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hi i would like to know if anyone has ever found a wife in anastasiadate ?

asked by Knil C. on 12/13/15

7 Answers

Good that you are thinking of marriage. Speaking from my own experience with Anastasia Scam, the ladies I met lived in a fantasy world. As long as you shower them with the good stuff, they will play along. But when the music stops, these same ladies will abandon ship.

Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman for better and for worse. The Anastasia Scam ladies forgot the covenant part and the for worse part. So, if I were you, I will NOT even consider Anastasia Date scam. You want a real relationship built on honesty and love. Anastasia Date scam is NOT based on honesty and principle.

I say these things to you because I went over there and spent time with the ladies and I observe. You observe and you need to read and interpret body language. A scammer can hide their true intentions but their subconscious actions reveal the true picture!

Anways, I wish you all success with your future and your love life. Life is too short to spend it on the wrong person and for the wrong reasons.

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Well it's really hard to answer this question truthfully because we, as american have a tendency to believe people from other cultures are as honest as we are. We wouldn't automatically stop our way of living the minute we married someone we naively fall in love with. Even thought, the woman we marry in her mind knows that shes might have to play as being a wife for as much as five years and yet we probably wouldn't detect her. Based on that reasoning, i don't believe any american can sincerely get a real marriage out of Anestasia. One way to back this theory is to understand that a woman can marry you and scam you for five years or for as much as it take her to get her green card. So, american men need not to get their guard down as soon as you see a pretty blond girl and stop using the head that has the ear and use the one that made to use in the bathroom. Thank you, until then beware of scammers and hold on tight to your wallets.
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Maybe the better question to ask is: how many marriages arranged by anastasiadate lasted more than 5 years? Anastasiadate is an amateur matchmaker by any standard you want to use. They are not interested in creating lasting relationships; they just want you to fall in love with a photo and collect the money from you - that's all. I am not very optimistic that a lasting relationship can be found using anastasiadate, but I am very optimistic for men who choose to live in Ukraine for a while. Everyone wants to take shortcuts but you really have to spend time there if you want to have a relationship that has some chance of lasting. Just get on a plane and forget about anastasiadate. It is only after you have wasted a lot of money that you will begin to appreciate the wisdom of my advise.
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yes i am sure its possible but most likely the man was used by the lady for visa money or for her to get in USA
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i cannot tell you if anyone did but i doubt it, however i can guaranty you that thousands have been scamed trying to find a wife via that site! Sont be one of them.
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I abandoned Anastasiadate last year. My last visit to see a girl from that site was December 2014. Like all the other women I communicated with and visited - it was a complete waste of time. All required interpreters at $20 an hour plus restaurant meals etc. Even those who's profile state 'advanced' level of English ability. I tried one more time early 2015 and put yet more money into a telephone call. Before setting up the call I asked if she would be happy to exchange contact numbers or email address, she seemed to go along with this. During the expensive call once again the old chestnut about not having computer and having to use the 'agencies' facilities. Thus perpetuating the 'lock-in' to paying for every single contact.
Finally, alarm bells rang and I terminated the call but still got charged for the full pre paid time.

All these women, without exception will take what you will give them. Most happy to meet you and you pay for a good night out. Happy to encourage you to pay for English lessons, always with the interpreter. Most never attend these so called lessons.
Some will share their local number but strangely, when in Ukraine and using a local SIM, the interpreter can puck up your call but the woman professes not to be able to receive your messages or calls for some reason...

Essentially with sites like Anastasiadate, you are chasing a dream and an expensive one at that. Make sure it does not turn into a nightmare by dropping out and abandoning the site, you will save a small fortune and a lot of disappointment.

Either the women are scammers or just not serious in finding a husband and partner overseas. By all means travel to Ukraine and see the country, much of it is beautiful in the summer and by and large the people are friendly. Kyiv airport is welcoming and pleasant. There is a lot of interesting history. Just don't expect love on this sort of site. Yes it IS a SCAM!
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I can only give you my opinion. I can agree and Disagree with other responses and other peoples answers...

I Agree that AnastasiaDate, Dream Marriage, Russiangirls4u, Russianbrides.com, Amo Latina, AsianDate, AsianBeauties, and 100's more Dating sites are All windows of opportunity. Like Our own American Dating sites, Euro Dating sites are marketed for profit and for Entertainment. A Dating site can begin with 100's of fake profiles, cupids, or Auto responses. There are opportunists everywhere, here in the U.S., Nigeria, and All around the world. Dating sites are just a window to scammers All across the Globe. Scammers are everywhere, they used to be small clusters of con men, but today, anyone can scam you and separate you from the money in your wallet.

