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How to get your money back!

Category: How to get your money back! | Views: 82673

I thought I would start a conversation on what I have learned here on sitejabber about getting your money back after you have been scammed.I have been a member for quite some time and have seen hundreds of people who have lost their money by a scam website or a website with bad customer service. I would appreciate contributions to this conversation from other people on how they dealt with scam websites or websites with shoddy customer service. The problem as I see it is that when you buy something online, they can screw you...just like they screw you at the drive-through window at fast food places...why? There is no recourse. If you get screwed at a retail store you can raise hell in their location and the manager will usually make things right. Online...we are at the mercy of the website when things go bad. It seems when things go bad, people find SiteJabber and but I think it doesn't end here by people writing a bad review...there is more that can be done and this is my list. 1. Spread the word. Write what happened to you here on sitejabber and then link to your review from other forums and complaint boards. This will hopefully make it the "most hated website of the day". Then once the website is the most hated of the day, take a screenshot of this and save it for your records. I don't think sitejabber archives these bad sites. You might be able use this if you are dealing with paypal or a credit card company demanding a refund. This will cause them to wake up and listen what went wrong. If they never shipped you an item or are refusing to take a return, then perhaps they will think twice before screwing over their next victim. 2. If the website is a complete scam (site based in china just taking your money and never shipping a product) then there is not much you can do to get your money back if you paid by western union or a money order. If this is the case, all you can really do is make sure others do not get ripped off. Complaining to the BBB or FTC is all meaningless if the website is based in another country. The only way to hurt these scammers is in their pocketbook by writing reviews. Check back in a couple weeks and google the name of the website. I bet your review will be in google and hopefully others will be warned. 3. Call your credit card company if you paid by VISA, MC or AMEX. If the website is running a scam let them know it is not just you who is getting ripped off. They will talk to their merchant accounts and hopefully give you what is called a chargeback. The fair credit card act may protect you. 4. If the website is based in the US, then you can also go to the FTC website to file a complaint. If anyone else has other thoughts, let's share how we successfully got back at these scam sites. Bobby

Nice outline and very helpful. I am wondering how often credit cards really give money back. I bought a pair of shoes online once and they turned out to be fake and the credit card did not give me my money back.

The problem is that the credit card company doesn't know they are fake and the merchant store just will deny it. I have heard of some people proving it is not authentic by asking the real manufacturer. The other issue is that many credit cards will not refund any money if more than 30 days have passed since they billed your credit card. Depends on the card. I will say that visa signature is pretty good.

I reported the vacuum cleaner bags site to my credit card company(visa) and they credited my card immediately.

I had bought the defective product through my credit card and once I had complained to one of the associates who had informed me that the product was in fact coded (therefore, it was going to be a bootlegged according to a Kimberely Weis who I had been talking with in attempts to get a partial refund, and this is when I had been told the company was going to give me a partial refund via my Visa ), which was about two months ago not to mention an appology. Now, a Ms.Kimberly Weise is giving me the royal runaround in which she is telling me the company had known prior to shipping the dvds that they were in fact defective, which I have kept all of the prior contact with this person.

Good you reported that fraud to the credit card company asap, sometimes if you wait too long they won't give you your money back. That is why these fraud companies try to delay you by promising to give you your money back until it is too late for you.

Check with your banking institution as well. I know that my bank (Chase) offers an "Shop Safe Online" option for debit cards, so that in the event of scam or fraud they can recover your money by doing a hard reverse on the charge. Just FYI.

hi all, i have just been scammed myself and was directed to this forum by bobby. i have just realised that i payed by paypal, would these be more eager to help?

stephen, it is tricky if you paid via paypal....first of all did you do a bank transfer using paypal or a credit card. If you used a credit card via paypal then call the credit card company. If you use a bank transfer, then paypal might not assist you. They have this new policy which you can read about here

I was informed by a Kimberely Weis who had prior knowledge the dvds were in fact defective when they were sold to me, which I have kept all communications by this person in order to ensure she is going to do what was promised (although no such action has taken place). When I talked with the credit card company about getting the refund who had assured me the problem would be resolved (IT of course hasn't been resolved only has gotten worse), the associate had informed me to attempt to resolve the problem diplomatically before taking any type of legal action. I don't know if I should continue to wait for the problem to resolve itself or should I sue this company???

When I did file a formal complaint with F.T.C. in order to get the partial refund as it was promised by a Kimberely Weis who is making more and more excuses as to what is taking so long for the refund to take place, I was under the impression the complaint would take affect; however, there has been no reply from the F.T.C complaint board. Got any more bright ideas???????????

