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Don’t buy on Mocolooks! It’s a scam

I ordered for the first time, last June, a "beautiful dress" through a very nicely done Instagram advertising Mocolooks website, very appealing.

I just receive this "dress" after more than one month while I payed 13.95$ for an expedited shipping expected within 7-13 days.

I have to express how I felt disappointed receiving and seing this so-called dress. Very poor quality, not at all similar to the dress I decided to buy.

It is inacceptable and definitely a scam and abuse! This dress is importable to such an extent that Mocolooks should have not spared the shipping costs to send this cloth! It's a shame. I have loose 61.03$ but believe me this company will be loosing much more as I will share and amphasize this scam in order to prevent other potential customers to loose money and time as I did.

We live in a horrible word due to business like Mocolooks with no scruple, values no honesty!

Shame on this company as well as
Every one who is able to contribute to this scam.

Please share to any of your friends/family who are on Instagram and who order online.

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  • 9/9/19
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