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is this site for only ladies?

asked by julliet h. on 8/3/16

9 Answers
As far as I am aware this is a site with women's profiles aimed at attracting men only. From experience I can tell you that most of the profiles either are not who they are posing to be [e.g. are using model's photos etc] or have not the slightest intention of a hook up. That is to say they will keep you endlessly writing revenue earning messages but if you try to arrange a meeting they will disappear. This is also the case with the sister site Amolatina and LatamDate. Be warned and be prepared to totally waste your money.
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Hi Julliet, this site is for no one other than the money making machine that is Anastasia date and its affiliates, which prays on the hopes of dreamers and gullible romantics, and I'm guessing male and some genuine female alike.

Sorry to be so negative, but if you are there and genuine you will be one of the few and I wish you luck and happiness, but you won't find it there as it is an utter deception.
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They do ask you if you are looking for a woman or a man but PLEASE keep in mind that thank thanks to the internet what you see is NOT always what you get. Wheter the REAL person is a man or a woman ALL they want is your $$$. AMEN...mike +
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Anastasia Date are part of a huge multi-million dollar industry focused toward attracting foreign men to attractive looking women's profiles that are 'hosted' and uploaded to their system by local Ukrainians and other affiliate agencies. Ladies, interpreters and agency staff can access thousands of male profiles by registering and logging into www.Svadba.com. Everything about the Svadba website looks legitimate, the entire business is one big huge 'money spinning' process where the existence of Anastasia Date enables a source of business and income for hundreds of professional and amateur photographers, the hiring of studios, hair-stylists. make-up artists, language interpreters, models and model agencies. You then begin to understand that these affiliates, marriage and dating agency websites all earn a slice of the multi-millions of dollars each year, all paid for in full by monthly subscriptions from thousands of men who sign up to a service that initially delivers hundreds of inviting 'template' letters from 'photoshop' profiles to their inbox each day, and then sucks in their hard earned dollars faster than a vacuum cleaner when men begin to write letters, purchase expensive credits for chat and switch on to view a 'pre-recorded' video with different 'women' whose only interest is to earn a monthly income,(sometimes affiliates and interpreters are acting on behalf of the woman to answer letters and chat to men). The 'regional representatives' explain the process of how to make money through the local social media.
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Hi Julliet.
It does ask you if you are looking for male or females when you sign up. Be careful though. Pay per letter is the biggest scam running. I was corresponding with a woman for over three months and then figured out she was working for the agency. When they are always online and hitting you up in chat, and the hours there seem odd to be online, they are paid employees. Be wary pretty lady...
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Well, Eugene is correct that if you got game you can get a girl. That is true anywhere. It is also true that if you can convince a girl to get off the AnastasiaDate Site, she might actually be interested in you! I mean really off the site, not paying outrageous fees to use AnastasiaDate's videochat!! As long as you are dealing with AnastasiaDate you can not conclude that the woman has any interest in you other than taking your money. The biggest problem with Eugene's plan is it will cost you a hell of a lot more that $100 on Anastasiadate to find that sincere girl!! BTW, you have no idea if the phone number you get is direct to her, or to a phone bank in an office, and again only a few of the girls are going to agree to this. DO NOT BUY HER A TICKET AT THIS STAGE. Just get your own ass over there and meet her. See how she reacts to you. Is she open to affection, or does she behave like a tour guide? If she hits you up with a sob story for money, just dump her and move on. She is probably scamming you and the first request is only the start. That is the bottom line. You can't really suss the situation until you meet her face to face. In any dating scenario texting and video should only be used to get the face to face date, so if you don't have the money to fly over there today, don't even start until you can afford to follow through.

BTW Eugene, who in their right mind would rush to find a woman in a foreign country and marry her all in 3 months just to save a buck and some hassle?! Surely you jest.
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Both ladies and men can join the site. If in doubt arrange a video date. Sometimes people that have bad luck and not find love will bash any dating site. However this is usually the exception. Real people know love cannot be guaranteed and your attitude has a lot to do with your results. As for scam, we have a policy against it and refund any member that is found to be victim. Good luck!
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I wrote about this site before and my experience which was positive.. Most of the negative comments come from guys that have not gone over to meet the women there. They just sit home and look at the picture and spend money to talk or write to them. Guys that is like the guy that goes into the bar and watches all night. You have to make a move and if you cannot afford it don't start. There is a bargain now that was not available before. Several countries have waived the visa requirement and you can send for the girl to come to you for 90 days. See your immigration lawyer for the information. Hurry up before the election. Things may change. If you wanted a wife you would probably spend more and get less than you would on this site. The site is the number one many maker in the field and has grown due to their software. So here is your plan. Write once when you find the hottie, better yet call $100 get her direct number use Skyp and an interpreter. Have her get the documents and send you a copy. Have a tick none refundable to her. She will need a round trip. Keep your cost low and your ego high. She probably out classes you. There is a whole different culture. There are pockets of Russians in New York and Florida. Try that out first. One mans opinion if you want a woman and not a woman that wants to work like a man go shopping outside the US. Don't disregard any country. While there is a war with radicals there are some incredible women in those countries
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