Well gang, I think it boils down to this: If you haven't noticed, most of the counterfeit and scam sites are using key words in their URL (website address) to try to capture stray hits. Let's say you search for "UGG boots" or "Tiffany jewelry" or DVD's by name, etc. For every product that's worth counterfeiting there is a whole nest of Chinese and other foreign nationals who have built these sites just to take advantage of the fact that human nature is dictating that folks are looking for a good deal. It is this simple flaw in consumer behavior that makes this problem as big as it is. The REAL answer to this problem is simple: BUY ONLY NAME BRAND GOODS FROM THE BONA FIDE COMPANY. NFL jerseys, Gucci, Prada, UGG, copyrighted materials like CDs and DVDs, all of it. The nightmare of getting ripped off in this way only compounds the whole process. In the end, you'll have to buy the real McCoy anyway, and you can add ALL THAT YOU'VE BEEN RIPPED OFF FOR to the total cost of your purchase. I realize this is stating the obvious, but Site Jabber is overflowing with all of these stories and complaints and this is the one common issue in all of it. Just buy the best, buy the genuine article, and PAY THE DAMN PRICE. This ridiculous, almost maniacal quest searching for the "best deal" on some damn trinket or another is what is fueling these thieves and counterfeiters. THERE IS NO LEGAL RECOURSE. You can piss on each other's leg in here pretending that it's raining out, but that's the harsh truth. Law enforcement is not set up to deal with this. They probably never will be either. If you have been ripped off, just chalk it up to your cost of education. No one here has lost their home, or any really significant amount of money. I know it hurts to get burned, but shame on you if you let it happen more than once. "There's a sucker born every minute" ~P.T. Barnum Just make sure it's not you (anymore). STOP trying to save a few miserable bucks, the internet is a dangerous place if you don't pay attention. I've looked at a number of the sites you all are complaining about. Many of them are poorly done, have incorrect English words and phrasing on them, SO obvious that they can't be very trustworthy. Just pay attention to what you're doing. WRITE OFF your losses to this point, you have no shot...seriously NO SHOT at getting any of your money back. Hate to be the one to break the bad news. Live and learn...isn't that always the way? Cheers.

I thought I was pretty safe because the site had the security emblem. Also it had the secure https for secure site. (?) What else should I be looking for before making a purchase?

Just because you go an https:// (secure) area to make your payment doesn't mean anything, unfortunately. That's just the standard protocol for any online e-commerce gateway or payment module. In essence, they're stealing your money using a legitimate gateway. As far as the emblem goes, it should be an active link to the actual SSL provider (like Verisign) and it should take you to the actual page for that client with their SSL status. But again, all that's telling you is that when you make your purchase, it's secure from being hacked by OTHERS while you're putting in your credit card information. It says NOTHING about the credibility of the site or the people running it. It just means that their cash register is working properly. So don't be fooled by a valid SSL, it doesn't speak to the INTENT of the people to scam you once they've properly processed your payment. What you should be looking for before you make a purchase is to do some homework on the site if it's not the actual site for that brand of product. And if the deal looks too good, a bell should be ringing that maybe there's something wrong. Just look around here at all the posts about UGG boots, sports jerseys, and all kinds of stuff. Better luck to you.

Bobby is right, VISA, AMEX and MC form big banks (that I use) so far have been 100% on my site in disputes and refunded me 100% of the bad charges or bad services. I do not know how often they get something back from the bad guys thou.

Thank you Bobby. I have filed a complaint with the FTC about AdDriveCars!

hi everyone, paypal has come through. they contacted the seller and i received a refund:)

good job filing the complaint with the FTC, hopefully someone now will look into putting those guys away.

In my experience dealing with tvdvdwarehouse that has only gotten far worse than what it had started, I did learn if you are going to be buying something on-line make sure you do the research about the company because there is a slight chance you might get ripped off too. Don't buy anything from tvdvdwarehouse unless you too want to be ripped off by this company.

You can call your bank and file a dispute claim for a debit card charge (as long as it has the visa symbol on it) and the bank will credit back your account while the dispute is in process. If you actually receive the item you can just call the bank and cancel the claim or send the item back to the company (unopened preferably). Keep copies of all your emails and screenshots of your account online. The bank may ask for copies of the emails.

I see some good advice here from several sources. Like Bobby said, most of the major credit card companies will side with a customer, especially if that customer is in good standing with the card company. I have never had a problem disputing a charge when going through my credit card companies, but then again, I have also tried to be careful when I see a deal that may be too good to be true. Using credit cards give you degree of protection you cannot get with debit cards or sites like PayPal (although PayPal does have some avenues for recourse should you dispute a purchase). Most card companies will keep a payment pending for a few days, especially if the charge you make is not your usual purchase. Asking the company to track your charges for fraudulent purchases is always a good idea. Sometimes, it may be inconvenient when they send an email or call you to ask for verification of a purchase or two, but this is a small price to pay for a little security when making any purchase. However, even this precaution cannot protect you 100% of the time. One thing I try to do consistently with new sites that I order from is to check out the info on that site's web page. Most legitimate sites have a contact point or a link that may give you an address to check out. If it is a P.O. Box only, I get suspicious. With Google Earth and Map Quest available these days, it is easy to check the location out to see just what is located at the address listed on a web site. The street view gives you a 360 degree look at a location. If the locale shows a MacDonalds where a store should be, it may not be a good idea to buy from this site without further investigation. Check around the location because sometimes, Google Earth and Map Quest have the locations wrong in their database. Another site I like to check is This site has a bird's eye view for nearly every location that gives you a 45 degree view from around 1000 ft on a location. It almost like a fly-by and you may be surprised at what you can see. You can also move the view 360 degrees to check it from different sides. This is just another way you can look up a business address to see if the web site is legit. Using sites like this (siteJabber) also helps with on-line purchases. I am new to this site but see the value already. If any reviews are available, I always try to check them out. I also seem to suspect a site when all I see are a limited number of glowing reviews. I guess I will always be suspicious when appearances are too perfect, but that is just me. It's a dangerous world out there and the only person who has your best interest at heart is YOU!

