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Can I get refund

Purchased a dress online company absolutely refusing to let me return it does not fit and to be honest is not the best quality can they do this

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What's the website? This sounds like a scam. How did you pay? If it's via PayPal, please file a claim.

The website is HEBEOS I paid with my visa debit card

You should definitely talk to your bank!

Did the bank helped you to get the money back ?

PayPal will be safer if you purchase some items online since you can submit a claim request. They should return it. You should fight for everything you should get. If they still refused to give you a refund, you can write down your objective reviews at review websites to let others know. Except this, I have no other better methods :(

Do you think my bank would help as I parted with the money willingly

I hope they should, as the product wasn't as described?

That's so true , they are not the best quality. My dresses doesn't fit at all. And they don't want me to return them. $422 waste.

Bank usually files as a chargeback. I've tried once and didn't get to claim my money back. I was trying to call the bank for help, they proposed to terminate my card and report the case as unauthorized transaction to file the chargeback case. I refused to terminate because I have several services that link to the card, automate transactions, etc. You can always seek the bank's advice, they could have different suggestions for you. 

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