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Wedding Dress Scams: Dream Dresses & Wedding Nightmares

By Alice Harper174 comments

Throughout the ages, the perfect wedding dress has captured the imaginations of women and girls everywhere. That makes it all the more heartbreaking when a wedding is ruined and a dream shattered because of a scam. Today, tight budgets and technology have led more and more women to look online for deals on wedding dresses. And to be sure, there are deals to be had. You needn’t go to a store to find the dress of your dreams. High-quality custom-made dresses can be found online. However, among the deals lie ill-fitting replicas, hideous counterfeits, and callous fraudsters who will steal your money and put your happy wedding in jeopardy.

Sitejabber reviewers write in year-round with horror stories of impossible customer service, getting the wrong dress, receiving shoddy-looking replicas, and/or not being able to get a refund on a supposed “100% money back guarantee” – all cases surely leading to tears and stressful scrambles to find a replacement for what was supposed to be your dream gown. Hundreds of online dress-sellers have received negative marks from Sitejabber reviewers, including, and, among scores of others. Before you find yourself in the same predicament, be aware that plenty of replica websites claim to sell high-quality replica wedding gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses. These are some red flags to watch out for.

The Chinese Seamstress

The general consensus from our users’ reviews seems to be – if you’re going to order online from a Chinese retailer, you’re much more likely to be in for a miss than a hit. Oftentimes, even if you want to avoid a Chinese shop, the location of the online retailer can be hard to determine from the website–it could be written in English and even say it’s based in the US when it is, in fact, based in China. If you inspect further, though, in the FAQ or “About Us” sections, you may be able to detect spelling and grammatical errors such as “You are about to embark on a fabulous journal in choosing the wedding dress of your dreams”; professional, English-speaking businesses should not make these mistakes.

Lindsay H., a Sitejabber reviewer, tells us an all-too-common story about her experience: “…I had recently gotten engaged and found this amazing Mon Cheri dress that had (of course) been discontinued…I had almost given up hope on my ideal wedding dress when suddenly a glimmer of hope….I found my dress on a online bridal store called Shop Of Brides. I couldn’t believe it!! I immediately grabbed my credit card and ordered it. Not only was it (the) dress that was discontinued, but it was incredibly inexpensive. Now, I know at this point I truly should’ve know better than to trust this site but I was just so thrilled that I had found it again. So I bought it and paid extra to have it shipped as soon as it was finished. Thank god I did…The dress showed up about 6 weeks later, it was delivered to me through UPS, in a small gray plastic bag. When I opened the bag this poor little helpless gown was balled up and tossed in a bag like it was a dust rag. I pulled the gown out to look at it…Not only was the gown NOT the one I had ordered, but was not even remotely close. The best part of the whole dress was that the dress wasn’t even completed!! There were several holes in the dress from where the seamstress had apparently forgotten to even sew them up. I even tried this awful thing on and of course to no surprise it didn’t fit at all. I ordered a size 8 so that I could have it taken in if need be. I couldn’t get this dress over my head. I have tried several times to contact this company, but they refused to talk to me. The only response I got from them is that it must be my fault….Well, I agree…I never should’ve thought that they were a reputable company.”

Virginia L. went through a similar experience trying to order a gown for her daughter on last month: “Bought a dress for my daughter, got a totally different dress than the one we picked and she loved, it smelled of fish, wrinkled beyohd belief! And they sized it wrong, I have pictures of the dress I picked versus what I got….My daughter is so upset and her wedding is June 11. This is close. Never again! These are the type of companies that ruin it for others!”

While it is possible to have a wedding gown custom-made for much cheaper is Asia, you’re less likely to get scammed if you actually fly to China or Hong Kong and get it done in person. However, if you’re going to do that, you may as well shell out the dollars to get the dress in the United States unless you’re looking for an Asian vacation.

√ Our advice: Before taking the plunge, check reviews of the website on Sitejabber to see what other consumers might be saying about the site. Even if there aren’t reviews of it, you can ask the community to help you evaluate it. Because it’s your wedding dress, be sure that there are ways to contact the company by phone, email and physical address. Make sure to contact the business using the listed phone and email. Ask the business specific questions regarding the dress you’re admiring, and be mindful of the business’s making what sound like unrealistic promises (for example, the dress will be exactly like the Vera Wang you like; that’s just not possible). If there is no other contact information other than a “live chat” or a contact form, it’s best to look at another place for your dress. Finally, make sure to pay with a major credit card to ensure that you can dispute any erroneous charges.