Thanks skip, very good point. I will definitely start using bing maps and I have noticed google maps is off sometimes. Do you know why bing is so much better? Thanks for that tip!

Lately I've been seeing that people have been trying to dispute credit cards when they get charged, however, the bank says it's in the terms of service and doesn't refund them anything. Is this just a bank thing or are scams getting craftier and craftier?

Hey everyone... thundercameras robbed and lied me out of almost $700.. I called I wrote them, to no avail. I posted a link yesterday about filing a complaint with Attorney General's Office... 7 minutes after my post thunder cameras called me 7 times... I told them I'd call the cops if they didn't stop calling... so then they sent me this email... "Dear sir , We are sorry we couldn't get to you sooner, but we were verifying your claims, and they were correct , so as promised i will honor that price/ I am going to credit your account $200.00 for the inconvenience , please call me if you have any questions at 718-223-2933 ext 100 . Very sorry for the inconvenience , I hope you and your family have a happy new year ," Thundercameras credited my account only after I filed a complaint with the Attorney General... if you want your money back go to the following link and file a complaint... Also please help spread the word... by re-posting the link with your story...these weasels must be stopped or they will continue to prey on the unsuspecting! The internet is not policed... So lets ban together and police it ourselves!

The link in the above post doesn't work... us this one

In my case, I paid for a holiday hotel booking almost a year in advance using what I thought was a legitimate on-line agent, and paid by PayPal, using my credit card as a guarantee. I arrived at the hotel last week to be told that the booking was cancelled by the agent about 6 months ago. I obviously had to pay the hotel direct, at considerable cost, effectively paying for the same room twice. As you will imagine I have not been successful in contacting this agent, whose website is still up and running. (I'm not sure if I should give the name of the agent here in case of possible legal proceedings, but will divulge it privately to anyone who may be interested). I have opened a claim with Paypal and am contacting my bank and credit card company. I have ample written evidence of having paid twice for the room so I am hoping for a successful outcome. This is clearly a scam and I intend to take all possible steps to try to bring the company to book. Being a U.K. citizen I am thinking of informing our Trading Standards of this company. Apparently, since they seem to have a U.K. address as well as a USA base, they may be able to track them down. I am also going to contact a British television consumers' programme which may be able to investigate and bring this type of scam to a wider audience. Any further thoughts would be welcomed. Mark

Mark, I heard recently that paypal is going to be offering buyer protection for all purchases ...whereas before they only offered it for ebay purchase (since they are owned by ebay), definitely try and hit paypal up for your money back. It is their fault for giving their services to a bad company.

Thanks Todd. It's interesting to hear that Paypal is about to extend its protection to buyers. As I said, I have opened a claim with Paypal and will push them again, and harder, if they reject it first time around. Incidentally, so far I have hit a brick wall on the matter of trying to get a fraudulent web-site closed down. Any ideas on this anyone? I would have thought that there should be some sort of international policing of the web, or is that wishful thinking?

Hey Bobby, thanx for notifying me of this thread you created. Alot of good info there, I was lucky to get my money back via my bank-but it was touch and go. I have written reviews for AussieDVDShop at any opportunity and if you are reading this and have not heard of them-never buy from they, the DVDS are fake and out of China-I beleive there is also a sister company that serves the US though I do not know their name. I also wrote to the Chinease goverment, and to the Chinease postal service to let them know they were shipping illegal goods from this company.

May I return to the question of the online hotel agency where I was scammed. Has anyone tried to claim off their travel insurance? Mine refused, saying that fraud is not covered. Has anyone been successful in claiming their money back from insurance in this kind of scam?

Travel insurance that doesn't cover fraud?? I'm guessing all they cover is if you change your mind or if you can't make the trip. No, there really is no way to get bad sites shut down, we can complain about them here and then others will be warned, but they continue to operate. There are no rules in some countries

Can anyone advise if I can name the travel site involved, or if I could prosecuted for doing so? ( By the way, I have plenty of written evidence against them.)

The above two messages have nothing to do with this forum. Can they be removed please?

guy's/gals: if u bought with a Credit Card, and you are IN ANY WAY disatisfied at all, you have every right to dispute! and you will not be responsible for Any Charges! the CC companies take the consumer's side. you can duspute through your CC conpanies' website or call them. yes this Kim Weis, Misty Richmond etc are scammers. their numbers are 650-290-6658, or 713-518-1069. they are obviously (by their Accent ) orientals claiming to be in Canada(although they had no clue where in "Canada"-yeah right)..also their boss is an "Alyssa" at 450-318-1101. she is a scammer too that called me upset for disputing. guess what? if i receive no product, i will dispute and i Will Win- if they like it or not.

before you buy anything also make sure that the website is not on the scaming list on #2 look it up on if status ok than it should be save

MO Credit Card Is the safest. because if youre not satisfied all you need to do is dispute. at least here in USA the CC companies will almost Always take the customer's side and refund The Money

MO Credit Card Is the safest. because if youre not satisfied all you need to do is dispute. at least here in USA the CC companies will almost Always take the customer's side and refund The Money

Thanks Bobby and everyone who has contributed. I myself was fooled and robbed by a Chinese internet site that looked legitimate, but is completely fake. I have written to the Australian ACCC (similar to your US Attorney General) as well as to a Chinese site I found (sorry, can't remember link) that dealt with threats to the public. As stated above, none of these complaints will get my money back, but at least it gets the word out abou the offending site. What we can all do is (1) warn others about these "pirates", and (2) make sure we never do it again ourselves. Thank-you again Franx

OBSNEAKERS who defrauded me among many actually had taking my money down to a science..luckily my credit union is awesome. They kept me on the hook, telling me that the shoes I ordered wouldn't be in stock for a while (after they took my money).they wanted me to wait 2 months. When I contacted my credit union they said its a good thing you contacted are almost at the 2 month mark and after 2 months we don't do charge backs. If you think you are being defrauded you your banking instituation immediately and have all correspondence documentation ready to submit. I had 4 pages and this is what made them give me a charge back. I kept good records.

