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Any legitimate companies that pay for work at home jobs?


I have been recently trying to find out if there are any genuine companies that pay to work from home.Have searched the web for genuine companies.But every search leads to blogs or posts of sites that claim to be genuine,but they turn out to be promoting their own company by giving false reviews of another company.

Looking for writing jobs or legit companies that pay to fill online surveys.

Most sites that i have checked out seem to be frauds or scams that ask you to pay a fee to earn loads of money.....

Any suggestions or sites that you have heard of.

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  • over 1 year ago
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there are some sites listed at the bottom of this blog post, in the comments: http://www.sitejabber.com/blog/2011/04/14/watch-out-for-job-scams/

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Hmm..well I know you posted this two months ago, but if you read this...I would try the Amazon Mechanical Turk. It's not really a "job" , but its more like little odd jobs, like editing a report, typing out an audio file, taking a survey, etc.. There are a TON of these listed and you choose which one(s) you would like to do for the person who is advertising ("selling") the job. After you complete it, the person pays you right into your amazon account and I believe you can cash out once it reaches $10.00. You may not make HUGE money doing this...the tasks range anywhere from 1 cent to $20.00 from what I've seen. Some of the tasks you have to pre qualify for, which you will need to take certain tests that the advertiser makes up. It's a great way to have a little extra income but I highly doubt it could be used as a main income source. I use it a lot and have been happy with it. The site is www.mturk.com . Hope this helps! :)

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If you're looking for a writing job then there are definitely some legitimate sites that you could join.

The top one that comes to mind for me is www.textbroker.com

If you're good at writing, then you should be able to get some decent income doing writing through them.

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Nope :] if there was we would all be doing it

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There are a couple of legitimate options for work at home. For writing and graphic design, check out:

www.99Designs.com (graphic design)
www.elance.com (article writing, design, other categories).

If you want to do inbound telephone answering work (0.25/minute pay) there are 2 companies:

www.West.com (West Communications)

I know a number of people who have worked for all of these companies. I even do some designs on 99Designs when I have time.

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