AnastasiaDate is no different from any other dating site, but you have to also realize that the original On-line Dating company has grown so big that they no longer have control of the 1000's of smaller Dating Agencies that keep the Dating site full of new profiles. In Odessa, kiev, and Kharkov alone there are 100's of smaller Dating sites, Local Agency offices, and Internet office sites where local ladies can log in and Attract foreign men from All around the Globe. Remember, this is just my opinion, but I do know that the information is True and factual. I have been to Ukraine several times, once on a Guided Tour from the Parent company which is Only located in Russia. AnastasiaDate has limited control of All the Local Dating Agencies in Ukraine. During several late night conversations with the AnastasiaDate Home office staff, we learned about the rouge Agencies that profit from the web site by scamming the male members through every means possible. The Home office in Russia is fully aware of All the Fake profiles, and All the Real ladies who are out there that treat this web site as a source of income. On my first trip to Ukraine, I met 5 independent Agency owners, I met many local translators and Agency interpreters who also confirmed the loss of control of the Russian Home office.

AnastasiaDate is just as Guilty as All the other scamming web sites, they profit from every credit purchased, and they keep the wheels turning across the web. The website is a portal to Thousands of Ladies across Eastern Europe, parts of Asia and Latin America. Amongst All these profiles there are tens of Thousands of real Ladies and profiles who are serious in their search. I have met some of these ladies, they are real, they are not the beautiful or photo- shopped ladies and profiles. All the Ladies that I have met in Eastern Europe are no different than the Ladies and women of America.

I disagree with the concensus that All these women are scammers. I agree that Every Dating site is infested with scammers, and opportunists. I Agree that if it sounds to good to be True, then it probably is too Good to be true. I Agree that if you really want a foreign or Russian / Ukrainian wife, than you should go there to look, get a better understanding of the culture, and increase your real chances of meeting a real woman who is also looking for a real man, and not just a profile. I don't advise any American to travel to Russia, ever. Travel to Ukraine is different, it's just as safe as traveling to Germany or France. If you are already in contact with a woman from Ukraine, owe it to yourself to make the trip there, but first make sure that she is agreeable to your visit. If she is a scammer, she will tell you that it is too soon to meet, or make up some other excuse. Worst case scenario ( I have seen this happen many times...) she will agree to meet you on your arrival, and then disappear, you may or may not hear from her again? Please Do Not Send any money to anyone from Eastern Europe or any other place for that matter.

Ukraine is very affordable, the exchange rate is approx. 22 UAH to 1 USD. The round trip airfare is somewhere between $900 and $1000., Ukraine is a lively country, it has little in the way of natural resources, and it is still anchored down to the Russian Government.

If you Google the Ukrainian war history, you will learn why the women of Ukraine look outside their own country for husbands, this is only one explanation for the different Ratios. The Ratio of women to men in Ukraine are not the 6 to 1 that you read about on- line. The Ratios change from age group to age group, and the birth rates have been changing these numbers with more boys being born over girls. In General, the quality of young men is the problem. Younger men do not have the ability to provide for a family, mostly because the countries economy has been struggling for decades. Financially responsible Ukrainian men tend to be in their mid 30's and are numbered within the population, those that are still single have a Greater choice in younger ladies, but these younger ladies don't have much of a choice, so they look outside of their own country. These young ladies (18-25) or older are usually too young to be serious enough to start a sustainable family. The divorce rate is high among these young women of Ukraine, so many young women have discovered the Best way to survive without having to marry for financial stability.

On-line Dating sites provide these women a viable source of income to be able to live comfortably in their own country. Younger women are Hired like employees through word of mouth and Advertisements for work as interpreters, letter writers, and on-line chat.

It is a fact that many ladies who are serious about finding a Husband also use the site as a source of income. It is very simple to see... Look for these ladies who claim they have jobs, but are on-line for hours at a time, sometimes during their own work hours. These younger ladies see Americans as cash cows, that provide them with a life of gifts and steady income.

If you were to speak to any one of these young women, interpreters, or anyone willing to tell you the truth, the answer would be the same across the board... Americans and any other web site members are just foolish to believe that any young woman would really want to begin a new life with someone in their late 50's or 60's. If some marriages were successful, the age difference was much more reasonable ( maybe 10+ years apart, not 40 years difference).

Be careful and be cautious of All on-line activity, Always.... Don't become a victim.
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