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At&t 5G services

I would like to know if anybody that has AT&T U-verse 's 5G service is having problems with it. We switched over to 5G because we were advised it was a better deal. Since we have changed, I have had to call for repair service 3-4 times. Picture was freezing and had total loss of all services. TV, Internet, and phone. Even today the TV was freezing, but came back on its own. Twice we were out, and couldn' t get service until the next day. The trouble with bundling services, is that when one goes out they all go out. So much for there commercial on bundling. I contacted there CEO, no response. We have had AT&T for at least 10 years, and there problem is sell, sell, sell. We might have to change if this keeps up.

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  • over 1 year ago
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