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Fake reviews by fake users


I notised that there are a huge amount of fake reviews here on sitejabber.

Example..: is a dating site with east european girls.

and many many many other dating reviews about dating websites.

If you notise the top 5 star reviews then there are like 512 5 star reviews but almost every reviewer only have made one single review, i find that odd.
Also there are 512 positive vs 21............. 1 star negative reviews.
That is not normal.

The reason for all of these super positive reviews by users with only one review is that its agency employees who sit and write fake reviews to "hide" the negative ones where people talk about being scammed and the girls being fake.

To save you the long story, the website is a huge scam and girls dont write their own letters its employees and the girls get paid for lending their photos to the website and paid pr letter, chat ect every month.

The largest east european websites i know have been reported to the fbi and us athroties and are under investigation for years now.

I wrote the above so that sitejabber maybe wake up and react and example check the ip addresses of the reviewers and their activity..
( well did they only write one reviw, did they actual login again ?, what is their ip... how long did it take to write the review ( how many minutes they where online ).. and is there the same writing patern or maybe gramma errors in their reviews.

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Known issue with google, sitejabber and yelp. Pretty much sums up how some businesses pay for or game the system. Also look at sitejabber's own reviews and how business owners can essentially pay to have neg reviews removed. 

Reviews have always been the target of fakes, sites like TripAdvisor for exemple have been caught dealing with some hotels as they knew fake reviews (positive and negative) were posted by hotels in some countries and didn't do a thing about it. You cannot deal with that, it's people who just need to use their logic and ... read this post to avoid being scammed ;)

I have heard of many dating  websites are scam, so the reviews on these kind of sites should be checked carefully. 

Yes! It's worth checking negative reviews and looking for common issues. Also check BBB if there's any information on the site.

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Check both negative AND positive reviews. Look for common issues, but also make sure you're not falling for someone that's doing a lot of neg reviews and isn't posting anything positive. If a site has a lot of neg reviews on sitejabber or Yelp and I still want to look into it I check the BBB. Some of my favorite sites to shop on that I've never had issues with have tons of negative reviews, but it's mostly from people that have only left one or two reviews. Happy customers often don't leave reviews, it's the angry people that will make sure their voice is heard first. Check BBB & get the real deal since that's not just based on reviews paid or otherwise. 
This is not saying to ignore the bad reviews, but saying to take them with a grain of salt and make sure you do your research before being thrown off of something due to one person that's a caps lock queen or king of awful reviews.

There are some sites I've noticed are affiliated with each other that I'll see a person leaving a detailed review under the site they had issues with, then troll posting negative reviews for every site that is associated with them even remotely with vague one star reviews. 

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I wrote a negative review for a company that had 4000 reviews in Nov 2017 and now has 96,000 reviews in Feb 2019. In 2017, 25% of those 4000 reviews were negative.  Statistically significant and realistic. Today the reviews are all skewed to top rating (less than 1% negative) and that coupled with the jump in numbers is simply not realistic. It is illegal to buy/post fake reviews as per FTC.  Sitejabber should be vetting like Yelp and Google.  Sites are being removed from Google search engines if found posting fake reviews.  Consumers rely on reviews to make choices. The process should be very controlled.  For example proof of an actual sale to a consumer should be necessary before posting, and pictures of the real products, good or bad, if applicable.  There should be accountability for sites that make their living off reviews that influence public opinion.  

i have noticed companies seeing negative comments at about 1 a week then suddenly 10 positives a day me thinks they are fake reviews to swamp the honest ones

10 positives a day, so suspicious! Be careful this kind of companies.

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Look at sitejabber (and Yelp's) own reviews, they do seem to suppress and remove negative reviews when paid by the business. While not 'paid' reviews, suppressing negative reviews has the same impact. These sites are great to get a reference on what you might encounter with a site but they are not the end all be all for knowing the facts. Cross check them with other review sites and check the BBB. 

I agree with you. We should check more reviews sites rather than a single one. 