The Second Hand Dress

Not only are the buyers of wedding dresses in peril from scammers, it seems that con artists lurk in the darker corners of Craigslist and eBay as well. In addition to selling bad secondhand dresses, they also want to buy your old and used wedding gowns – for more than the asking price. All you have to do is ship the dress to them in Nigeria, and then they’ll make the payment. This is unlikely to happen. You won’t get your money, and they’ll profit on your old wedding gown.

Final Words of Advice

It’s your wedding day–do look for bargains, but don’t take on too much risk. If you’re going to chance it and get a dress from overseas make sure you can either get your money back (via your credit card) or be okay with losing that money if something bad happens. And please please, check reviews first. With the many factors that can cause you stress, your wedding gown should not be one of them. Also, if you want to keep it local, check bridal stores for discontinued dresses. Or you can try department stores like Filene’s Basement, which has a special day of the year referred to as “Running of the Brides”. In the end, you’re paying a little extra for peace of mind, and a guaranteed dress might be the smartest investment.

Do you have a wedding story to share? Help future brides to be by sharing your good and bad wedding dress experience in the comments below or by reviewing it for the community.

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174 Responses to “Wedding Dress Scams: Dream Dresses & Wedding Nightmares”
  1. Leah says: online company is a complete scam! Please don’t get taken as I did! They advertise quality dresses; however, they send your order to outsource in China where they make a cheap, knock off version of what you order. This is terrible that it is still in business and I am currently working on a possible law suit. It is definitely a scam and should be shut down. please do not fall for this. Your dress will not look anything like what you order. It may be stained or torn as well. They will not return your money, even if they say they will. STAY AWAY and WARN OTHERS!!!!!

    • kkrasniqi says:

      does anyone know If weddinglee or dressingpod is a scam website?? please help!!!!!!!!

      • lassy says:

        does anyone know if customdreamgowns is a scam?

        • Geoff says:

          As near as I can tell, they are not an authorized retailer of the brands they list. That would suggest to me that they are making low quality knock-offs in China presumably. Most of the designers they list specifically prohibit discounting and/or on-line only retailing.

        • Ash says:

          If your not sure about a website, use WOT (web of trust).com
          Then type in the website, if ‘unknown’ then I wouldn’t trust it. Best of luck.

          • Sukh says:

            For wedding dresses, I strongly recommend the new brides to do research online, copy the design of the dress you like and take it to your local wedding dress designer and get it designed. Do not order it online and stay away from such scammers.

    • Cassandre says:

      Ordered from, which is a Chinese store. I think I am a lucky bride. My wedding dress is amazing, just like any one from our local bridal shops. I noticed their prices are relatively higher, that’s may be why my experiences are different from others. When you see wedding dresses starting at USD99, please do not expect them to be normal. I paid USD419, and they reward me with what I expect. Hope God bless you too…

  2. Katrina says:

    Ordered wedding dress that arrived with a hole in the lace and although it looked similiar to the photo on the website there were some differences. Also ordered 3 bridesmaid dresses, the color of the dress was suppose to be cafe and tea rose, their tea rose is apparently hot fushia purple. Then 1 bridesmaid dress arrived in black and silver, returned that and the new dress came back in gold not cafe. The company stated that cafe was discontinued but failed to mention that to us. I can say the dresses seem to be well made what is pictured online is not the product that arrives.

  3. Eryn says:

    I found a beautiful picture of a beach organza fitted bodice sweetheart neckline tea-length wedding dress online. It seemed absolutely perfect. I waited a couple of weeks before ordering it. I tried to contact the company to see if I would be able to try the dress on but they never replied and as more and more wedding dress stores were telling me that it would take too long to order a dress, I decided to go for it.

    I took my time ordering the dress, making sure that it was the right color and size. I selected it in ivory (the same color as my linens), a size six.

    I was so excited to get my dress but when it arrived, not only was it the wrong color (even though it didn’t say anywhere that it was not available in the color I had ordered), but the flowers and the design on the dress were unfinished and frayed. There were no tags on the dress to tell me how to care for it, therefore it may very well have been used. While it had a .ca webaddress, everything clearly came from China and there was no real way to contact the company directly after it happened. With no real return address (everything is in chinese), it was very difficult to try and send the dress back, so we simply decided to return to sender. Thus far, the company has simply said that I ordered the dress in champagne and has not addressed the poor condition of the material or the lack of tags. For all I know, the dress could have belonged to someone else. There were no instructions on how to care for the dress or anything like that.

