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Beauty Hacks

Does anyone have any great beauty tips and tricks?

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An Elmer's glue stick makes for a really great brow wax! They cost about $1 and work just as well as actual brow waxes.

I'm a huge fan of vitamin C serums but they're so expensive. About a year ago I started making my own with L-Ascorbic acid powder that I bought on Amazon for $12, distilled water and essential oils. I actually think it works better than the pricey storebought stuff. However, it's not shelf-stable like the premade serums you find so I need to make a new batch at least once a week. My $400 a year Vit C habit now only costs me about $20, which makes it a great DIY solution.

One of my favorite makeup "tricks" is keeping my favorite mascara brush. My favorite mascara brush comes with Eyeko's Lash Alert! It's really curved and the bristles are perfect. The problem is, I wasn't a huge fan of the actual mascara. So, I cleaned that brush off and started it using with the mascara formula I do like. No need to throw the great brushes away, just clean them really good and keep using them ;)

Speaking of mascara, you can use a few drops of contact/saline solution to get a few more uses out of a tube of mascara that's drying out.

In order to get rid of my post baby stretch marks, I got microneedling from my dermatologist office. But I found what I think is the same thing at Walmart and it seems to work great,

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