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I want to know if there is a scam or is this a real chance to actually meet one of the women. in their country or is this just a chat service.

asked by ronny s. on 4/30/16

10 Answers
Chances are few that you will meet a decent and interested woman from Russianbrides in real. I had two trips to Moscow and Kiev and neither of them was successful. One woman disappeared as soon as I told her that I bought a ticket to Kiev. Another girl did show up but she was so shy she hardly said anything then she said she had to be at home by 9 pm ( she was 28 years old, ridiculous, isn't it?) and our date was over. The third woman I met in Moscow just wanted me to take her shopping. When I refused to buy her a fur coat on our first date she said she had to go.
Sounds pretty sad, doesn't it? Unbelievable, but I did meet my love on that trip! I found her on
I was hopeless when I joined it, but I had nothing to do at night in Moscow so I thought i would give it a try. And it was the smartest decision I've ever made! Their women are genuine! Finally! My Lena is the best girl in the world! I still can't believe my luck!
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Its a scam. Unless you are willing to pay to meet them in russian at a vary expensive costs they charge.
Its international law that if you send letters after a set amount you are alond to ask for there site contact details to call them or send emails but Russain Brides stops this so its a scam.as they are only in to making money
Bascilly any dating site you should treat as possible scammers there. as a lot get paid commision for every letter you pay to read. Or pay to send. And will send loads off letters and when it comes to ask to email or call each other and they say no i can only speak here then they get commision
Be carefull as before you know it your spent loads off money
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You can meet Russian women on this site but be careful signing up and giving your Credit Card details because once you have signed up and subscribed to Russian Brides it is very hard to cancel your subscription.
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Scam and Spam.. You've had been warn, stay away..
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I would never use a site that has you buy credits through them to talk to women. The site I used didn't require me to buy any credits it allowed me to message as many women I wanted as long as I paid the membership each month. There were a few women that were scammers they wanted me to join another site so we could talk which I didn't do. I did meet a woman from Russia that was actually real we talked through Skype and a site called VK it's like the European face book. (It's free). My advice to anyone trying to meet a woman in another country is to proceed with caution. Don't send them money, don't send a travel agency money to get them tickets, pay for the Visa process or anything they say they need to come to the US and spend the rest of their life with you. Make sure you can talk to them outside of the site you met them through and be able to video chat with them. If they are very beautiful and seem to good to be true chances are it's a scam. The site I met the woman I was talking is Rosebrides. No I don't work for or represent them in anyway I don't even use them anymore because I didn't get the divorce I thought I wanted.
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The site is not really too much of an issue. The price is not at all justified granted but there are 3 types of girls on there. One who are legitimate. Two who are fake and try to make your spend money for the company, and then you have those who lie to you to in hope of getting a Visa.

Russianbrides is just too overpriced and lacks in responsability in my opinion.
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If you want to chat, use PayPal to buy credits. That way the site does not have your credit card details. Also, bear in mind the language barrier that exists. There are a few honest girls, but difficult to find those. Also remember, most are from 3th world countries and they want a better way of life.
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Generation love dating, anastasiadate, Russian brides....all scams as I loved one woman only to find out the gold digger was on all these websites behind my back, without the websites knowing she had the exact same profile on each site..exact pictures exact profile. Im sueing for 10 million for my pain and suffering. Do not use these sites . Fakeeeeeeeeeee
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I have met in Ukraine real girls, but as has been pointed out here and elsewhere, you meet them after maybe many months of 'chat' which is basically a dollar a minute. When you do meet them, if they turn up, (I have experienced both), it will always be with a translator ($20 per hour) (I also understand from a girls safety sake), and if you go for dinner they always know the best restaurants that are serious money in a country where the average wage is $125 a month. I did meet someone really nice and travelled 4 times to Kiev to meet her, to cut a long story short, on the 5th meeting on the day I arrived she said she couldn't meet as she was too busy. This after the previous evening saying how much she was looking forward to a romantic dinner for two. So I had booked a very expensive hotel that I was stuck in for a week only for Elina to decide to stand me up. It would have been more honest to just have said 'thanks but no thanks', She got what she wanted, a smart phone and a computer which I bought for her and she didnt even have to kiss me!!! Sadly, after thousands and thousands of pounds spent on russianbrides.com, i had to finally admit that although it IS possible to actually meet physically, its most unlikely that it will lead to anything more than very expensive platonic dates. Ukraine is a very interesting country, but for the most part it is very expensive.
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It is a real dating site with customers finding their soulmates and getting married as well. It takes two and if you have the patience and willing to work at it...you can too. Good luck!
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