    This is a scam of the upmost proportions. In short, don’t order anything from!!!

    • pam jinks says:

      I ordered a dress from site mentioned above which I had got my eye on last year, we were going to renew our vows but had to cancel due to family loss. so we are going to renew them this year, I went on lap top to look see if could still find dress I saw from last year. I did and went a head and ordered and paid for it with my bank card. I actually thought I had done well as just learning computer, any how my dress came no paper work or nothing was included. not like picture but I do like it, but it wrong size at first thought I’d made mistake with size but when checked it was the company at fault.Tried numerous times to contact some one not even got one reply!! didn’t know at time dress was coming from China, but company is as above and deals in loads and loads of different items, I’m going to have to try do some thing with my dress as cannot afford another one, my renewal of vows day ruined because of this company, I do not know how they can sleep at night doing what they are and continue doing to innocent people?? Some thing or some one should be able to close them down for good and make them return money to people they have robbed.

  4. JC says:

    Does anybody know if website a SCAM or not?

    • Eryn says:

      Read below post sorry I’m new at this…

    • Valerie says:

      Yes is a scam, ordered a mother of the bride dress last July/13 and it’s November and still nothing! Should have known better! Would not recommend anyone order any thing from this site or any others in China!

    • sharon says:

      Yes indeed this website is a scam. I ordered a mother of the bride dress on March 21, 2014. I paid $55 extra for express shipping – (3-5)days, After emailing their customer service department on April 6, 2014 I was told my dress had been shipped and a tracking number would be sent to me ASAP It is now April 22, 2014. I have no dress, no tracking number, and no responses to my repeated attempts to contact them However a payment of $316 was immediately and efficiently taken from my visa account within 5 minutes of submitting the original order on March 21, 2014 The wedding has also been and gone. I ended up having to borrow a dress from a friend. DO NOT ORDER FROM !!!

  5. Eryn says:

    Scam!!! is not Canadian, the dress will show up from China and in most cases will not be good quality. When mine came in, it was the wrong color and looked like it had been made by high school kids in home economics class. The front pattern was unfinished and coming undone. If you are unhappy and want to return it, they’ll only give you a %70 refund and that was after a lot of yelling and cursing and threatening to open a dispute not only with my visa card company but also with paypal.


  6. Ludmila says:

    Could anyone share her positive experience with any online store? Could you recommend any online store? Thank you.

    • The-Mrs says:

      Try – they are located in the states and their dresses are from the actual designer. They post their discontinued and overstock styles right on their website. What you are looking at in the picture is what you ACTUALLY get!

      • Geoff says:

        Absolutely. Practically every city in Canada and the US has at least one shop that specializes in clearing discontinued samples. Many reputable salons do this as well once or twice a year (or ongoing). If you want to save money AND get a nice dress, make sure there is a real address that you can see on Google Maps and Street View and a real phone number. Otherwise, it’s probably a scam.

  7. Aja says:

    Does anyone know if is a scam?

    • Desiree' says:

      DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT ORDER FROM I placed an order recieved the wrong dress twice and then had to pay $60.00 to ship both dresses back and have nothing. Still havent received my refund and total lack of customer service!!!!!!!

      • Michele says:

        I hear you! I am going through the same thing! I reported them to Better Business Bureau too!

        • Ladyx says:

          Why are you all trusting the internet. Chinese are ripping you off!!!!! Their stuff is cheap and smell like fish. They lie to get your money. My sister ordered a light pink dress from, these yellow elves sent her a peach dress that smells like thier sushi breath. Report them to your credit card. Don’t trust the BBB. Research before you purchase. Help other brides by posting your bad experience all over the internet!!!! Good luck to ya’ll and boycott CHINAAAAAA!!!

          • sharon says:

            OMG!!!! I ordered a dress for my daughters senior prom, form these ripoffs!!! They sent a 4 size too big falling apart cheap replica of what they showed online. My daughter cried and cried for days! I don’t know why we did not research more, my creditcard company is filing a report and a claim, they said they will fight hard to get my money back. MY WARNING TO EVERYONE, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FORM DREAMPROM.COM, THEY ARE THE BIGGEST SCAMMERS! THEY SHIP FROM SOME REMOTE VILLAGE IN CHINA AND THE MATERIAL AND EVERYTHING THEY USE IS JUNK!!!! THEY HAVE NO COMPASSION OR EMPATHY THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MAKING MONEY, I AM LOOKING INTO A POSSIBLE LAWSUIT I HOPE THEY GET SHUT DOWN. I DO NOT HAVE ALOT OF MONEY NOW I HAVE TO FIND MY DAUGHTER ANOTHER DRESS.

