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Can I get a refund on JustFab?

Many people buy on JustFab and they have a system in place for refunds. On Sitejabber, as of Jun 17, 2019 1,126 members have written reviews where they rate JustFab as a 1 star and said they had a problem with their refund system. Our users noted problems on receiving money back on refunds, shipping policy on refunds, time it takes to process a refund and overall customer service during the refund process.
In evaluating their refund process Sitejabber members had several insights on JustFab.

Receiving money back on JustFab refunds

Sitejabber member tess m writes the following:

“JustFab is a rip off. Company steals money from people for items you do not purchase. They will not return your money back. Terms and conditions are not explained properly when you sign in. After they get your card details they take your money from your account on a weekly basis without you purchasing anything. They then claim they cannot return your money because you are in credit. I cancelled my subscription and will be sending their purchase to charity. Their items are very poorly made - cheap!”

Sitejabber member Kristyn S writes the following:

“I was so enticed when I saw my first pair of boots would be $10. In my excitement of saving a ton of money on cute boots, I didn't care that the receipt that was emailed to me didn't have prices on it, I figured they were an honest business. UH NOPE!!! My bank account was charged over $70 for those $10 boots. THEN when I asked about returning them (since I could find boots just as cute on Amazon for cheaper) they said I had to pay a $6 re-stocking fee!!!!!!!! WHAT A SCAM!!!!!!!”

JustFab shipping policy on refunds

Sitejabber member Jennifer T writes the following:

“I tried out their introductory offer, did not like selection, shipping time, etc. Contacted customer service and explained that the service is not good for me personally so I would not like to continue. The person I was talking to was very rude. She suggested that I should not have signed up for the introductory offer (advertised as cancel any time, no commitment required) unless I want to continue (how do I know if I would want to keep using your service if I have not ever used it before, and you can't really look through their stuff without making an account? She then suggested that I was going to cancel it and make a new account with my credit card and made sure to tell me it was fraud. I didn't like the service so why would I sign up again and pay them more money? So rude.”

Time to process JustFab refunds

Sitejabber member idan m writes the following:

“My wife bought shoes from JustFab 2 months ago, and we know found out that they keep charging us each month. according to their customers support we need to enter they website each month at the beginning of the month and ask them not to charge. we didn't do any subscription. be carefull!!!!! Do not buy from this company!!!!! and if you did in the past check carefully your bank account. it is their business model. they just try. most of the customers won't notice 30 pounds debit.”

JustFab customer service during refund process

Sitejabber member Matt D writes the following:

“There's a class action lawsuit against this company for good reason. Hidden among the deals is a serious detail: You are automatically signed up for a membership in which you are automatically charged $40 a month for a shoe credit unless, every month, you opt-out. You can only cancel this membership by calling a customer service number where you will be on hold for an indeterminate amount of time and, when you finally speak to a representative, you will be bombarded with "deals" trying to keep you in the program. Even after that, the reps are apparently "slow" at actually cancelling your membership for you and an aural confirmation doesn't necessarily mean your membership has been cancelled right away. Just stay away, it's not worth it.”

However, not all refund experiences on JustFab were negative. 208 (14%) reviewers rated JustFab as 5 stars and had a good refund experience.

Sitejabber member Marie-Pier B writes about their refund experience on JustFab

“I'm a V.I.P member at JustFab and I have ordered from them many times now. Always arrived on time, ships fast enough, quality is good (one pair of boots I've been wearing for a year now, in the snow and salt (I'm situated in Canada) and they still look great! Sizing is like described and if they don't fit for some kind of reason, you will have no issue returning or exchanging them. Great customer service. Good prices.”

Sitejabber member Emily H writes about their refund experience on JustFab

“I have been using JustFab for years and have been really happy with my purchases. I have grown my shoe collection on a budget :-) A lot of people complain about the subscription part, but you can skip the month so you won't be charged. Also, it says when you make your first purchase how it works and you have to agree to finish your order with the discount pricing. Also, the charges are for credits to get items. Love their customer service, airways have a great experience with their webchat. Free exchanges, no questions asked.”

Sitejabber member Andrea B writes about their refund experience on JustFab

“Um. How can you complain about paying monthly when you are responsible for signing up as a member? Clearly you didn't take the time to read the agreement. It is really simple. You won't be charged if you "skip" within the first 5 days. And if YOU are forgetful is not the company's fault! Set a reminder on your phone!!!! I have shopped with justfab for years and have never had an issue with customer service or with product. If I have an item that doesn't work out, I've returned it for free and received a credit to my account to apply to my next order, LIKE MOST ONLINE COMPANIES DO!! The shoes and bags are very well made and the clothes pretty true to size. I will continue to patronize this company. I have been very satisfied for years!!!”