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Sitejabber, like Trustpilot, don't vet senders. If they sent a return email to the senders, which needed a reply, they'd get none. Alternatively, if they checked the ip address, they'd find most good feedback comes from the same ip address, under many different names. It is easy to make up a fake name, and email, to join them. For example, if you check Banggood's feedback, everytime, a through bad feedback comes in, their man pumps in 4 or 5, vague, good feedback, looking like commercials, saying what you want to hear. Unfortunately, the man doesn't read the feedback, he just posts raves about them. For instance, claims of buying hundreds of items with no problems. So why did it take the fake to send earlier. Or had problems with order, but Banggood sorted it out quickly, yet if you read the genuine bad feedback, that's something they never do. Ask yourself this, who trolls these forums to say good things about a seller, nobody. The bad feedback is representative, warning potential customers to stay clear. Rule of thumb, ignore all good feedback, and just read the one stars, and make your mind up, and bypass these awful sellers.

I actually leave good feedback when a site does well, and revisit a bad review if I have my problem taken care of. If no one ever actually left feedback about their good experiences, I feel we'd all stop shopping online because every site would be 'awful sellers', we'd hate all companies that do eCommerce only and only deal with local sellers while shunning the internet and all things sold there.

I do firmly believe that a lot of people will post their terrible experiences over their good when they leave reviews which will overall cause online review sites to show low 'stars' from the sites from people that hate everything from those companies. I'm generally surprised when i see 4 or 5 star reviews and I steer clear of any reviews that're vague. When I leave a positive review for a shopping site (Rue La La,, newegg, Noctua etc etc) I'm going to leave as much detail on why it was a good experience as well as what I did that helped facilitate having a good experience with the companies. IE: Calling over Email and things like that. Emailing to verify information on a product prior to ordering, things like that.
I also have started to try leaving reviews for all the sites I've visited with the good, the bad, the ugly, and the 'Never to return' details.

If I 'know' or have run into something that'll help YOU have a better run with a company when you shop on their site and I had a good experience, I will make sure I leave those tips and tricks on my reviews (even positive ones, ESPECIALLY those in some cases if I see there are low reviews from other users). So I disagree, don't 'ignore all good feedback' ignore the good feedback that doesn't give any information on what they got from the site, why it's so awesome or what the business does, ignore the reviews that're vague or just say 'I did 100s of orders and everything turned out awesome forevers!' Those reviews I ignore because they don't tell me what I want or need for how to approach a company or how to expect the orders from a company to arrive. While some customers may leave glowing vague reviews as well (I won't deny that I have seen things like that) I just don't think those reviews really have enough 'meat' to them to be worth paying much mind to.

I will state this too, when I leave a review I want to be able to leave details (Photos etc of what I got and why I loved it) if it worked out and I want to do the same if something fails horribly. I feel being able to leave images of what went wrong for those looking at the reviews is as important as what's said in the review itself. Unfortunately I've found that SiteJabber and others don't always let me post up images, or links to images of the items I've gotten when online shopping.

TLDR; Pay attention to good reviews if they have a lot of details, and pay attention to if they only have one or two reviews total. Those are red flags. If you focus on the negative you may never shop online again. 

Here's how you know when reviews are fake, if after a bad review, 5 reviews are posted on the same day, saying the exact opposite of the bad review (Banggood is a good example), they're all fake. I can understand the complaints, but who searches for forums to say nice things about sellers? I'll tell you, nobody. So just ignore the so called 4 and 5 star reviews (they're all fake, written by one person), read the one star reviews, and you'll get a true picture. It's not just Banggood, but 95% of the good reviews are fake. People write in to warn other shoppers when they've been robbed, no one says nice things about sellers, because they don't want to waste their time.

I search to see what good reviews say - but I agree with you to keep an eye out for those fake reviews. I'll give you an example of one of the 4 stars I gave a site; noctua ; site I found because I was looking for replacement fans for my pc case (I build my own PCs) my case wasn't listed for any of their fans so I emailed for compatibility information. Now, I am not going to mark them down for not having EVERY case listed, especially when I have one that's a bit older I want to refit. 

They offered to send me a fan free in exchange for providing the specs for how it fits in my current case. Hi, I'm taking them up on that and i felt I really should have given them 5 star due to that sort of service (I did not yet because I have no product just a very positive interaction with their customer service. I'm updating it when I get the fan and when I place an order etc. 

There were zero other reviews on them through sitejabber; Why would I ignore them when I was given good service and I want to share that? If there's nothing on a company I sometimes feel that's worse than having low reviews since they're fully unknown and there's nothing for me to see on how they act beyond reading their policy.

