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I was asked to send Aliexpress the following:
Order Number :
Reminder :
In order to validate your payment, please follow the instructions below and file an appeal . We will respond to your appeal in about 1-3 working days. Once your card/account information has been validated, you may go shopping on our site.
We would like you to submit:
Please upload files with pdf, jpg, jpeg, bmp and png formats (3MB max per file).

Identity Certificate

Identity Card, Driver License, Passport, etc.


Transaction source documents

At least one set of payment card and the bank statement

Upload picture of card

Upload picture of statement

Picture of card ending with ####

Never had to do this on any other online store.
Anyone have any suggestions?

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I have been a die hard Aliexpress shopper for the past 8yrs and to date must've spent more than 10k buying from them. I've never had to upload anything but my credit card details.

I have also never been asked for all that information.  Sounds a little on the concerning side.  Especially your DI or passport.  Whats up with that.  I don't think I would be giving them or anyone that information especially online.

Yeah that's definately an obvious phising attempt.  1 of many reasons I never use aliexpress.  No doubt some sellers on there are honest too many are not.  I've run into several running a scam mugging up shipping costs,  others selling obviously fake guitars with trademarked names even serial numbers.

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