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Smart Buyer Tips The Official Sitejabber Blog

How to Safely Buy Discounted Prescription Drugs Online

By Mariah Heller6 comments

Prescription drugs can put big holes in our wallets as we embark on our quest for a healthier and happier life. The average cost of a prescription or refill in the U.S. has risen to $75, and if you need specialty prescriptions, that price can triple or quadruple at the drop of a hat. With the technological revolution in full gear, many Americans have started ordering their prescription drugs on the web, but risks abound. Here at Sitejabber, we want to offer some ways to avoid the pitfalls but still find cost savings when ordering prescriptions online.


What are the risks?   

pharmacyrisksPhoto Credit: Flickr


In Sitejabber’s 2011 article on online pharmacies, we exposed some of the risks associated with pharmaceutical websites: counterfeit drugs (which can be both illegal and dangerous), under-regulation, credit card misuse, and pharmacy fraud. Despite legislation and regulation in the U.S., many online drug stores sell dangerous substances to the masses and manage to find tricky ways to avoid prosecution and punishment. On top of it all, many of these online pharmacies take customers’ money without sending any products. Look at what some of our Sitejabber reviewers have to say about their experiences:

“The drug they sent me did NOT have the intended effects. I think it was a fake medication.”

They took my money and sent no product. Even though I used them successfully in the past, this time they simply didn’t send any product. They will not respond to email or their contact form on the website.”  

They took $850.00 from my account and never sent me any product. I tried to contact them and after my 7th attempt they responded that its my loss, they then went on to tell me they have all my information and could easily obtain a photograph. So not only was I robbed but I was also threatened!”

So now that we are sufficiently wary, we want to know: is there a way to get quality (real) pharmaceutical products at a fair, cheap price online? Take a look below, and you may find your options to be pleasantly surprising.


What are your options? 

pharmacydiscountPhoto Credit: Flickr


The Sitejabber team has scoured the virtual globe for safe and reliable places to order your medications, and luckily for us all, safe and affordable online pharmacies do exist!


LegitScript is a pharmacy-verification website that aims to make the world of online medications safer and more transparent for the consumers. Wondering if your online pharmacy is reliable? Head over to the LegitScript website and check out their legitimacy ranking system. Better yet, LegitScript has a partnership with Sitejabber that allows you to see your chosen website’s Sitejabber reviews any time you conduct a search. One of our reviewers put it this way:

“This website helps you see if an online pharmacy is legitimate or not. It’s the only one approved by the national pharmacy boards association. You can also report spam and fake online pharmacies. One big point in its favor: since it is approved by the pharmacy boards, it has some accountability built into the process…Legitscript is definitely legitimate and very helpful if you need to know if a Internet pharmacy is on the up and up.”


GoodRx is one of the top-rated prescription sites on Sitejabber, and it also happens to be a legitimate and fair website, even by LegitScript’s standards.  GoodRx searches hundreds of reliable websites for you to find the cheapest and safest medications. Not only does GoodRx save you time, but it can save you money. GoodRx also has a number of coupons available that can be redeemed at your local pharmacy. Check out these positive GoodRx reviews:

“I used goodrx and found that had my prescription for 50% less. Obviously I can trust CVS and so I saved myself considerable money. What is useful for is figuring out which drugstore carries the prescription for the least amount of money. Sure you could call all of them but that would take forever. It is so easy to save money.”

This app is easy to use and saves me money each month. My medication is typically $70, but with this app, I only pay $8.50. I thought it was too good to be true, but when I brought it to the pharmacy the first time (and every time since) it worked.”


Want to get some good discounts, too?

pharmacyoptionsPhoto Credit: Flickr


Just to give you a little more bang for your buck, we found some awesome pharmacy coupon websites that our reviewers stand by. Check out these sites before your next pharmacy trip:


NeedyMeds contains discount offers for generics and brand name drugs, and their site has great search functionality! You can search for your medication by name or even by diagnosis. If additional resources are needed, NeedyMeds also has lists of additional coupon suppliers as well as health insurance information. Head over to their website to start saving, like this lucky reviewer:

My own doctor told me about and he said it was a non profit and that other patients had saved money using it. “


I cannot believe I did not find out about this sooner. Not all of my medications are covered by my insurance, mostly only generic are covered. If I need a brand name medication, I can get it cheaper using the card.”

The review says it all: SimpleSavingsCard is a pharmacy discount card that can be used in the case of absent insurance coverage. Everyone is eligible, so download your savings card and start saving money.

Have an online-pharmacy story? Or another site you’d recommend? Share your experiences in the comments or by writing a review.

May all your medication-purchasing experiences be safe and cost-effective!



6 Responses to “How to Safely Buy Discounted Prescription Drugs Online”
  1. Lucy says:

    The best way to save money on prescription drugs is to stop taking them. Prescription drugs are a leading cause of death in this country. The medical industry is only interested in making money. I take Armour thyroid because I had half of my thyroid removed, and a diuretic because I tend to retain water, However, I steadfastly refuse to take any other prescription drugs, If you read about the side effects of these drugs, you will be discouraged from, taking them.

  2. lablian says:

    Thanks for the article.

    However, those who ever tried to buy meds online from an oversea’s online store (even if it’s not legal sometimes) knows, that you can save a bunch! Yeah, there is a risk that you will get scammed, but I only heared about that. Just check attentively the website, google the reviews on this site, check how long are they online and give them a call (or send them a mesage). Usually, a reputable online store, will answer your email promptly.

    Anyway, as I think, you should give it a try, because if u find a good supplier (from India, Singapore or even China) you can save a lot on buying medicines you need in future!

  3. lablian says:

    and yes, these b*stards from US manufacturers don’t give a sh*t on people – they only count funds! Medicines, OUR HEALTH, can not cost so much!!!

  4. Helpful says:

    This is not a very helpful or well-conceived article. The “dangers,” if you choose to read this or the 2011 article is attempting to buy hydrocodone or Xanax. Xanax is a Schedule 3 controlled substance and is potentially addictive. Hydrocodone is a Schedule 3 controlled substance. It is a felony to sell/distribute or buy without a script in either case. Anyone stupid enough to think that they can buy addictive federally controlled drugs and have them shipped to them is simply stupid.

    Let’s look at the fellow who supposedly lost $850. If it was VISA, a contested charge and money returned. If the fellow was trying to buy a controlled drug and sent the money via Western Union = illegal and stupid.

    Positives: GoodRX is great—thumbs up! Even if you have good insurance sometimes GoodRX can fill a script at less than your co-pay. Use them though it will not help in all cases. Also check CVS; Walmart; Target and Brooks for their list of low price 30 day meds, you may be amazed. If SiteJabber allows this post to stay I will continue later with Part II on really how to reduce your med costs, there is more to say.

  5. Mary Ann says:

    Can anyone give me advice about this? About 6 months ago, I ordered a small quantity of sleeping pills from abroad, and they were confiscated by HM Customs in UK, they sent me a letter telling me this. This is the first time this has happened and I have ordered from abroad before with no problem. I am terrified to order them again, now, as I fear if they are held by customs again , I will be prosecuted.

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