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Why do so many people think the staff is awful?

asked by D P. on 3/24/18

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From what I've seen in the negative reviews, most of these have broken the rules and were upset when they were punished accordingly. HEX does not allow multiple accounts, which is clearly stated in the rules. The idea that they automatically ban you with no warning or chance to explain yourself is completely false, as is the idea that other people aren't allow to have accounts in your household. I've been on the site for years and even recently became a moderator. All of these negative reviews talking about how terrible the staff is? Not allowed. Seriously, if any of us tried any of that stuff, we'd get in trouble faster than you could click report. Most of the negative reviews are simply from users who broke the rules and didn't like getting punished for it, along with the one or two reviewers who seemed to miss that HEX is PG-13. As someone whose been on the site for four years, let me assure you that they have given a completely off-base account of the site.
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I have noticed at least one instance where someone was banned without warning or a chance of explaining themselves. It didn't concern multiple accounts, so perhaps the way the staff operates that territory is different than others, but the staff did indeed ban someone without warning them or giving them a chance to explain themselves.

Also, several staff members/mods have shown poor online etiquette. Some users have shown that as well, which is to be expected, but the staff should strive to be a good example in regards to online etiquette. And as I mentioned in an earlier review, the staff just simply doesn't hold all its users equal in regards to being protected. They really like those who hold the same views on life matters as they do, but they let their egos get in the way sometimes when someone pops up who holds different views than them. One person I know was completely misjudged by the staff. And that will happen in life. People will unfairly misjudge you. But that's when QUESTIONS come into play. The staff didn't ask the person any questions, or seek any clarification to see if their judgments were correct. The person had spent HUNDREDS of dollars on the site. HUNDREDS. Yet got banned without a SINGLE question asked.

Ultimately, the staff themselves aren't awful. They're just human like the rest of us. But because they are in a position of authority, they need to hold themselves to a higher standard. That means putting your ego aside. That means asking questions, seeking clarification, etc. There are many good people on hex, and some of the people in authority are delightful. But there are some staff members like I explained about earlier. I think the staff should have some kind of an online meeting together to discuss how to improve hex by improving their actions. There's no reason hex shouldn't have mostly 5 star reviews on this site. Mainly, they just have to ask questions. Be understanding. Be compassionate. It can be hard to change like that, but it can also be a quick change. So I hope for the sake of the many people on hex that the staff will indeed change their ways and truly provide a good online experience for ALL.
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As you can see, this question has a staffer/mod trying to defend the staff because they have the same views and were given access to the sweet life of being on the staff and in the Staff Mod Clique... and that my dear is more of an answer than anything.
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The staff acts like they are being helpful, but if you question them they turn into high school bullies. You will be banned if you question anything.
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People who are upset are likely to come to a site called "sitejabber" and jab the site. What else can I say? Most of these seem to be written in the heat of the moment, and some of the reviews seem to be describing behaviors that are against the site terms.
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The answer is: the staff really isn't as bad as people make it seem. You have disgruntled people who had a bad experience - and I expect the reason for that is that they were either rude or breaking the rules. If you are polite and abide by the rules, you will do fine. Staff are all people and none of them are perfect, but generally speaking all of them care.
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Because it's run by staff who won't give you a chance to explain your side of the story, then they will delete all your items and money with out providing proof you did anything wrong. As a (ex) paying costumer their practices as a business are shady and unethical.
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