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Smart Buyer Tips The Official Sitejabber Blog

Avoiding Counterfeit DVDs

By SiteJabber4 comments

At Sitejabber, we’ve received thousands of reports of websites selling counterfeit DVDs. These sites often claim to sell authentic DVDs of television shows and movies. However, once they take your money a number of problems can arise:

Tips to Avoid Websites Selling Counterfeit DVDs

Before going online to seek a hard-to-find boxed set of an old favorite or a limited edition DVD of a relatively new blockbuster, be sure to take the following precautions:

Check reviews

By looking up reviews of a particular website on Sitejabber, you can learn from the experiences of other consumers which can help you to avoid scams and find trustworthy sites.

Carefully examine contact information

Whenever evaluating a website, look for a phone number and street address. Sites that lack phone numbers and physical addresses should be used with caution. If you’re at all uncertain about a site’s legitimacy, give the site a call and ask them about their business. It’s also possible to enter the business’s address into Google Street View, which can tell you if the business address is an empty lot or a real storefront. If you have a hard time finding a website’s contact information, you can check its Whois information. Use particular caution with sites based overseas.

Beware phony security badges

Companies such as Verisign and the Better Business Bureau sell “badges” for websites to use to appear more credible. However, many websites use phony badges. A real badge should link to the third-party site which provides the paid accreditation service and can verify the authenticity of the badge.

Look for professionalism

Lousy websites often have lousy spelling, lousy grammar and lousy design. If you find misspelled words, poor grammar or generally bad website design, use extra caution.

Perform a gut-check

The aphorism, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” certainly holds for websites selling DVDs. So if an obscure site is selling your much-sought-after box-set of True Blood for 90% cheaper than it is on Amazon, you should take it as a big red flag.










image source 1, image source 2


4 Responses to “Avoiding Counterfeit DVDs”
  1. Jeff Higgins says:

    Found this store via the Bonanza website. Ordered a box set of movies on blu-ray in November of 2011 for a Christmas gift. Once we tried to play the movies, there were skips, pixilation, speeding up and slowing down, etc. We believe the discs to be copied/pirated. When contacting Bonanza, they sent us to the actual seller, They asked for a video of some of the issues. We sent that and no response for over a week. When I e-mailed them again, I told them I wanted to return the product and get a refund. They said “Unfortunately, we are unable to issue refunds due to a Paypal account limitation. Very sorry about that…” When I suggested they just send me a check I was told “I don’t even have a blank check and haven’t written one in over 10 years.” When I said that I think they are KNOWINGLY violating copyrights by selling pirated material and that I would go to the authorities about it
    if I didn’t get my money back, the reply was ” You can threaten all you
    want to try to get what you want, however, it does not justify it. It’s
    people like you who puzzle me…as you seriously think the customer is King. You may be King to large corporations who have tons of capital and business influence, however, individual sellers like myself…we are not able to do business in that manner. Now…to be a nice guy I was going to give you instructions on how you could possibly not only get a refund, but also keep the product you ordered. But…since you want to take the rear-end approach, I will let you figure that out on your own. Thank you.”

    I have contacted Bonanza with the detail but have yet to hear back from them.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Needless to say, same goes for software. I bought some for a first grade classroom. It looked identical to the real thing. I bought it at Amazon -used. Oh well, lesson learned.

  3. bill says:

    i think a lot of the fake movies and software and what ever else that can be put on a disk.are being made and sold by America.these people are every where.and some came here on visa,s and when they ran out.they just stayed.and the not picking these people up..

    they use..what ever they can to get to you and sell you these items.ebay is a big one for them.sites like.craigs list too.and others.when you are looking.for something to buy.check out the same other sites.

    like amazon.and others.see what there product looks like..the package.the disk if they have a photo of it..ebay and other places.know what is going on and they know.fake stuff is being sold.but they want the money..these people make for them.

    some sell big volumes of fake stuff..for know something is fake.if there is no case..just the item by its self.that is a sign..that you are getting ripped..

    just do not buy..they sell tons of fake software..i have seen some on ebay..i report it.but it does no good..buyer beware..right..

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