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Synchrony Bank

As a consumer of certain credit cards, little did I know that Synchrony Bank was they’re main lender, nor was I aware that Sychrony Bank is in fact one of the largest scam companies ever! I found this out by contacting the BBB that in fact so far there have been in the last 3 months 4,000 complaints against them, there is virtually no way to speak with anyone, this company is ruining my credit along with thousands of others by illegal means. I have contacted the FTC and several other agencies to report them because try as I might I have no way to close my account with them, never even used one of their cards only to find there has been activity on it and I have no way to dispute it! I also have them listed with the Police Crimes Unit and will stop at nothing until this fraudulent company pays back all of it’s consumers including me, shuts down and turns themselves in!

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  • over 1 year ago
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