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Does complaning or appreciating a company on Sitejabber actually help?

I've written about a good experience I had with a company, but in the future I have to complain about a different company or the same company that had gone bad, will it really impact them?

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I believe so. People often search for a company online and the see sitejabber reviews, and they pay particular attention to negative reviews.

Online reviews are the only way of honestly letting other consumers know about your experience either negative or positive. It is of no benefit to only come on complaining. Ebay's feedback system is a good example. It really helps buyers to make informed decisions about taking a risk on a seller. I always read reviews before making a decision on buying from a new website. I also know my friends do the same. So yes, your review matters.

Too many folks flame only. They get a product damaged in shipping and they want to flame the seller. Jeeze. The interweb is too anonymous too often.

Responsible online reviewers leave great, good, fair, and bad reviews....and not just one category. I'm suspicious of the 5* only and the 1* only reviewers.

Some folks only leave flame reviews, so I usually filter those out... filtering those out requires I have the ability to see the reviewers other reviews, and if there are none or all are negative, I just ignore that reviewer's flame.

Even a great business can have a it is nice to see a range of reviews responded to by the business.

Bottom line, effective use of reviews requires some skill on the part of the person looking at them.

I often read the reviews and have avoided some businesses because of what others have said. I agree with what's already been said that it does take some skill working out what's real and honest and what's not. I do think people are way too quick to jump on the internet and run a company down without even giving the company a chance to deal with it. First contact if you're not happy should be the company involved not review sites, if no luck then consider reviewing them. I've also used companies that have 1 or 2 stars and not had any issues so it's often a gamble!

I think it does. If you look through the reviews, you'll often see responses from companies. At the very least, it prevents others from buying from them (if there are lots of complaints).

Yes ,it will update them what they are not doing well,hence prevent loss of potential clients 

It really depends on the company TBH. Some companies have no idea that Sitejabber exists, and they focus on other metrics like NPS, or Customer Service Satisfaction rate. I remember DrAxe was a company I read super bad reviews about, but they were amazing when I tried their Bone Broth Protein.

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