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2 reviews
Ordered an iphone case charger and never received the item. Mistakenly thought I hadn't completed the order as I...
PunkCase UKimage coming soon

PunkCase UK

2 reviews
You think its UK, it's not, its American. You wait weeks then are hit with an excessive shipping cost from...
Savingsclub.storeimage coming soon

2 reviews
I bought a waist trainer online from a Facebook ad from there this company says that I bought a membership. Umm no I...
IDiscountHubimage coming soon


2 reviews
Do not order from them - they take your money, but NEVER send item out Phone is disconnected and will not respond to...
Casetifyimage coming soon


5 reviews
I'm not sure why the reviews are all 1*??? My order came in one day late from the expected arrival date (which was...
Case Ologyimage coming soon

Case Ology

7 reviews
I just purchased a caseology case for my galaxy s7 edge and it came very fast in the mail from eBay and I love the...
Frydazeimage coming soon


6 reviews
Before coming across Frydaze, I had visited different websites that offered services for custom designing phone case....
Evilcaseimage coming soon


3 reviews
my order has been pending for almost three weeks now. No response from the company when you contact them through the...
TwelceeCoimage coming soon


3 reviews
I ordered 3 1 was shipped wrong colour I ordered royal blue They sent navy They tried to say I ordered it from...
iPhoneCazeimage coming soon


3 reviews
You better hope you have no issues with them or you will be SOL. They purposely leave no contact info for a reason.... coming soon

3 reviews
Ordered two iPhone cases which eventually arrived after four weeks! Should have known better after that experience...
Consutroniximage coming soon


3 reviews
You know what? I READ these reviews sometime after I didn't receive my item. But I'm a trusting person - I stuck with...
My Cell Accessoriesimage coming soon

My Cell Accessories

3 reviews
As other reviewers said, it's all a scam, even though they seem to have Faceboo/twitter/LinkedIn presence. Paid full...
Flamenximage coming soon


3 reviews
Ordered a Drone never got SCAM!! Do not order from them!! It is definitely to good to be true I lost out on my money....
Impressive Caseimage coming soon

Impressive Case

4 reviews
They sent the wrong case - they don't respond back on either of their email addresses - and waited 3 weeks for the...
Case Bossimage coming soon

Case Boss

4 reviews
If I could give it less stars I would. The case is heady metal but the buttons don't line up right making it complete...
PhoneJellyimage coming soon


4 reviews
I purchased a LV Supreme case a month ago and to date never heard anything back. I tried contacting them through the...
Ampmobile.usimage coming soon

5 reviews
My local post office confirmed they had custody of the package, but never delivered it to my home and they do not...
Tops Teeimage coming soon

Tops Tee

4 reviews
Save your money. They don't give you anything. I bought a phone case over 10 days ago and haven't received an email...
iPhone-Cases4Uimage coming soon


52 reviews
i purchased iphone case online got it delivered on time and packing was good. Lucky me.
Zeddaccessoriesimage coming soon


5 reviews
Bought a battery case and headphones..needless to say the case broke in on the corner in less then 6 hours, and it...
OneAssist Consumer Solutionsimage coming soon

OneAssist Consumer Solutions

6 reviews
I had purchased insurance for iphone xsmax Dec 2018(costs 1,25,000) and getting it insured for 15000 from oneassist....
GetUncommonimage coming soon


6 reviews
I ordered a phone case on August 5th. It is now December 31st. That's nearly five months. I still haven't received... coming soon

7 reviews
This company purchased a Becker Map pilot from my eBay, they then informed me that the battery wasn't working and...
OnePunzimage coming soon


7 reviews
I purchased a Mat from this website in June 2018 it is now November 2018 no sign of my mat, They took my money, I...

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“My order has been pending for almost three weeks now”
“Ordered a case at the beginning of october for a christmas.....”
“Better hope you have no issues with your order.”
“Not yet received product.”