inform that your order has reached us beyond our return policy. Please note, provides full support for a defective item 30 days following receipt of the order. After this time we are unfortunately unable to offer further support
I can understand this policy, but my situation was unique, and they apparently won't look at it.
from the 30 day late ship, to the condition of the product, to the support of a unique situation, i can say that ITech is not a company to do business with.

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thanks, i have just posted to f/b
this company should not be in existence, CLEARLY.

John B they did deliberately rip you off.  With that connector removed they not only knowingly sold you a defective computer but did so deliberately as also evidenced by the fact it was badly beaten before arriving and the deliberately erroneous shipping (which was intentional on their part).  What they in fact did was a crime,  it would come under wire fraud, or mail fraud.  You should at the very least do wuat Umer W says if not talk to law enforcement and even report to the FTC if any of it took place in America (FTC does have online reporting too).  They should not only lose their reputation but their ability to walk the streets and rip off so many others as well.

Couple of things anybody should do when dealing with any online seller is get pictures of the EXACT item being ordered.  If they refuse then kick the bastards to the curb.  Get a tracking # on any expensive item every time.  Also check what delivery method and insist on something that's known, such as the national postal system wherever you live or a known courier company, avoid anything like "Badonkodonk of Podonksburg courier n pizza delivery".  Also avoid any place that advertises prices far lower than any of their advertisers, you won't get what you ordered but instead get stuck with either nothing or a broken down pile of trash or a complete fake.

thanks for your opinions, i don't want to get mired in time spent with these slime, are you saying that the FTC has a means to report them?  where would i go to do that?
 i can't see the local pd getting involved, ha, that is funny.

No police won't bother unless its a really massive # of complaints in a short time, that option would be reserved for if / when you find any others who got scammed.  I don't have the site bookmarked for the FTC reporting tool but a search engine should find it that's how I did.

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