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Are we contacting the girls for real, or is somebody else answering ?

asked by leo A. on 9/12/15

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Spot on, ADate is a con. I wrote to girls over a period of months sorry to say, and sadly the alarm bells never rang when certain girls would be there 24/7 - couldn't answer questions about their professions or explain why they weren't at work, had short term memory loss (couldn't remember anything about me) and whoever I was speaking too had never seen a letter. It is simply organised crime.
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In most cases you are corresponding to a real Lady. If you are corresponding with any young Lady from her late teens to mid 20's, then chances are that you are corresponding with an employee of the local agency. Every city runs Dating ADS for Translators, Letter writers, and 24/7 Chats. Ladies get paid for every minute that they keep you on Chat or Camshare, and some get paid for Letters that you send.

If you are corresponding with someone in their late 20's to late 40's, then your chances are MUCH BETTER that you are corresponding with the real lady. Some Ladies leave AnastasiaDate, and Some profiles have been abandoned. Agency employees will take over the abandoned Profile and in this case you are not corresponding with a real person, you are dealing with Multiple people who take turns at Chats and Letters.

Test your Lady, Tell her that you have 2 weeks off, and that you have made plans to come to visit her next month. She will either embrace this visit or she will start to make up excuses...
The closer the arrival Date, the more excuses will suddenly develop. Classic excuses are
I will not be able to meet with you, I have to go to take care of my " family member " who lives in the country side.

I will not be able to get time off from work to come to spend time with you.

I will not be in town during this time.

I will be waiting for you at the airport.... But she never shows up....
Just simply disappears, never to heard from again.

If you want to meet a younger Lady from Ukraine, then just book a flight to Ukraine and Hire an Honest dependable Interpreter.

Once you are in Ukraine, go on-line to ( AnastasiaDate, Dream Marriage, Kiev Connections, etc..) and quickly tell her you are in her city, ASK her for a face to face meeting ( keep the Chat down to 5-7 minutes) if she is serious and genuine, then she will make arrangements to have her interpreter contact you. If she is not serious to meet, you will know n 5-7 minutes.

Save your money and Time by putting her in a corner and ASK her if she is real and ready to meet ( now, Today, or tonight ).

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I am an intelligent man now 70 and lonely. Yes I have spent a lot of money on ADate because I subscribed to a site Scanna which ADate took over. ( I lost money in the process as well as all the contacts I had built up and paid to meet) Scanna was an excellent site. Pay one fee to have unlimited contact directly with the lady. I met some very nice genuine women who came all the way to Australia to meet me. With direct contact a man can soon suss out the genuine from the go-getters. Interpretation was available if wanted but mostly unnecessary. No forced payment.
ADate is a business. I must admit a very clever one which cashes in on our most intimate human emotion-love & companionship. A sure seller.
I was amazed to find I could never contact the A date women directly. As well as the unlikelyhood of of 18,19, 20 yo girls professing love to a 70 yo man, all of the women without exception tried to move me onto video chat which is double the price of straight chat. Having been a salesman myself, the motivation for this is obvious -more commission. Of course ADate always make the point they do not pay the women, which flies in the face of reality. There must be some type of payment system, probably directed thru the agencies. As men we are all influenced by a pretty woman so when she presents a bio which does look very genuine, we want to believe it. I found the wording to these bios was often duplicated word for word in those of several women.ADate controls these women very closely, probably through fear of losing the income, which we have to admit would be invaluable to a woman in Russia or mainly Ukraine. The women are just doing a job. I have had a couple of decent admit that fact. Some of them have been on the site for years and if genuine would have found a match. I have kept paying and fooling myself for a long time believing that out of all these women I could find some who are genuine. I believe there are some who are genuine but they get caught up in the Adate web which is misleading, deceptive and dishonest for the sole purpose of making money not helping lonely hearts find love.When you think about it in nonemotional terms, the scam is a no brainer. I saw a report a couple of years ago that the operating company running ADate made a profit of US$130 million so its a very good business though very dishonest. Yes I am sure many of the women who are regulars are just pics of women backed by people in call centres who could be men or women. Some of them seem to be there 24 hours 7/7 as they hit me whenever i log on day or night. i guess they now see me as the typical bunny, which of course i was. If you are observant you can often pick up many discrepancies in the facts presented by the women on the bios such as occupation, which does not corrospend with that given in the woman's blurb. In my early days I was completely taken in by one very beautiful image of a woman who had over time 3 very disparate occupations, masseur, teacher, psychologist. When challenged she of course became indignant (Ha Ha Ha yes would you believe, I was the bad person) She is still there now plying her trade. So yes ADate is a massive con and a very profitable SCAM. I have noticed that those who call to me and to who i respond become regular invitees. I have "fallen" for a couple of them but strangely enough for ladies who profess to be very interested in me they only ever want to talk on chat or videochat but never volunteer to write me a letter unless in response to one of mine. What do you think?
I still reason that some minority of the women are attracted to the site because they would like to meet a partner. I think they can be genuine but only in the written letters NOT the online invitations. However finding that woman takes great care and selectivity and be ready to chop contact as soon as any suspician arises. Watch for age disparity, family ties, occupation, photoshop glamour. Sometimes "virgins" appear on the site who can be genuine but usually if they are attractive to the men and recieve a lot of action, you soon see they reappear in glamorous photo soot costumes, which means they are seduced by the ADate dollars. Forget them. If you find you are continually spending money you cannot afford, get smart and go to your local dating site. You will get much better real results.
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Brother, if you have to ask a question like that, you have a hell of a lot of homework to do.
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Having used this site and traveling to Kiev, I can state that one of the girls was real. I stayed there for 10 days and enjoyed her companionship as well as having a guide around the city. However, I found the girls are paid to correspond using by enticing men to exchange as many letters as possible and, with rare exceptions, have no intention of leaving their family or country. It is a siurce of added income.
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It's a 100% scam. I used to live in Ukraine, Kiev. On the ground it's pimps you're talkin to 65% of the time. The other 45% of the time the girl dont exist, it is just a bunch of photos that the girls were paid to take and some guy is using to make money from chats. Of course girls are pimping themselves, and sometimes a tandem are running a scam to harvest your organs. Stay the hell away.
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Do these women 32 - 35 tate their love TO A 60 YEAR old within six weeks
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See the "CHECK OUT THE 150 MILLION DOLLAR SCAM!!!" for all the proof you need to know that the letters you are receiving are from FemBots! Read the name they are addressing. All you have to do is change your name in the Account Tab and Poof, your inbox letters change their salutation!
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Andy G. My experiences were different as the women I chatted remembered me very well for some reason and some wanted me to meet them but they were way to young for me and immature. Like Dave M. writes above they have no intensions of leaving their homeland except a very few.
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The ladies I have met are real enough - apart from a couple who could not see me for the same reason stated here - "I have to leave town on family business"etc. Almost all will need a translator that the agency will supply for $20 an hour plus meals, taxi etc.Even if their profile indicated their English ability is advanced. Usual excuse "I have not been able to use and practice my English and have forgotten it".