Awesome information. I will be following this advice. I have left several bad reviews and I am in the process of writing more. www.sellfashionshoes ripped me off for nearly 3000.00. Anytime anyone look them up I want people to know that they are a scam.

walter b says thanks to booby iv now made a complant to f c t iv also made a complant to pay pal but as my time of 45 days had run out they say they cant help so iv decided no more internet buying as iv bought everything iv ever bought through pay pal plus i find it hard to contact them so thry will not be making any more money from me im also trying to block 2vitamins from advertiseing but finding this hard as iv not much time at hand to go through with it. regards walter b

PAYPAL - They will only refund physical products. I spent $100 purchasing a piece of software and PayPal would do nothing. I never did get my money back, and the software never worked. Even if you have ordered physical goods, be very, very, careful. It is at their discretion whether they refund your money. CREDIT VS DEBIT CARDS - Always better to pay with a credit card. Although I have heard of some banks reversing debit charges, it typically takes longer, and they are not obligated to do it. Credit card companies have a much higher rate of returning the money. This is because they can directly debit the person's merchant account, vs trying to get money from a bank account that may already be closed. In addition, a merchant account can "blackball" a company from being able to accept credit cards. NEVER, NEVER WIRE MONEY - Never, under any circumstances, should you wire money, especially to someone overseas. It is virtually impossible to get it back. HOW TO TELL IF A WEBSITE IS RELATIVELY SAFE - Many websites claim to be in the US or UK, that are actually located in China, (the capitol of scammers). You can check several ways where a company is located, although none of these ways is absolutely foolproof. * Check the domain name. will allow you to enter a domain name and see who the registrant is. If the domain name is "protected", don't order from them. * Check the country where the site is hosted - Use to find out what country the site is hosted in. If it can't find which country the site is hosted in, don't order. * Check the SSL certificate. If a site is using an SSL certificate, (starts with https:// instead of http://) Click the lock to find out information about the purchaser of the SSL certificate. More information is available here: REGARDING THE FTC - Don't even bother wasting your time. The FTC is concerned with widescale fraud, not individuals. I have filed complaints and know other people who have done so.....they won't do a thing. CHECK IF THEY ARE ON A SCAM LIST - Use to see if they are listed on their scammer list UTILIZE WOT - Web of Trust has a plugin for Firefox, that will not only alert you when someone has a scam site, but will also let you alert others to a scam site. USE WELL-KNOWN TRUSTED SITES - There is such a thing as "too good to be true". If it's ultra-cheap, it's almost guaranteed to be a scam. Only buy from trusted well-known sources.

Hi I bought some earphones from this website after reading through the FAQ and doing a little bit of reserach . This website is said to be located in the UK however when i recived my tracking number and went onto the DHL website i found it that this wasnt in the UK it was in Hong Kong. However my item came yesterday. so i went online to check wether its real or fake. On the website it advertised them to be real, QUESTION 10. - But looking at reviews and in my box i have something missing and this product isnt genuin . Now i thought they would be real as of the answe to question 10 and thats why i purchased them . however they are not ? what can i do ? i cant send them back to hong kong as i dout i would get my money back and aslo the charges to ship them back are very high . Not only i do not have the debit card i used anymore i was adviced to cancel it when this website took more money out. so i have got any bank detials . please someone help me beforei its all to late . how can i get my money bag for these counterfeit earphones?

NIKOLE, u shouldn't have used A Debit Card..always use Credit Cards then u can easily dispute the transaction. Not much u can do at this point, except contact the bank that issued your Debot Card..maybe they will refund u although they are not obligated to do so. Next Time just use A Credit Card

Hi guys i think i have just been scammed and now im out of alot of money. I bought quite a few items on a websit i will post at the end of my comment, anyhow i am trying to get on to that site now but they no longer exsist.

