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Bad Experience with Care.com

Has anyone had a bad experience with Care.com they’d like to discuss?

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  • over 1 year ago
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I am a single mother of a 6 year old, special needs child, and I have used Care.com to find my first nanny, and 5 "sitters" after that. With the exception of one young, sitter who sent me a cancellation text only 1 hour before her scheduled arrival time, I have had nothing but superb experiences!

I did, however, take the time to interview approximately 3-4 sitters/nannies for e every 1 that I hired, which probably greatly reduced the likelihood oh having any issues.

If you are thinking of using Care.com, I would recommend it, but still make sure to do your homework.
1. Interview 3-4 personnel that you like that sound of at a neutral place, like Starbucks
2. After narrowing down who you'd like to hire, I highly consider paying for a short-duration web program so that you can can run a background check on them (with their permission, of course)
3. When you find your final candidate, have a final interview where you invite them over to your place (IF This is where they will be sitting for your child, and do things like: (a) give Area-appropriate tours, (b) talk about if they'll be expected to prepare snacks, meals, to do the dishes after the kids eat, where should they hang out with the kids, what times are you normally, does your kid wear diapers, will they be expected to give baths, etc (c) show wear diaper products, bath products, etc are located (d) go over what to do & who to call first in case of an emergency (do they have permission to use an ambulance?, etc), and show them your list of emergency numbers, and children's allergies, and where these are posted in the house,
4. I strongly suggest meeting your child at the above final interview, and doing something nice and enjoyable at it. I always make tea and serve fun cookies for all 3 of us to eat together, as we get to know each other, and I start by letting sitter know a ton about me!

Disclaimer: I hope this helps at least one person! But this is not in any way a professional opinion, so take it all with a grain of salt!


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Where do I begin, This company has made my life miserable. I had an excellent reputation on this site and one day out of the clear blue they kicked me off for no rhyme or reason. Just a letter to every client that I had done babysitting or nannying for. Stating that there could be five possible reasons that I was removed from the site one being for any or no reason. The other four not good at all. They have dragged my good reputation through the mud. They will not give a reason, I am committed to filing a lawsuit. They had no right to do this to me. What is worse is that they have done this same thing to many people that had great reputations with them.

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I am so sorry. I think you should hire an employment attorney. You will pay a percentage add what you get from tHe company if u win.

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  • 1/3/20

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