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Beware of 3rd party deliveries... This one was an order from Home Depit

OK, so my landlord wants to come over no notice to install new smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide detector. I object because I'm high risk, I didn't mention that his notice doesn't comply with his own lease agreement. Just had major oral surgery and was on self quarantine to protect myself. Hes getting ready to leave the state for the season, Using that as his excuse for a no notice drop in. I've done carpentry work for him and said I'm more than capable of installing them. He asks me if I can pick them up... I said for the price you're land up paying for all of that shipping should be free. Big mistake.
He did go for having them delivered. Home depot subs out a lot of their deliveries. 3rd party therefore home depot takes no responsibility for anything that happens during the delivery. The 3rd party drove up in this oversized Penske moving truck. Sounded like the house came down. Turns out I hit a power line from across the way attached to the house and it tore out my soffit it halfway across the underside of the roof. Home depot text no responsibility the 3rd party duck and ran and when they pulled out the rest of the soffit it came down.
There I am sitting there with gauze and ice packs on my face trying to get close on to run out to see what the heck was happening... I could see the house torn apart I get see the wire across the roadway 1st thing I did is called national grid to make sure that it wasn't a live wire...
Bottom line it's been 2 months nobody from the 3rd party would get back to me yet they got back to my neighbor who hit the line and damaged his truck and tore off his license plate and yet I'm the primary plaintive and they will not respond to me 8 weeks later I get a letter from the company the actual insurance company not the representative for the drunking company who also would not return my calls but with badd whether the wire down nobody did a thing I had to get the equipment and get it done myself so there would be no further damage with the swinging wire tearing out more of the soffit of the house. Yes national grid verified that it wasn't a live wire that it was some cable. Yes I was able with a cracked ribs and Recent oral surgery by all of the materials including an extension ladder to get up and fix it myself so there would be no further damage... Claims department from the 3rd party won't respond to my calls yet they sent me a letter after 7 weeks... It's a complete scam home depot wipes it off on the 3rd party the 3rd parties insurance runs around their internal kompany for 2 months and then sends it to claims nobody is responding nobody's taking responsibility for the damage and this was all to have a couple of smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide detector delivered are you kidding me...

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  • 1/4/21
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