We paid this drop shipper for a website loaded with products. We were told would be our site. Instead, we were shown a webpage that directed to with bluedollardays in text on the home page. We had no access to this page other then a general viewer but told this was ours. Day 1 when the site went up we were told by phone from their resellers representative that we had sales. We were surprised the site was noticed in one day being that it can take months for a site to be recognized through SEO and many other things but they said "We Have Sales lets hit up your merchant processor" which we did. We entered in, as their rep instructed, the few details for the card they gave us including how to make it go through as approved. We did this on many sales and we found out later it was for the same buyer. We were under the impression we sold a physical product and asked why we didn't get notified of the sale ourselves through our merchant processor. We were told many things over the course of the first week including, we have the wrong type of merchant account. More sales from the same party came in and again, we were told how to process the card. We were not given home addresses or phone numbers at that time. We were told,Albany Distributing AKA never uses CVC numbers for credit card verification and our seller advocate with the company told us how to go around that number to get it approved. We had "Nothing To Worry About". A total of five charges were made by our first customer. Two weeks later chargebacks started rolling in on those purchases. We asked for information on those cards to send to our processor and discovered that not only did albany know in advance the card we processed reported as stolen but they wanted to process more orders using that same card. They said "they know how to make the charge go through and we can keep our money". We did not process anymore orders from that card. The chargebacks resulted in over $2,000.00 dollars for the one customer. The physical address gave us for those cards were obviously fake that anyone can spot. Same street address in three states that didn't exist and one in India with the same street address. Names and phone numbers were also fake. If we had had this info from the begining, we never would have processed these cards. Albany knew this in advance of our processing this card yet they tried to get us to recharge that same card for more orders and for the amount of the chargebacks which is illegal. At this time, we also found out we sold them "packages". Non tangible store packages much like the one we purchased to set up our store. Not physical products that could be verified as delivered to the customer. We have high doubts these packages ever existed and believe we were used for the scam using our merchant processor. They still have our money and up until one week ago were still trying to take money from us. We also had a second customer shortly after the first who purchased another 1,000.00 in orders. Again, we were not notified of the sale until the rep at Albany said we had one. Put the card through with the CVC numbers and told Albany we would not follow through with the sale unless a signature could be obtained by the buyer on delivery. We were told they would do this. We processed the card. They did not bother using signature verification to protect us. We thought we were safe being we had a physical item this time to ship to a buyer. Again, our second and last customer charged back the purchases and they won. We did ship to the address on file with Delivery Confirmation but they still got their money and we are now over 3k behind. Albany later admitted they don't have the software to do signature confirmation but it was too late. My money was gone. I would not have followed through if they admitted it in the first place they could not use signature confirmation. Albany Distributing should be responsible for all the chargebacks and the loss of my savings getting this site started since we were lied to to make a sale for them. We also paid 252.00 for customer service to represent our so called site but later found out, all calls that go through that service, we get no commission on. Any orders processed using our "paid" for CS service profit wise, stayed with 100 percent. This was admitted to us on the phone by Matt, a reseller advocate for Albany distributing. With the chargebacks and my investment loss, we have now lost over 5k. A bit about me. I get $740./mo from Social Security so this loss is more then devastating. My partner who makes about the same amount each month, his checking account is in the hole for 5k All the money we though we made was transferred, by wire at albanys insistence to facilitate these these orders. We pay them, they send. They are a drop shipper of electronic goods so we had to send the money to them to fulfill the orders. We kept a small profit for ourselves. This falls right in line with the old Nigerian money order scams where a party sends you money and all you have to do is send a small amount back and keep the rest. The money orders are always fake. There is no money other then what the victim send the scammer. We started asking more questions about how these cards were being processed before we were given the card numbers. Why we were not being notified about the sales through the site or our processor before hand. We started asking questions about the site itself and why it was being directed to another company. The only answer we got was that both sites were one and the same and through both, we got a commission if something sold and we should be glad. But, we never had access to either site but to look at them like the general internet user would. We had our doubts at this point about the site being ours and told them to fix it and make sure did not redirect to They said they would fix it and neither site has been up at this point and it's been a month and a half. We are being stalled so that we cannot seek reimbursements through our credit cards. This all started in January. With out debit card with visa, we were told we only had three months. With our regular visa credit card, we were able to seek some of our money back. We used both type of cards to fund this business. Good ole Matt, our sellers rep for albany, who used to call us four to eight times a night stopped calling us at this point. Emails in response to our inquiries get only five word responses but never answer my questions. One forced call from this rep lately and that was to say we can't have our domain name we agreed to use at the very beginning of all this? I would have to buy my own yahoo store to keep the domain name. He told me the site is ready to launch, once again after being fixed and to buy into the yahoo small business account. I did. Later that night, he said he still can't do it that way and again, I'd have to lose the domain and "they'd" have to be the ones to buy the yahoo store and charge me another $35/mo for it. Still trying to get money out of a more then broke person who will be homeless shortly. Still no site at either or as of today. Nothing on our original contract was honored by albany distribution. Albany said, "but we did write an article". I've asked to see it many times but never got it. Part of the contact about promoting the site. There is a list of things they were supposed to do that were never done. Only one article which I don't believe even that exists. There is so much more to this story. I'd like to hire a lawyer but can't come close to affording one. I'm 51 years old trying to find a way to make some income to live decently and ended up homeless. My partner will never gain another bank account nor will we be able to try this again being we are now black balled from having a merchant processor. We were out of business with the first fake credit card sale and we hadn't even started. If you drop ship, please use your common sense through it all when dealing with a company. We ignored ours out of desperation to stay in our home and it backfired.

The physical address Sorry, that was supposed to be

We received an item that was not what we wanted and it was damaged. We did a charge-back on our cr card for it only because the buyer would not help us out or talk with us. We were told by the cr card company that we had to wait 30 days to give the buyer time to respond. I'm calling them in the morning (if I remember!) to find out if the buyer responded. I called a week and a half ago and they had not - just sent us a nasty email accusing us of not sending the pictures and stuff which we did the day we received it in early March! Anyhow, since they haven't sent any way for us to ship it back to them, can we sell it? It's taking up a large space in our garage and we'd like to be rid of it.

