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trying to find a natural anxiety supplement to replace the .25 mg of Xanax I take each day. L-theanine, perhaps? Any other suggestions of something proven to reduce the anxious, mind-going-a-million-miles-an-hour feeling? I'm 1 1/2 yrs into menopause. Thank you! Lynda, 55 1/2 yrs old.

asked by Lynda R. on 4/26/15

4 Answers

I've bee taking benzodiazepines for years now, Xanax for 2+. Currently I'm on 2mg extended release and .5 immediate release, as I've built up a tolerance. The reasons for this are another issue so I'll skip that part...
About 2 years ago I was in the same boat regarding Xanax. I knew about the possible life threatening effects of withdrawal and was looking for an alternative.
I tried several supplements on the market before conducting extensive research into how benzodiazepines function, specifically their role in GABA-A and B receptors, and the different substances that also affect these (alcohol, GHB, to name a couple).
This is when I came across phenibut. I started first by buying them in capsule form at 500mgs a piece. 3 did the trick. I described it at the time as a mixture between ecstasy and 2 shots of vodka, but without losing the ability to drive and make rational decisions. Also, it is 100% legal in the US.
I soon bought the powdered form of Phenibut HCL and would mix it with water and chug it down. It was incredibly salty to the point where it makes you nauseous, but my need at the time for anxiety relief outweighed the temporary discomfort.
I made the CRITICAL and nearly life threatening mistake of miscalculating my dose while, simultaneously, with the more I took the poorer my memory became and I quickly lost track.
I ended up, best to my memory, of consuming about 20,000 mgs in less than 6 hours with little or no tolerance.
I was in and out of consciousness while vomiting. My wife panicked and called 911. They were convinced it was drug related. I passed out on the stretcher and woke up in the ICU. I was unable to urinate so they inserted a catheter. My entire family came from far and wide to visit me. I was oblivious. I vaguely recall waking up several times yelling for water and being extremely thirsty. I was NOT taking ANY other medication at the time.
I finally regained awareness about 16 hours later. Not only was I tremendously embarrassed, I still wanted to downplay the role of phenibut, as I knew that this was my error and if taken responsibly, it worked wonders.
After the full tox screen came back negative, they brought in every specialist known to man to ask me a series of bizarre questions. They hooked me up to a device to measure brain activity for 3 days. As I regained my normal abilities,after being transferred to neurology, I soon grew inpatient w their endless tests and more or less demanded to be discharged. That took another day.
In total I missed 4 days of work and terrified my family.
Needless to say, I was extremely careful after that.
After 2 years of taking phenibut I've never come close to having a similar occurrence. I have, however, been taking it continuously since. Other than learning the hard way not to mix it with alcohol or not to take it with Xanax pduring the day, I've had no issues whatsoever. My tolerance had increased to nearly 40,000mgs a day, now taking 20,000 before breakfast.
My words of caution: be very careful with your dosing early on!!;! Be very careful because withdrawal is real and you will certainly suffer side effects if stopping abruptly.
I recently switched to phenibut f.a.a (see my other post for an explanation between hcl and faa, or ask!) and have had tremendous success with ALL my anxiety disorders, which I have been battling for 25 years!!
I highly recommend this supplement for anxiety stress and sleep disorders.
Of course, individual results may and will vary. This is based on my own experience as well as my wife's. A close friend found 4 capsules (about 2000 mgs) to feel like ambien (a "z-drug, also affecting GABA receptors btw)
Please use extreme caution if using this and start w small doses!! My wife takes it occasionally 1500 mgs once a day, maybe 2-3 times a week (the recommended dose) and loves it. I am a heavy user and clearly exceed all recommend dosing, but that took years of gradual daily use and increases.
Shockingly this remains legal. I'm assuming it's because it's not a well known street drug yet thankfully.
FYI, I AM a licensed psychotherapist and I DO know what I'm taking about!! I am and have been in traditional therapy for years and have been working on reducing dependence on "drugs" to cope.
Please feel free to email me with any question or concerns @mzupko@hotmail.com
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LiftMode L-THEANINE really helped with my anxiety and gave me a increased drive to focus on schoolwork. It helps relax me in social settings as well.
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I have been put on benzodiazepines, like Xanax, in the past, and I had to slowly titrate off them. There are natural things like theanine, GABA, and picamilon that help, but none are as powerful (or addictive and potentially toxic in my opinion) as a prescription drug. You will just have to put up with some anxiety while your system recalibrates. Most herbs are only slightly helpful in my experience. Valerian is the strongest, but the nervous system will tend to accommodate to anything taken without a break.

Aerobic exercise helps as much as anything else, even if it is only a brisk walk. That can decrease anxiety by addressing root issues, and you will not "get used to it" so it no longer helps.

The REAL issue is the root issue. Everyone is busy, but why are you so anxious that you need help? There can be physical and other causes. The internet has lots of information, and you are on the right track to ask hard questions and be open to new ways to do things.
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You should email the people at Liftmode.com. He can answer all of your questions and the products they have are the BEST on the market.
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