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Which brands have eco-friendly packaging?

Would love to help out the environment while I shop

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  • over 1 year ago
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I've noticed a lot of makeup brands are heading towards being eco friendly and sustainable. Some of my favorites that have eco friendly packaging are Antonym cosmetics, Alima Pure, and Gabriel Cosmetics. I love buying from these companies because I feel like I'm playing a bigger part into green efforts than I was before.

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How about the products themselves? Are they eco friendly?

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Lush is a good one

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I'm not really sure I know, ill have to do some more investigating on this subject.

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I have recently ordered via a shopping platform named Foxy. They have their app too. I received my order in eco-friendly packaging. I was flabbergasted to find this in India as there are very brands that provide this. Also, they didn't charge me anything.
Another interesting fact for you, they even send Free Foxy Surprise Gift with your order. So, do try them if you feel responsible while shopping.:)
Just for reference for everyone, you can check <a href="https :// www.foxy. In/">Foxy App </a>Eco-friendly Packaginghttps :// www.foxy. In/

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