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Banggood Cheat me with paypal support

My experience with the Banggood site is very bad. I decided to buy from the site through Paypal.

I have placed the order after 10 days I received the inflatable screen, but without anything, there is no instruction manual or blower. my mistake that I have sign the receipt before verifying the contents of the box.
I sent an email to the site to ask about an error in the shipments. But the answer was negative, this is our product, take it as it is. I made a complaint to PayPal. The result was in favor of the seller.
I accepted that!
I bought a blower and prepared myself for the funny scene as mentioned on the site. We started blowing, but the screen was an air leak. I found the location of the leak, shape zipper (zipper on the side of the screen). I closed the zipper, but air still comes out of the zipper.
I sent an email to the site to find a solution for me. The response was shocking from the site. The air blower should be working continuously . How can it be fun ؟ and my neighbors were disturbed by the sound of the blower ? So I sent PayPal back to complain about the new problem. But unfortunately for the second time the Paypal with the seller and close the case
I opposed the closure of the case, but PayPal's response you have no right to object.
I would like to participate in this problem and take your opinion on it

This is the link of your goods

and this the junk i got

thank you

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  • over 1 year ago
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So sorry to hear that :(
Looks like banggood has a bad reputation!

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What you should have done is bypass Banggood, and immediately started a resolution with Paypal. You'll have to return the item, but Paypal will help by contributing £15 towards the postage cost. Once a resolution is closed, it can not be reopened. Banggood will try to trick you by saying they can't refund you, unless you close your resolution. If you do that, they won't pay, and your money is lost. I've got a refund from Paypal every time, by not even bothering to contact Banggood. Eventually, I stopped looking at their site when I realised they were dishonest, very slow deliveries, that's when they came, which was not always, no warranty, and very poor quality.

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