That said, I left a lot of detail in my review (or tried to) and I will revisit it later on. I personally like detailed reviews and will look for those (good and bad) and will ignore bad reviews that say 'Terrible company, stay away!'. I want to know WHY you think it's a terrible company and I want to know if it's policy related and something I could deal with and if it's something that you messed up on by not being familiar with the company's policy and didn't understand how to work the system with them OR if it's something that I need to avoid for terrible practices, failing to refund (not just taking a long time) etc.

That said, I work customer service as part of my job - so I view things a little different since the positive reviews and feedback can drive policy as much as negative reviews can - so I view it as important to leave all the feedback possible on a site, but that's just my view on the process and I do cross reference BBB on top of reviews when I see poor reviews if it's available. 

I've been shopping online for many years and have made many large purchases in the last 6 months. Most of it were for defective products at premium prices, especially the bigger ticketed items. So much money and time wasted despite the hours, days, and weeks spent on research prior to those purchases. Is BBB really a safe cross referencing source considering that their own integrity have come into question multiple times over the years? I signed up for SiteJabber because of its reviews and yet I'm reading that it too has its problems. Are their any truly reputable consumer advocate groups out there?

My immediate response to this is to go to the BBB to check how well a company responds, I know their integrity has come into question however their rating is not based on the guy that comes along and leaves one angry review then leaves never to review anything else again. Nor is it based on trolls who will intentionally tank a business's 'score' on any given site.

My understanding of the BBB is based on disputes and resolved disputes. So you may have a company that sends every other item out broken, but that company may be very responsive, quick to refund and set up returns for anything defective and very responsive to a customer. The BBB would give that company a higher rating, because to a degree theirs is based on resolution not just the products sold or produced.

Review sites you will have people that're furious, come to the site, trash the company that angered them and then regardless of if the company comes up with a satisfactory resolution for the customer later, they never revisit the site to change their review. The review sites will also occasionally suppress bad reviews for a fee, even if they don't do paid good reviews for a company they will promote the good reviews for that company. There's also no mental 'feel good' incentive to leave a positive review on a site unless you rely on reviews heavily. 

Long and short of it, I'm still looking for a reputable consumer advocate group. 

Reviews are great to read, but unless someone is really impressed by a site they're not going to leave a positive review on each of the different sites for it, and you're generally going to run into more bad than good. People are more likely to let it known how much they hate something than how well they were treated. It's good to see the bad reviews, don't get me wrong on that. I am 100% for someone thrashing a truly bad company or sharing if something goes wrong. However, most people don't revisit bad reviews to show if their issue eventually was resolved. I often look for reviews, but I don't leave them as often (so I'm just as guilty of this). 

Additionally there's nothing central that pulls the rating from each independent site to show an overall rating between all the different sites either. I have reviews on Sitejabber that I don't on Yelp - that doesn't mean the review is any less accurate, but that review, positive or negative, has less impact because as a reviewer I'm not reaching the full audience between the two sites unless people are checking both sites.

The problem with BBB is that A ratings can be bought and legitimately good businesses can end up with a D or F rating simply because they won't pay to play. This is a known issue. To make matters worse, each independent BBB is its own entity with separate guidelines and practices. At least it used to be. Maybe it's different now. What I do know is that several offices have been shut down over these controversies. Wiki has some info on it if you'd like to read more about it. 

People tend to look for the forums to warn other shoppers of making the same mistakes, they never, and I mean never, search to say nice things about their experience. After all, they just want to buy something hassle free, with honesty. Having shopped with Banggood, my experiences have been the same as the other unhappy shoppers, they don't sort out problems, they make it extremely difficult, hoping you'll just go away. I never had any worries, I used Paypal, and they always refunded me, without all the Banggood hassel. Without Paypal's help, I would have lost a lot of money, and no, Banggood never, ever sort out the problems. As for the good feedback, check it, after bad feedback, droves of 4 or 5 good drown it out, all sounding like an advertisement, and all sounding the same (I had a small problem, and they fixed it quickly). I can only assume they told him to f**k off, if he was real, but it wasn't genuine, they're all written by the same man. Also, people were giving 5 stars with, Banggood was going to send a replacement. You only give 5 stars if you receive it, not before. If you read the real feedback, Banggood don't fulfill their promises. I hope this helps you, these forums mean well, but until checks are put in place, they'll be exploited by scum companies like Banggood.

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