          • Dianna says:

            I can completely understand being angry. I have been scammed and am currently in a dispute with Similar experience to most people here, dress came but was cheaply made, nothing like the picture, etc etc. There is absolutely NO NEED however, to resort to racist remarks like you’ve said here. I mean are you for real?! “smell like fish”, “yellow elves”, “sushi breath”!? Oh, and if you are going to make racist remarks like that, at least get your facts straight, Sushi is Japanese NOT Chinese.

            BTW – It’s you all, not y’all

  8. Mira says:

    I had experience, a BAD one with tbdress. Ordered a dress and received it in UPS little package that was left in front of my apartment door.
    The dress wasn’t the one I ordered,and they also sent me a jacket that I didn’t ask for! Both items were terrible! I sent them an email with pictures of the dress I ordered and the dress I received, and told them that I am not happy with the dress and asked them to provide me with instructions on how to return the dress. They told me that they think the dress is pretty and that they don’t see the reason for me being unhappy with the dress. I insisted that I don’t like the dress, but got the same answer. I stopped insisting and I am thinking about reporting them for that. However, don’t know where and how that goes. I would appreciate any idea and help!

    • Caitlin says:

      That’s awful. I’m really sorry. I didn’t even get the dress from eBay I ordered. Plus DHL thinks my tracking number is a fake. I hope you find what dress you’re looking for!

  9. Caitlin says:

    I ordered a custom made dress from eBay January 19, 2012 and was told it would take 20 business days to make and be to be my March 19th-30th. I contacted them asking when it would be here since it didn’t arrive the first week of the estimated date and they told me it wasn’t shipped yet and gave me a tracking number which said it was sent March 14th to another country. I asked if it could be here by a certain date or get my money back and they have ignored my emails ever since. Now it’s 19 days til my wedding..

  10. Julia says:

    Oh,That is terrible!!It’s wedding dress,what is for the wedding,the happiest time in my life,i can’t accept it!I hate the scam!

    • Caitlin says:

      Yes, all the other wedding planning has been so easy besides my dress. Tomorrow I have to go dress shopping. I hope I find something at a reasonable price that fits great!

  11. Hema says:

    Does anyone know whether the UK bridesmaid dresses online is a scam?

  12. mel says:

    Does anyone know if dress4uk is a scam because of receiving the dress i realise it was from china and its a cheap copy of the dress that i ordererd which they have admitted to that its a copy. And not made very well either.

  13. Meadow says:

    Can anyone tell me if is a scam site?? I ordered a dress, it’s been 2 weeks and i haven’t heard anything!

  14. Buffy says:

    SCAM Do NOT order from these people, they sent me the completely wrong dress. They responded to my complaints and said they wanted pictures of me in the dress, they responded, sorry we try to make the dresses to look like the pictures, we do our best, they do NOT honor their money back guarantee. The zippers are so cheap it broke when I tried it on at the tailors once I found I was stuck with this dress, I had to have the length altered. Bottom line is they don’t make the dresses in the pictures. They have an american email address but are based out of china. DO not buy from them ever.

  15. peter says:

    That nobody can accept a scam for her wedding dress, hate all trading shenanigans.

  16. vicky says:

    does anybody knoe if is a scam?

    • Jenny Barbee says:

      After a disappointing visit to David’s Bridal, I decided to take a chance and order online. I purchased all my bridesmaid dresses and a beautiful bridal veil from! The dresses arrived before the expected arrival date…which was great! They were carefully packaged and the quality was excellent. They were a rich color and were beautiful for the wedding! We did have some fitting issues, but Simply Bridal has excellent customer service and return policies! They quickly addressed my issues and all was happily resolved well before the wedding. I do recommend for people who purchase dresses to pay the extra for the custom alterations as people have different shapes other than standard measurements. Also you should make consideration when measuring for fitted dresses; that your dresses ordered well in advance, that their may need to be a little room for slight weight fluctuations. The overall experience was awesome! I don’t plan on getting married again but when my girls get married I will certainly point them to!


  17. Angie says:

    Has anybody ordered from them? THey want me to send a credit card check b/c my credit card is not workign b/c the security it too high. I would love hear a a success story:)

    i am hesitant to send the check.