Diana, you need to hold on to the item until the dispute is over. Once the 30 days have passed and they still have not responded, you are then free to resell the item. Some credit card merchants require you to send the item back with delivery confirmation. Signature Confirmation would be needed on items of any value you can't afford to lose. If they do respond with a return address, you might need to send it back. Hold onto the item for now. The Merchant will also be given a chance to appeal the decision later on. As the holder of the credit card, you, as the buyer, will probably win the case.

I have noticed 3 times that this company MISTY NUMBER THREE have used my credit card they are based in the UK and I don't live there. I have been in touch with my bank but again they have used my credit card the same day my bank refunded me for 2 transactions. I am now thinking of not even using my credit card for anything. This is so not safe people be carfull with MISTY NUMBER THREE don't now who they are but I am so sick of them. Thinking of suing them for Fraud.

any of u guys know this email the person name is micheal andrew he didnt want to refund my money, cause i think it is anyone can help about this?

sorry for the comment above, i just bought an iphone from him but the phone didnt arrived till now. he said he will give the voucher to get the phone from my country. However, the apple company in my country didnt have that service, so i think it is scam. so i try to get the refund, but somehow he didnt guys can help me about this?

I recently purchased a diamond ring from World Jewels online and the price was great, the online picture of the ring was amazing and just looked perfect. After receiving the ring it looked as if the center stone was cut with a chainsaw and the color was brownish-yellow. Online this site said the cut was an ideal and ended up being shallow, the color was supposed to between H-L and ended up being a X and the clarity was Sl1 which has noticeable blemishes and inclusions. Again I remind everyone that on the website it said the cut, clarity and color were all near perfect. Anyways, I ordered the ring June 23rd and ended up getting the ring on August 27th. After about 5 phone calls and 10 emails later someone finally said on July 25th that it was "being made" and "would be about another week until it shipped out". After viewing the ring and taking it to another jeweler and comparing the appraisal from World Jewels and the new appraisal, there was about a $3,000 difference in value. The Jeweler advised me to return it because I had been ripped off big time. After talking with a customer rep they advised me that this falls within their return policy and I would have to have the item shipped back to them, buy $5,000 worth of insurance which cost $40 then have it shipped priority mail which was another $20. I sent the ring back on August 29th and they received the ring October 1st. I was then told once the ring was received it would need to be inspected and a refund would be given within 2 weeks. They have still not refunded the money and to add insult to injury just yesterday the same customer rep that I have been in contact with told me that "World Jewels refunded the money on September 9th, and because I have an open claim against them on PayPal that the refund could not be processed until I closed the case against them". I called PayPal and they told me that World Jewels has about 30 cases against them and they never refunded any of the money, and what many people have done is cancelled the claim against them in hopes that World Jewels was telling the truth about cancelling the transaction to get their refund only to find out afterwards that this was not the case. Luckily I called PayPal because I would have been out a lot of money and PayPal says that if World Jewels does not refund the money by next week, they will refund the money for them and will have their site black listed from PayPal. I am under the assumption that PayPal has not blacklisted them for the reason that many people who have filed claims against them have cancelled them after talking to WJ reps. This company is horrible and should be ashamed of themselves.

I have just bought an item (Wireless microphone system) from website Basically I done a google search to find te cheapest price and this one came up at £182 which I thought was a good deal. I went ahead and purchased the item from the site as it seemed to be genuine. I received an email after purchasing, confirming that I had ordered the item. The moneys has been taken from my website. I have emailed them with no reply and also tryed their 'English' customer phone number which when called is an unknown number. Ive had no email confirming that the item wil be sent to me. Ive seached the website on google and cant find any negative feedback about the site. The address on the website 'contact us' section is 9 mckinley St. corona, CA 92879 US Yet after checking my online banking account the transaction (payed via debit card) appears as... 9901 31OCT12 , SHEN ZHEN YOU HONG, SHA , SHANGHAI CN , CNY 1732.31, RATE 10.0394, CHARGE 1.25, ERTF 4.75 So as you can imagine im a bit concerned. I don't have a lot of money and can't afford to loose this amount, and I do need the item for my livelihood. If anyone can offer my advice on how to deal with this, im afraid but realistically realizing that I may have lost the money. Can the police do anything at all? Many thanks Mr George Kennedy

Hi. I think I've just been scammed too. I bought a Nokia Lumia 900 from a chines website called I did quite a bit of research, and asked loads of questions so thought it was kosher. Paid the money by bank transfer (stupid I know) and then was told that as soon as the funds had cleared they would send the phone and email me with a tracking number. Well they advised they had despatched said phone 11 days ago, but did not supply a tracking number. So I emailed them and asked for a tracking number. No response. I emailed again. No response. then I went onto their 24/7 live customer service chat thing, and finally managed to speak to someone. I explained the situation to them, that 11 day had passed and still i have not received my phone and I am still waiting for a tracking number. They said they would have to check with their manager and email me. I said, no I'll wait here. Go and speak to your manager now, and then come back to this chat thing and tell me whats going on. So off they went.........and then terminated the chat. Since then, I have sent 4 more emails, accusing them of stealing my money and demanding a response. I have also opened up 3 separate chats with the "customer service" but no one will answer me when I type in a message. And now I have just put some feedback on their website, but you can bet that will never see the light of day. I am absolutely gutted, as I have no money and that was a present for xmas for my husband. I can't afford a replacement. what a fool I've been. If anyone has any advice or pointers on what I can do and where I can go to make my unhappiness as public as possible, I'd be eternally grateful. Natalie Talbot

