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Has anybody been the ""victim"" of this company? I am trying to get a refund from them that they owe to me. Have you been owed money and got it back?

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  • 6/4/19
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Contact the bank or your card company/PayPal for a refund. Good luck

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They enrolled me in PayPal without my knowledge and I'm calling my bank to reverse the charge. I refused the delivery that was sent in half, very late, after I had already told the company not to ship anything via their meaningless contact option. The bank will give me an immediate provisional credit and once they send the forms, I'm including the PayPal page I printed where I'm supposed to have an account that shows I have no "activity" with them (to handle a refund). This makes me suspicious of PayPal, too because the charge on my credit card was from PayPal. I am reporting them to the FTC; FCC; Solicitor General's Office; the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office. I will sue both entities if I don't get an immediate equitable resolution. I believe we should form a class action against JustFashionNow!. You can reach me at

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