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What are your Asian beauty morning and nighttime routines?

Hi guys! I've kept the same morning and night time skincare routine for a while now, because I'm scared that switching it up might cause me to break out but I'm looking to switch it up now! What are some of your Asian beauty morning and night time routines?

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Hey there! So I do an 8 step skincare routine every morning, and I've been doing this same routine for about a year now. It sounds really long, but it is pretty standard in the k-beauty world and i can definitely say it's working well in terms of hydration and improving texture and color. I start with water, then move to toner. just like makeup, it helps other products absorb and work their magic. Then I use essence, sometimes ampoule, and always serum. I only use ampoules when I feel a breakout or the texture of my skin is a little off. Serums are pretty concentrated also, but I just love the hydration it brings. My last few steps are eye cream, moisturizer, and then sunscreen. To be honest, I don't always use sunscreen if it's not summer but I believe most k-beauty fanatics really believe in being protected from the sun. My nighttime routine is similar except I use cleansers and exfoliate after a long day of makeup and then a sheet mask a few times a week!

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