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Fone chargers

I am looking for a rapid s7 Samsung mobile charger. I got really burnt by a crook company ( Could anyone recommend me a good reliable company, apart from amazon, please. Thanks

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You should be able to find it on eBay? eBay offers many options that can assist you in finding the charger.

Since that site is UK based I'm thinking you're in that region too is that right?  if you are there should be many local places, even some in smaller towns selling cell phone accessories.  Where I live here in canada its the same.  Even in the mall closest to me there's a kiosk selling stuff like that, even does repairs.  Some of the larger spots I can drive to have several close by.  Worth trying local sources since you can see if they've got it right there & if they do you'll have it in your hands the same day.

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