Hi George This is probably too late but you can do a chargeback on your bank card. Bank cards gives you 90 days to file a dispute where as, credit cards can give you up to a year depending on who is the issuer. You need to call the number on the back of your card ASAP. Natelie, unfortunately are are out the money and you know never to send money like that in the future. I wish I had something positive to say. Chinese or not, you should turn them in to the BBB so others will be warned. Maybe you can get them shut down here in the US. That is, until they start up again using a new site. Have you tried looking up who their domain is registered through? You can turn them into the register as having a bogus site online. Also, it is quite possible they may have access to the US by using a local service to log in with. If you can find out where and who with, you can turn them into the ISP and they'll shut them down for fraud. Also, the gov has links for this type of activity as well so go a google search. Get them off the net.

And Natelie, don't forget It's a very useful tool/site that draws attention to these scammers so that others who research will be informed.

My husband paid for a semi motor from a company in Michigan, they are listed on ebay and on there is said the moror is located in Michigan. My husbdand was told that once they got the money the motor would be shipped, the money was bank wired on 12/21/12, and when my husband called them they said they have no record of the money and then said their banks wire transfer department is back up. My husband called this company on Monday 12/24/12 and the company said they got the money but the motor will not ship until Wed. 12/26/12 in the morning. My husband called Wed, the company said the motor will ship by 3:00pm that day, so my husband called back and the motor still had not been shipped. My husband called Thursday and they said it shipped that morning and they paid extra for 4 day shipping; however my husband called the shipping company and tracked it and they said it is due to arrive Jan. 4, 2013 and that there was no extra money paid for faster shipment. My husand called the company back where the person he spoke to then said she was not able to get ahold of anyone to have it shipped in 4 days. We just tracked the shipment today and now it says it will be here Jan. 7, 2013 and that it did not come from Michigan but Virginia. We are thinking of just getting a refund but the company does not have their refund policy posted, we talking 9,000.00 here. Please help!!!

I bought a Canon Camera through an online store, they sent me the product, I tried it out, it was not what I expected it to be, and then called the store for a RMA and UPS sent it back with a guaranteed signature. From the time I ordered and returned the Camera 12 days had passed. UPS informed me that the return was accepted and signed for and now the Website will not reply to my emails or phone calls. My bank says that I need to contact the website to get more info, but its only dead air between them and myself. I am unsure what to do next, I did use my MasterCard Debit but am unsure what is or what is not covered. If anyone has even one suggestion, it will make me feel like I am being proactive here, not just spinning my gears... Thank you

Hi all just wondering if any1 can help i brought a tv from wae+ and it came but sent it bk for a refund and didnt receive the money and still 5 weeks later all i hear from them is rubbish so not sure wat to do next please help

is the website a trustworthy one...? hello i just used this site and it seems as thought i got ripped off. when i go check my purchase history on the site there is nothing there even though i received an order invoice on my email. Can someone please help me.

i participate in the contest of 100 best buy and i lost 399 rs ,they not refunding back so i decided to buy product but everything coming as out of stock or else only 60 5 of money is returning . i need to get back my money.even though 399 is small amount if everyone leave like this that person of the website will happily live .please help me out.

My issues is not as impressive as some that I read but nonetheless its important to me. I purchased a book from for a friend who is incarcerated. My first clue that something was up was when I didn't get an invoice at the end of my transaction. However a week later the book arrived at my home. I called Messianic Liturgy Resources and spoke to a Jeremiah Greenberg who seemed amenable but within 45 minutes proved to be deceitful and untrustworthy. after explaining that the book came in error he asked if he could call me back in five minutes. I of course told him yes but his five minutes was more along the lines of 45 minutes. And he went on to tell me the error was mine because I had put the shipping of the book to myself and my friend is the purchaser of the book from the prison cell. That is totally impossible because I used my credit card and every who uses a credit card must have a name and address that matches the credit card. And since I used mine there is no way my friends name would produce a purchase on MY card. So his deceptive action to avoid having to incur the cost of shipping it again he changed all the information in his favor. I called him again and then he hung the phone up on me refusing to take responsibility for what he did wrong and then changing the information. Furthermore, I sent the unopened package with the book back to him demanding my money back. Any ideas how to get this crook from getting away with this nonsense? I did report him to the BBB. any other ways to hold him accountable?

Well I recently signed my 12 yr old son up for this actor/modeling thing and the cost to sign up was 495$ I told the lady I needed time to think about it but she consisted that if I didn't pay then that he would lose his spot. So I did it after I called several family members to see if it was safe and not a scam but no one answered. I signed a contract the 495 was non refundable so we left after I payed, got in my car my sister called back I told her what I had done and she immediately told me it was a scam. So then we went and reviewed the company and come to find out they been scamming since 2003. I payed with my Debit Card so soon as I left the company I called my bank but they can't do anything until it clear. I just want to know will I be able to get my money back considering I signed a contract that saying the money was non refundable even though it was a scam???

