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Why Louisiana Attorneys expect to be paid large sums when the attorney does not even open the case

I hired an attorney June 22, 2017 for a Louisiana Succession. Attorney told me in June 2017 he would immediately filed required petitions. April 21, I discovered that this attorney never filed the petition of probate, With no petition of probate there is no case. For two years this attorney has been advising me that he was working on the case. I said too much dishonesty and I'm out of her. Attorney for some reason feels that he has earned $7,500 of my advance deposit and is refusing to refund my fully refundable advance deposit. NO WORK, NO BILLABLE MIN: NO pay. For an educated man I this this attorney is not mentally sound. In his imaginary world he feels he deserves to take thousand for Zero work. Crazy

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  • 4/22/19
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You should contact the state bar association immediately.  In fact should've done so quite a while ago.

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