  18. Carolyn says:

    Has anyone ordered from Miss Fish or

  19. Sans says:

    Does anyone know if is a scam?

  20. LuAnne says:

    Wondering if this site is safe to order from. MonCheri 111803 is reg $500, this site $125. Tempting but afraid to test.

  21. photography says:

    I just had one last night, It was me worried because our wedding was 3 days away in my dream and all we had planned what what we had now. I was still in school to and had class and work everyday right up until the wedding.

  22. Noname says:

    Is a scam?

  23. Janice says:

    Has anyone had a GOOD experience with online dress ordering? Any reputable sites out there?

    • Echo Green says:

      I suggest you browse wedding dresses at I am getting married on October 1st 2013. I order one mermaid wedding dress online in advance at It is very cheap but also pretty beautiful. I feel satisfied with it. Maybe you can have a try.

  24. angela says:

    I ordered a dress from perfect bridal in china they even had a picture of the dress, well needless to say they kept me going until my 45 days were up to get ebays help and 60 days were up to leave feedback. The dress is shorter on the left side then the right side, half of it isnt even sewed, and the top of the dress is not even the same has the picture,I contacted them and got a run around, they know I can’t leave feedback and said thats the only way I will get 85.00 dollars of my 225.00 back if I leave a good feedback, DON’T NOT ORDER FROM PERFECT BRIDAL THEY ARE SCAMMERS !!!!!

    • Stephanie says:

      That sounds like something that happened to me! I ordered a custom made lace wedding dress with 3/4 sleeves and it was like $418.00 plus the $30.00 shipping for the dress. The lady was from China, and she had excellent reviews. She stayed in touch with me up until after the 45 day limit of getting your money back and she ceased in communicating with me. I would try to email her and also through the conversation center on Etsy and i would get an automated message that would say i’ll answer you in three days…well, i tried once a week for three weeks and i got nothing. I would read the reviews and they started to go down. Some would say the dress was awful, no zipper, or the zipper was broken. There was even some reviews that said they didn’t receive the dress at all. It’s been well over two months and i’m sure that i won’t get my dress. I was going to have her to make my bridesmaid dresses, but thank the lord i didn’t have her to make them. I would’ve paid her over $1,000 for basically free money. I tried to file a dispute on Paypal to get my money back and they couldn’t help because it was after the 45 days. I also filed a dispute with Etsy, but apparently there were a ton of other girls who are in the same situation as me. Etsy closed down her shop thankfully because of all the disputes against her and she can’t open back up until all the disputes are taken care of. She’s finished. There are too many disputes against her. Please don’t order anything from Susie on Etsy. You would think that a store on Etsy would be reliable…she’s from China…i think not!

  25. Patty says:

    Do not order from this website! It was a nightmare! I never received the correct dress color and was never issued a refund! Also received rude emails from them telling me “I was wasting there time”.

  26. Tracy Ward says:

    Unfortunately my wife did NOT have a good experience with Best for Bride’s at the Barrie Location. My wife is the Maid of Honour of her Friend’s wedding and we did not feel we could post this information until the Bride picked up her dress today. The pricing posted on your web site for alterations are much lower than what were quoted to the bride when alterations were required. In fact the price was almost double what the bride was told originally. My wife’s “Mother of the Bride” dress needed to be ordered by August 30th as it was going to be discontinued. They ordered by August 27th and put down the 50% deposit ($250.00) that was required to order. The dress was promised to be in by November 30-Dec 14, 2012. It did NOT arrive! When asked at the store when it will be expected, the Manager said she would look into it. After several calls and trips to the store, my wife then found out that the dress had NOT been ordered from China. My wife was shown an e-mail to the effect that the dress was being ordered on December 24, 2012 and that it should arrive within 4-5 business days. My wife then received a call saying that there was another dress at the Etibicoke store, they would have it shipped in and my wife was to inspect. If the dress was good they were offered a savings of 40% off. The dress had pulls, holes and tears in the top portion (which was lace) and she was told there was not any way the seamstress could fix it in time. As the wedding is in February 2013 the ladies were left with little choice but to try and find a dress elsewhere as they had one month to find, buy and have alterations done. When the ladies picked up the Bride’s dress today, they asked if the dress for my wife ever arrived. They were told, no it was cancelled. The Manager Denise then told my wife that it looked like it would not have worked anyway as it looked like my wife had put on weight! Fortunately, the ladies found a dress on line, had it shipped from China in 12 days and used the same measurements that were taken at her first dress fitting. The dress fits perfect! I do NOT appreciate anyone lying, or being rude to my wife. This is absolutely disgusting Customer Service and I would not recommend anyone to your store. My wife works in the Jewellery Industry as a Manager, she is your first step to what should be a very happy occasion and there is no way she will send anyone to Best for Bride’s after what she went through. It is sad that your Manager and store feel it is ok to lie and provide such poor customer service.

