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Walmart - Camby Indiana

I walked up to a cashier’s line. She was standing there doing nothing. She ever so slowly began to ring up my groceries. Then she let her hands hang down at her sides. Rang more groceries, repeat. Over and over. She was so slow, my ice cream melted. I sent it back. She ever so slowly continued to ring up my groceries. The second batch of ice cream melted. I called over the “floor supervisor”. Apparently, it was all MY fault. Her cashier had a busy day and was “tired” and I shouldn’t complain. Seriously, exact words. Moral of the story: They don’t care. If they wait you out, you’ll shut up because, again, they don’t CARE. P.S. Kroger Market Place East Thompson Road Indianapolis IN employees will actually take you to an item you can’t find yourself or will go get it and BRING it to you. Wonderful store. Their prices are equal to or better than Walmart. And you get money off your groceries and gas. And they CARE.

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I wonder if she was a new employee? But yeah, that sucks.

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You went to Walmart. That's the biggest mistake you could make. Gross store. Gross people. 

Other than grocery shopping,, went over and beyond to resolve a bad shopping experience, concerning a refund. They could not have possibly done any more to resolve the situation. They really were outstanding. I trust them with my online shopping, thier are way to many shaky vendors out there on the internet.I am a senior citizen new to the internet and I really have to proceed with caution.  After this positive outcome  I put my trust in Walmart. Sorry to hear about your in store shopping disaster.   I couldn't tell you the last time I was physically in a Walmart store. I better stick to on line.

Last time I went in 1 of those hellholes I used the self checkout terminal as all the open registers (all 2 of them) had massive lineups.  Big mistake.  Damn thing put on a big red flasher, started taking my picture (they have security cameras) and summoned staff over all over the fact that I brought my own bag instead of buying their flimsy plastic bags.  Absolutely not worth the 5 cents I saved.

I don't know if anyone has ordered from a company called Paradise Fashions or Mint Tango, but I have had two bad experiences! 
Re: the MInt Tango company, I ordered a pair of shoes & they did arrive, but they were nothing like the ads - they were made very cheaply & I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them, well when I went to the text that told me they had been shipped, their website was gone, no way to get ahold of them.. Then I went to Facebook & realized that everyone on the reviews had been taken also. That one cost be $26.91,,,

Re: Paradise Fashions, I ordered two dog beds  for the shipping price of $17.32, they are also nowhere to be found, no email, no phone number nothing.  Guess I just lost another $27.32..What I don't understand is how these companies get away with this??

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