Beware of them offering to find accommodation for you - it will be over priced and she will get a kickback. I have always gone online and booked cheaply and without any problems.

The meal will be expensive and if you do eventually meet without interpreter the 'date' will probably end in a shopping mall where an attempt will be made to manipulate you into buying stuff for her. If she is successful the first time the next will be more extravagant and costly etc.

You may even get dumped during your visit - mine was a typical example:

I was sucked into this on my second visit to meet the same woman - Elena M from Odessa and after many intervening emails on anastasia and private professing affection etc, halfway through my second visit to her and with a week to go in Odessa suddenly she could not see me any more - family 'illness'. This was after a very successful (I thought) date 2 nights before. I had a week to kill before returning home.

Be very wary of giving the translator money to pay for English language lessons. Either your girl will not turn up because she is too busy for work, but not too busy to stay on anastasiadate all night (Diana from Poltava) or a family 'emergency' will require liquidation of the funds and a request to sent more to re-start the lessons (Elena - Kremenchug).

So yes most of the women are real enough and are very skilled and believable with the ability to drain your wallet and your hope for a future relationship. None that I have found are looking for a genuine relationship.

Finally consider the hurdles you have to go through to get a visa for the woman of your dreams to come to countries like the UK. In fact most of the women have no intention or desire to move away and relocate in the first place or have not considered the issues of settling into an alien culture, especially if they have not travelled further than to other neighbouring ex Soviet countries.

So be warned of endless disappointments and chasing that elusive dream can turn into a real nightmare...
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It is a sad joke and the joke is on anyone who allows himself to get sucked into this trap. A friend is still pissing away his pension and Social Security money every month. He has not been .able to pay his rent on time and has had to get payday advance loans because of the allure of the woman he is "committed to" on this site. Pathetic. He can't smell this scam and it is right in his face.
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At first the system will generate an automatic answer for you most likelly for the first 2 to 3 communication, this is not even a person, this is the system, and then the actual lady will take over eventually not in all cases but most likely someone sitting at office will be talking to you for a salary. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM the only thing that will happen to you is you will loose your money snd get upset
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Some of the time you will actually be chatting with the resl woman using translation apps but it is a good chance the person is someone sitting at the agency office racking up 10% of the fee. It is very sad but, they play on our fantasy. I met someone while I was there but I am not sure if she has the will and courage to leave her home country.
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In most cases, the girl does not know English well enough to converse. So you are probably talking to a translator that works for the agency. That explains why so many guys travel to the country only to find out that the girl they have been corresponding with does not want to meet them in person and has no idea who they are. From the woman's perspective, she never read or wrote any of the letters so she has no idea what to do when some stranger wants to meet her. It is sad and funny at the same time. If you will live there, you will meet many quality women over time but you will only get scammed with these agencies. Scammed is if you are lucky, and lose a kidney if you are unlucky.
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