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Does anyone know of a legit invention company that can help with an invention of mine?

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  • over 1 year ago
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Hey Marlene
If you have an invention you be so careful where you go with it.

I invented a special brush years ago for animals (the hairs retracted back into the head of the brush)

I went to register it and get it made,
I was informed it would cost me $15,000 to do all that, well in them days I could buy two or three houses for that much, so I walked away.
Within a year the brush was on the market,

So trust no one and add to it patent pending,
Also design your item in different ways so it can not be changed slightly as they can still copy your patent with slight changes.
There are people watching patents all the time for copies (specially Chinese)

Can you make this? And market it out before anyone else can.
Hope this info can help you

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