Ive just been scammed by a counterfeit wesbite. I paid 180 pounds for some handbags to come from China and paid through Western Union. What I found weird was that I have their email address, home address and bank account details, including phone number and their full name? Why would they give so much info if they were dodgy? - They told me it would take 4 - 6 days for me to receive my goods and even emailed me a tracking number. (Theres me being naive). So I thought Id got lucky. That was until my goods didn't arrive for 2 weeks, and I have emailed them threatening to call the police. They still don't care. Any ideas what I could do? Or am I just well and truly screwed?

I've been scammed by The Fabulous U a knockoff Chinese wedding dress site that proposes to be a US based company. After not receiving one product I custom ordered (because his vendor doesn't have the beading or some sort), I received a horrible dress that was nothing at all what I ordered but the owner/CEO Tony Goo tried to act like it was the best dress he ever seen. I'm going through paypal (how I paid) to report his company so hopefully he won't be able to scam other brides. If you are a bride considering The Fabulous U, STAY AWAY!

I made a purchase from Texas Hydrographics in April 2013 for golf cart parts. Two transactions one for 125.00 the other 450.00. The first response was it was mailed out while he was out of town and wasn't sure how it was mailed. Then he mailed the item again but couldn't locate tracking number. Then his home was hit be a tornado. The owner Marcus contacted me last week and said he was refunding my money back thru paypal (I have an account set up thru them not on debit card or my personal accts). Both the transactions have been declined twice due to insufficient funds. He will not answer my calls or emails now. I did file a resolution through paypal on my 45th day, and being stupid I cancelled it when he contacted me stating he was going to get the this taken care of. He is in Texas and I'm in SC what can I do?

Hi there, I just want to know how to get back the money of my boyfriend. He was scammed yesterday in one of the lending company here in Canada.He deposit $800 to Rufus Mutual but until now the money is not in his bank.So what can I do because it's not a small amount, hope you can help me.

hey i payed like 3 months ago to common wealth bank in Australia and i BOUGHT 2 baby jogger city select prams 1 for me and 1 for my sister FROM CHINA and then she said her name was Han Lucia and she got $450 dollars and then she said it will take 28 days to come 28 days go by and i Am asking her where is it she or he said it got smashed in a shipping container because it was a Chinese lady and then she said she would send it again waited ANOTHER 28 DAYS HASN'T CAME AND SHE DOESN'T REPLY TO MY EMAILS AND TOOK OF HER PAGE PLEASE HELP ME THAT WAS ALL THE MONEY I HAD !

I realize this post correlates to online websites scamming you, but I was wondering if you knew how to go about handling a slightly different scenario: I recently made a purchase from M-GO (a movie rental services that streams videos), and bought something on an online store (ASOS). The M-Go Purchase was about 4 days prior to the theft, while the ASOS purchase was made the same day the debit card got hacked, and maxed out (and then some). I shop online all the time- this is the first time anything like this has happened, in 10 years. I used the same card to shop online frequently, but the M-Go & ASOS buys were the only recent transactions, and again, the theft of the card immediately followed them. It's been a nightmare- my husband was lid off recently, and this was basically every penny we had. My bank actually caught it the same day, and we cancelled the card- they said since I had the card, and no PIN had been used, it had to have been hacked during an online transaction. I was told I'd get provisional credit from the bank while it was sorted out, but after a week I still haven't, and it seemed like every time I talk to someone at the bank i get a different answer, or they pass the buck to another dept. One of the things I asked about was how they proceeded legally- one said that was on me, b/c as a bak, all they can do is get the money back, while another claimed the bank investigates. All the charges but one were from out of country, and the one in country was out of state. Obviously my case would face huge jurisdiction issues if I wanted to file a complaint, but it drives me nuts they'll get away with this- and since everything they took was bought online, it begs to argue that finding them (or some clues) is as simple as finding the ship to address the thief used. I should note that the M-GO transaction ended with pretty bad taste in my mouth- the movie I rented didn't play, and the CS rep I got in touch with refused to refund until she walked me through how to to use the site. I explained I had used it before without issue, but this time it wouldn't work, and we weren't really intereted in watching it now b/c we rented it elsewhere, after it took them so long to return my initial attempts for contact with them. They still haven't refunded me, and I sent another email asking why, and they never replied, but their whole set up seemed very unprofessional (the customer service number went to a cell phone's Voice Mail). I have wondered if they might have burned my card on purpose. The ASOS one seemed okay, but given that my order was made the same day I got hacked, it also has to be considered questionable. My question is, do I have any legal recourse with M-GO or ASOS? They didn't rip me off, per say but even if M-GO didn't cause this maliciously, they or ASOS obviously have an unsecured payment process if my card got hacked. Does that give any options? Should I email either them? Any advice on how to deal with this is hugely appreciated. I don't have high hopes in my bank handling this, since they haven't even bothered to issue the provisional credit. Thanks

If anyone calls you from Internet Business Specialist out of Salt Lake City, Ut and says they have a fabulous way to make money at home and you only have to put in 10-15 hour a week on the computer.......TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, THEY ARE SCAMMERS, CROOKS, LIARS, AND ARE DECEPTIVE AND UNSCRUPULOUS CROOKS. STAY AWAY!!!! Do no, I repeat, DO NOT, GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER cause you won't get your money back or you have to put up a pretty good fight to get it then it won't be the full amount. It is just buying and selling items on Ebay, getting a drop shipper and asking for more money along the way, thousands of dollars.

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