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Car and Money lost please help

Hi all im looking for some advice i found a company on ebay that states they recondition engines... i paid 858 deposit and they collected my car on the 30th july 2019... they quoted me 1695 to reconditioned my engine and was told with in 12-16 days i would have it back now this would of been this monday but nothink has happend ive tried to call them and they dont answer my calls or txts please if anyone has any ideas of what to do next. Ive informed police..

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  • 8/23/19
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First, file a formal complaint with ebay. You may get your $$$, but not your car/ engine back. Next, send them a certified letter stating what the got, the engine and $858. Next state what you want from them, an explanation and when you can expect your repaired car back into your possession. Finally, file a lawsuit against them for the money and the book value of your car, Good Luck, Jim

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Lisa you've done all the right things with this. Only thing I can say is I hope you get as much of at back or all of it if possible. 1 thing for us all to remember is never rely on Ebay or anything like it for these large repairs or purchases. It's all to easy to be ripped off like you were. Ebay is a virtual "Vinny the fence" (no offense to the real Vincents out there who are honest). Their customer support is impossible to reach and their "help pages" are deliberately vague and always lead you around in circles never taking you to a part of the site to actually report a fraud (as it doesn't really exist).

Myself for car repairs I always go to local places, always every time. And I live out half past hells half acre. If any of them screw with me they can be easily found. Also I can see the garage they're operating in is real not some storage unit or shipping container used to fence stolen goods from.

Unfortunately in this case its far more likely it was almost certainly a scam, a virtual chop shop of sorts. They'd get engines or other major components to be reconditioned + cash and simply dissapear with it while supplying fake contact info to avoid being tracked down. The parts supposed to be under repair do get sold under the table.

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