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yes, am currently using the site. Have enjoyed interacting with beautiful women in Ukraine, Asia and Columbia. However, have spent $1000 so far in the space of a month and would like to spend less, while remaining active. Any suggestions? Sean

asked by sean c. on 4/16/15

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Sean, I'm very sad to hear that you have been yet another scam victim of AnastasiaDate. They definitely have interesting people on there... but this is what you need to know:

1. You are NOT talking to the girl in the picture. You are talking to a translator (probably a guy) who is talking on behalf of the girl.

2. The translators are being paid to keep you online - on their site - and give you as little information as possible to allow you to get off the site. After a month, if you are still using the site, you are the victim.

Read the reviews that are all 1-star of this service, and remember that the 5-star reviews here are almost all paid reviewers for AnastasiaDate.
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Sean, Anastasiadate is a very expensive site, I think it's the most expensive in this industry. $1000 a month is indeed a lot! If you're thinking of spending less, try
I'm currently using this site instead of Anastasiadate and their prices are considerably lower ( girls are as beautiful and sociable as they are on Anastasiadate). I can afford having video chats regularly. I'm sure it can be a good alternative if you're thinking of your expenses.
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Hi Sean, it is very easy to do that, as you have found out! Proceed with caution and common sense, because if your profile is sincere, you will find that all wish to speak with you. Step back and take stock of what you seek. Firstly single out the nationality of the partner you would ideally like to find, Ukrainian, Chinese, Russian, Columbian or other! All of the Ladies are beautiful and will attract your attention. Try to decide a sensible age range that you will be comfortable with, this requires a great deal of thought, because ladies from 18 upwards will be on your case! It is true that most are not concerned about your age, but you are and you have to feel comfortable with any huge age differences.
All of the sites are linked and your profile will appear on all, but unfortunately your credits only cover you for one site, so if you have credits for say, Anastasiadate then you will need to buy separate credits for Asian date. So this is why you need to make your mind up, otherwise you will just keep on spending.
Second. Study the profiles of those who ask you to chat, before you actually chat to them. If you decide that you like what you see, then just check if they are still on line and open up a chat session with them. Look for originality in their chat request opener; many,in fact the majority are pre-scripted and are very repetitive and these become boring. those who are genuinely interested in you will keep coming back and will use different words to catch your attention. Some funny, some even rude. Keep your first conversations very short, find out basic answers that you need to know, and note them in your mind or jot them down.
From experience I will say that when I go online, I will receive approximately 200 plus reguests to chat every thirty minutes, ha-ha nice to be popular. But as you realise it is impossible to speak to all.

Third.The ladies on here are very intelligent, treat them with respect as women. Talk to them normally and they will open up to you. Remember they receive chats from all types of people, some idiots, some perverted, and some true gentlemen, I am serious about this because they have told me. When chatting online to them lookout for repetitive answers, almost as though some have a button to press to send a saved sentence, avoid these. Remember that most have to use an interpreter programme, so do not type big long sentences, that way you will get an easy and flowing conversation. If their answers take a long time coming, politely point this out to them as every minute costs you one credit on chat. Avoid excessive use of the video link and cam share. For sure it is nice to see who you are talking to in real life, but do it briefly and politely say that you are turning off the link. When you have repeated conversations with the same lady it is then your own decision. Cam share is very good and high quality, expensive but worth it when you have found the lady of your choice.
Cam share as i say is excellent, I have always tended to use my bonus points to go on cam share, when you get 200 points you can get an unlimited time one off session, but wait until your partner invites you in chat then you will see the little box under her chat line.

Four. When you find the lady that you are comfortable with and decide she is what you seek, then chat with her, send her mails, but make sure she is replying to you as well. I have found that it is pointless trying to get email or contact numbers from your lady. But after you have conversed for some time, you can pay and request these details. Alternatively when you send her a gift such as flowers, you are allowed to put your contact details on the gift card. So point this out to your lady and make sure she is happy to receive these details.Be sure, if the lady is interested in you, she will want as much communication as possible and so will you.

Five. After you have established a rapport with your intended lady, I would ask a serious question, it is important to you and if she is 100 percent sincere then she will answer you. Ask if she would be happy just communicating with you, point out that you have no desire to communicate with other ladies on the site as you have formed a relationship with her! It is my belief that if she is sincere then she would say and agree likewise.

