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Why are cruelty-free products important to you?

Can you share why cruelty-free products are important to you?

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  • over 1 year ago
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I buy cruelty-free products because I feel like I am using my money to vote out the companies who do still test on animals while also contributing to and supporting a good cause. I am an avid animal lover and was vegetarian for years. The ethical treatment of animals has always been a major concern of mine. I also have noticed that many times, cruelty-free brands will offer more natural types of ingredients to appeal to their audience and I appreciate that as well.

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Love is the answer

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It's time we stopped exploiting nature and hurting animals... A great qrrat question, by the way!

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There's no need for animal testing now, there's new methods. Its not testing is it, its torture they feel pain like we do.

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I am against animal testing because products can react differently on animals compared to people

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