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Wondering why real news, important news, like nancy Regan's funeral and Bernie Sander's winning a law suit so that young people can vote - is missing from your paper? I'm getting to a place that I will stop opening your website as it gets more like the Donald Trump show than anything else. Terrible paper. Shame on you Arianna.
asked by Sue S. on 3/11/16
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Most people believe that you have sold your country for money due to your connection with the Democractic Cartel, is it true? I was just wondering if all of the content that is put in the articles is true? I am trying to find out if AJ Mihrzad's is a legit online coach I have been commenting on the current Bill Cosby article on your site. Obviously the moderator of this article disagrees with my position as my replies to comments directed at me have started disappearing. I have read your Code of Conduct and I have not threatened or abused anyone i am definitely Not a troll. If Huffington Post is now a site were only those that agree with the Moderator's position can comment then you need to post that so I an others who may have a different view will no longer waste their time on your site. FYI my position is that women who accuse men of rape should be required to provide some proof such as a Police Report etc. My concern is that going forward any man's life and reputation can be destroyed based accusations alone. Doubt if I will get a response, SJackson Are the negative reviews of Huffington Post planted? I'm trying to ask if the reviews are from arch conservatives who openly write awful reviews on Amazon, for instance, about books they think are too liberal. Recommended Huff Post online to freind. She said thanks, then looked up the reviews, and concluded "Well I'll just have to have faith the the new administration won't be too bad because might not be any more about the facts than Fox News. So if the reviews are this bad, what am I supposed to believe." I want to be able to answer her please. Catherine Joppa, Rhinelander, WI I have been a participant in the HP "community" for years. All of a sudden, there was NO community. If you want to respond to anything, you have to log in to facebook or some other social media but NOT HP. I sincerely want to know why this happened. HP WAS my social media!!!!! Why have you changed the format of the HP? I used to read it every morning, but the new format is awful and slows down the whole process. Sometimes the old way is the best way! Loading and scrolling much more slowly and jerkily than other sites.Do you care? Why am i being PROOFREAD and BLOCKED on 90% of my posts that aren't even OFFENSIVE???????!!!! I've seen some of the conservative trash you allow to be posted that aren't even close to ANYTHING i've ever posted. signed Raistlin Majere Is buy buy beautiful real shoe website or scam?

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