Finally, you are in control of your future, your destiny, who you communicate with and what you spend. Approach this using your brains not other body parts and you will succeed in your goal. Minutes go very quickly on this site and others like it. Gifts are very expensive compared to high street prices, and this is something that the site needs to look at. If your lady is constantly asking for gifts, then politely point out to her that she is seeking a partner for life, not a full wardrobe or expensive gifts. All ladies like to receive gifts, they are totally unaware of their cost on this site.
The rest is up to you, I wish you success in your search.
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I just read a couple of the replies here including John N's.

They are correct in pointing out this is a wonderfully constructed scam.

What 90% of the guys here are failing to understand is that the girls smiles, tits and bums are being used the same way a rattlesnake uses its rattle; and that is as a distraction.

Wake up guys! It's quite apparent you actually believe these girls are desperate. They might 'appear' desperate; but they actually think western men are stupid. And men confirm that by using the various Russian sites.

The reason you are dating on-line, is because you are afraid to date girls face to face. Plus, you dress, speak and act in a very unacceptable way to most females. Get your s**t together. Clean up your personal/financial life. Get to gym. Learn to operate your home and finances. Clean up your diet.

Think about it.
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get off this site right away you being scammed these girls are using you
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LOL, men thinking with their small head instead of their big head. Although a lot of them have an IQ the size of their small head so it's no surprise. I knew it was a scam the moment I received messages telling me they loved my photo, as I don't even have a photo posted. Have fun suckers :)
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Look on vk you m7ght find them on there and speak for free if they answer you
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Sean, cut your losses. You've been talking to extremely skillful liers. Next, they'll try to sell you a tour. Don't pay them for anything amy more.
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I kinda lost trust in this site, because I was talking to 3 girls total and I've their profile on VK (russian facebook) and 2 blocked me and 1 just ignored and when I asked about it on anastasia they always had some stupid excuse. Not saying that all girls are just trying to get money out of you but so far it looks like it. My advice is to send couple of letter and than try to talk to her at VK (its easy to find them) and if they ignore you or block you, you got your answer, you can write them on chat why and they might tell you that they are not at home now, but will add you there soon (never happenes). So I think that this site is mostly scam that tries to get money out of your pocket, just dont chat at all, thats the most expensive.
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One in a hundred are genuine. I am 68 and found a beautiful 29 year old. OK I am rich but gerontophilia costs. The genuine ones will be eager to communicate off the site. Most will not or the answer your emails in Russian.
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Wake up its a scam!!!!!!!!
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Smart advice save your money to something better in life. I been member on this site Anastasiadate for a long time.
Girls is getting paid and work on translate fee per letter and pay per minute chat video sites, best to avoid.
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Andrew, I have been through this. Money went to the drain... The girls you talk with are real if you can see them on the camera! If you can't see them on the camera, be aware that might not be them! I dated girls when I was there. I met them, they are real, however, I would never do it again! Some I still have contact, even on VK or e-mails. If they are nice, they will talk to you on VK, e-mail, whatever! Don't waste lots of money there. Be sincere and ask them if they would contact you outside of the site. last resource would be send her a gift (bloody expensive) with your details. After that is all allowed to chat with her outside of the See how would they react! Anyway, now I don't use this site anymore, just to see the some girls and try to find them on VK. If they are interested, they will reply there, if not: FORGET ABOUT IT!!! They chat with you and 1000 men.
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I understand you paid a lot of money, and believe is expensive. I want you to pay money for plane tickets, hotels, and meeting special attractions with the girl of your interest, not countless spending on a girl via marriage site who you not even sure if they are interested in you. Here, less than 8 bucks. Check it out.
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Sean, my advice would be to find one girl and stick with her, it is very tempting to chat with loads of women but I found I was spending too much so did a search and found one and we have been together 11 months now, and I've visited her 3 times and a 4th one coming up. I've never had anyone trying to sell me a tour, and as for the site being a rip-off, well, the prices are there for all to see. And as for someone saying you're not talking to the girl in the picture, I certainly was talking to the girl in the picture.
One final thing, I'm not a 'paid' reviewer, I'm just telling you my experience.
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Sean, my advice to you is to quit using the site all together. It will just keep taking your money and I am sure that 98 percent are not serious, real and just there to keep generating money for the site. My suggestion is to go online and search for dating sites for the country you wish to find a wife that only charge a monthly fee and you can email and chat unlimited. I am using one now and having very good success. I am not going to tell you what site I am using because I am sincere in my advice and do not want to seem like I am just trying to promote any one site. You can search and easily find these sites. There are a few I know of, but I am only on one. I pay about 20 dollars a month and have unlimited emails and chat. I put that review for Anastasia for the sole purpose of sharing my experience and in hopes I could keep other people from being taken advantage and scammed. I wish you good luck and hope you switch to a site that is honest and only charged a monthly fee. Take care
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