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Is Tradewell.io a scam or a legit company?

asked by Michael N. on 5/17/19

14 Answers
Wealthwatchs, com saved me from tradewell. They refused to grant me withdrawals for a year and they were fund of asking for more money. I reported them to the police and they closed my account. The police did nothing to help me get back my money until i reached out to wealthwatchs
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Tradewell.io is a scam. At first on the first trade, it looks good, but then if they cannot get you to deposit more money your account manager will want to explain something in the platform. In the process they tell you to click when your cursor is over a button. Even the sell button with initiate something that takes money out of your balance and it is gone. Then you get a call from someone in account recovery. Now they want you to deposit more money and help you trade to make money to bring your balance back to where it was. In actuality Tradewell.io made money from you by the 1:40 leverage and then they steal what was in your balance. Do not in anyway use this brokerage.
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I cannot state its legit or a scam, but stay away.
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I Think I have been screwed by TRADEWELL EXCHANGE invested alot of $$$$ and I know now they havent been upfront and Im going to find it very difficult to get any money back. Question: How do I navigate to the wealthwatchs website for assistance?
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Tradewell are just scam

I tried to open an account with them and first send 250 USD

I had some difficulties to give them the documents they asked to activate my account.

When I got the opportunity to produce the documents and finally activate my account they totally withdrawal my money and said that it is because my account was inactive.

They clearly stole my money using their internal policy to justify their thief.

Do not send any money to them.

Furthermore, the way it works and if you trade with them you will take huge risk of loss for just little cents of profit with a huge commission on every transaction. You take the risk they get the profit.

They just thief.
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Sorry guys, this company is 100% scam, fast talking South African scammers. Lost 2500 only but keep pressure on you to invest more, you think your on the bitcoin trading live but you're not they can manipulate it however they want, you think you are doing well then gone. If you even hint at taking money out you can bet that you will lose it all within minutes. They are truly professional scammers. Keep away from Tradewell.
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Tradewell is a criminal syndicate. They are very smooth confidence tricksters (all South African) who are expert at putting maximum pressure on you to 'invest' an ever increasing amount of funds into their amateurish and poorly administered website. It is a ponzi scheme and their trading platform is a completely bogus, in house Trojan horse. They suck you in with a rapid return on your initial $250 USD investment but this is just a hook to lure the unsuspecting investor into their sham trading scheme. Once you part with any further cash, you will never see another cent of it ever again.
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I realized it was a scam a bit too late, I'm glad I found this website when I did. I ended up playing along with the scam until half our investment was back into the account. The exact same thing to happened to us as Joseph. Once you say you don't have any more money invest to move your account into the silver tier, another fake employee comes on, invests all the
Money and loses it all instantly. Then a few days later they want to put your account into recovery and want another $2500, that's when I told them to f$ck off. It was a long week waiting for the right moment to call them on their bullsh$t. Stay away from TradeWell. Exchange
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No it is not! Stay away! They draw you in and then when you think everything is rosy and you request a withdrawal, they go off on you. No response to calls or emails.
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Stupidly ignored all this and have now lost nearly £4k -and no access to site - email addresses coming back as no domain. Luckily I never gave them direct access to my computer or money as on principle I never do... so they cannot get more My bad for thinking I knew better!
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I've just tried to log into the platform.
Initially I deposited $250 usd I made my first trade and 3 days later I got a call saying my account was empty and I needed to deposit more cash. I declined then 3 weeks later they contacted me telling me my trade was successful and I had 350usd in my account. A couple of small trades later then came the call to deposit more cash to increase my profit. I declined and the calls from my trader stopped. 3 nights ago I was contacted again with advice to deposit more cash. I declined and he wasn't happy with that. He rang back but didn't persist. Now I can't log in to the platform.
Clearly I've been ripped off but it's only 250 usd so I'm lucky.
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I buy and sell shares from 2 respectable platforms that did not need verbal contact but during initial contact with Tradewell io I realise that this would be the only way that they will operate. I explained that due to deafness I will not be able to use telephone conversations to continue so will not complete the transaction after all.

I must make clear this was carried out through a third person to relay the conversation to me which I explained from the very first, thankfully I chanced the smallest amount so I suppose I will be one of the lucky ones. It is time for The Financial Authority to step in.
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Add to the above answers, the worst nightmare ever.
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I started dealing with this company in January 2019, my portfolio was building up nicely then in a blink of an eye £14,500 was gone, then they wanted me to put more money in for an account recovery, something is just not right here, I lost my life savings.
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