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Amazon mystery tent box $14.95

I fell for this offer. It was ‘run thru Pay Pal. I received a index card size ‘blanket’ one time use. I have had numerous emails with Pay Pal to refund. Shipping from China? $7.95 added plus an international fee.
First I did not know the purchase was directly from China.

After several weeks I contacted Pay Pal non receipt. I got it finally/but what a joke.

Pay Pal denied my claim because they said I had received the tent. I did not open it but began a long barrage of sending photos and wanting action.

The ‘dispute’ was finally reopened. And now the Chinese company will refund my money IF I shop this ‘plastic’ back to them and I am suppose to get reimbursed.

The latest conversation was very condescending about Ed all make returns and have to drive across town to go do, etc. obviously the hands on the keyboard had NOT seen this ‘tent’!

My problem and concern is that Pay Pal is associated with such companies that bait and switch products!
About this same time there was another misleading scam concerning dog baby gates. They were also a joke misrepresented! After many emails I did get that money refunded.

But I am still swindled out of money for this tent.

IF ITs too GOOD to be TRUE. Scroll on by!

If Pay Pal involved do NOT assume they will help with these fraudulent advertised products.

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  • 6/7/21
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Yes you've hit it right on the head. If it sounds too good, it's isn't really.

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