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Arise Virtual Solutions - Total Scam!

Do not consider working for Arise Virtual Solutions, UK.

I applied to work as a Virtual Assistant.

I had to buy two computers to work for this company, as they said the first one was not compatible? So, I had to buy an upgraded one. I had to get a separate phone line in, a Plantronics Telephone with headset, Seinnheiser headset, usb etc. I also had fibre installed. Oh, not forgetting the Disclosure Scotland applied for and that I had to set up a company as a PLC! (all required to work with Arise).

I started the course last week and it is so intensive. Only a four hour course, but the self-paced work they give, after every class, takes at least another four hours, (all unpaid of course)

After the course on Friday, I tried to sign into the Arise Portal and Pulse Secure, which has at least 7 or 8 different user names and passwords to access the system (on your USB of course). I could not sign in to any Arise logins? Although I tried numerous search engines, Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Bing... No access on any of them.

My pleas for help, all weekend, were ignored. After the Bank Holiday Monday, they eventually contacted me to say there was no problem and I should be able to log in? Nope! I paid for a Technical guy to come out and check and surprise, surprise, the fault was showing as their own servers?

Melissa Buckton the Instructor sent an email to say that I had not completed the self-paced work for Friday and that it had to be completed by close of business that day? If the work wasn't completed I would be rejected from the course. Nice one eh?

There are at least four instructors that I know of. Each teaching a four hour class (two sessions per day). With people paying £30 for the course. If they cut off everyone, after the first week. That gives them a nice income of a minimum of £4800 per week (at least). Not bad eh?

Melissa Buckton, Chris Parrish, Gary?, Richard? All these people who work for Arise are best avoided.

If you want a work from home job, look elsewhere and keep your money!

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  • 8/30/19
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Let me guess you had to pay them for all that equipment? Also it is mandatory that the specifiy IN ADVANCE what equipment you'd need to buy to get the "job". The who situation you got sucked into just reeks of those self employment scams which are sadly far too common. I noticed you also were forced to pay for their "courses" that is their real business, not what they sold to you. It's just just like those late night tv charlatans advertising "pay $1000 for my course and make millions trading real estate for no money down" or "make millions trading promissory notes" but invariably leave the victims paying for a worthless course and holding other peoples bad debt. No doubt its a scam. If you'd continued you'd have been billed for more "training" and sold more non-functioning equipment. All for what is essentially a call center job which is a very high stress low paying job with terrible hours. BTW, none of those fly by night call centers where I live last more than a few months nor do they charge their staff (which has far higher turnover than wal fart or any fast food joint) for their equipment.

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