    • maryjoe2014 says:


      I am sure that many of us would love to know the website your wife ordered eventually ordered from. I know I Would 🙂

      Thanks in advance!

  27. Alexis says:

    Has anybody ordered from I’ve already placed my order and am wondering if anybody’s had an experience with them. I know I’m probably screwed.

    • Babylou says:

      I would like to know about or msdressy? I am scared to order a dress as I don’t have much money and can’t afford for it to go wrong


  28. Danielle says:

    Is a legit and reliable website? Or is it just a scam and gives you knock-off dresses? Please respond asap thank you 🙂

  29. Susana says:

    Does anyone know if is a reliable site?

  30. Danielle says:

    I have ordered my wedding dress from aweddingdressforless a few months ago. I sent them a couple of emails over the past 2 days to follow up on the order and have had no response. I then tried phoning them and their phone number is no longer connected. I would like to know if anyone else has used this company before and what their experience with them was like. I have paid just over $900 for this dress. I hope I haven’t been scammed.

  31. Sara says:

    Pls do not order from diydresses I order my wedding dress and it arrived yesturday, I tried it on and there are loops missing from the back where it laces up and 1 side is stitched wrong on the hip I’m so upset about it I contacted them straight away and they emailed me back saying the loop missing is express dileivery fault because they are very violent when handling goods but yet the packaging is in perfect condition and the dress was bag up in 3 layers!! I have never heard anything like this before in my life. I have sent photos of the faults then they told me to take it to a dress makers to sort it out myself, I was disgusted at what they replied to me I am now arguing with them as I want a full refund and in there policy it states that any faulty goods will get a refund, they are trying there best and making all kinds of excuses up to not give me my money back. who can I turn to for advice.

  32. barb says:

    has anyone ordered a wedding dress from

  33. Sarah says:

    Like a few other people I’m interested in orderinga Maggie Sottero Gatsby gown off of Miss Fish. Anyone had any experience with them good or bad?

    • angela says:

      I want to order a dress from MissFishBridal…If someone have experience with them please share it:)Thanks

      • Geoff says:

        Miss Fish is just another one of hundreds of Chinese websites preying on consumers. They steal images from designer websites and post them online. All designers list their authorized retailers on their own sites and, if you have questions, you can contact the company.
        There are plenty of legitimate retailers in the US, Canada and elsewhere. For those who are on a tight budget, check out sample sales, consignment shops and even used gowns but save yourselves the grief of a poorly made, fake gown.

    • Helen says:

      We ordered my daughter’s dress from Miss Fish Bridal online and it is beautiful! It fits like a glove and is really well made. The material is excellent quality and the detail is perfect. We are so pleased with the dress and I HIGHLY recommend them!! She tried on the dress that she loved in a bridal store, but $1300 was more than we wanted to spend. The dress we ordered, with shipping, was $381. Communication with the company was constant and they always answered every question I had. Also, before they even shipped the dress, they sent pictures of it to us and were willing to make any changes we wanted. You truly can trust Miss Fish Bridal! I would definitely use them again for any special occasion need.

  34. Sandy says:

    Has anyone ordered from customdreamgowns?? I am thinking of ordering from there and would love to hear if anyone has any negative feedback from there.

    • Geoff says:

      Go to the designers website to see if they are an authorized retailer. I suspect they are not, in which case, you will not receive what you order.

  35. Bethany says:

    is this one a scam? the website is well put together, but prices are ridiculously low. they say they are based in Hong Kong. every dress review posted has 5 stars, and are not very well written. i want to believe it is real, but am hesitant. any experiences?

  36. ADRIANNA says:


  37. Trinh says:

    Do Not Trust any website that dresses has to be ordered from China etc!!! We are politically not in good relation with them. And I believe the majority of them have cut throat mentality. It’s all about money, no moral values. Beware of the seducing prices and claims on any websites period. Come on ladies, we are taught better than that. Not to take candy from strangers.

  38. Edita says:

    Hello all girls,

    I bought a dress from

    dress horrible, totally different that i want ( in picture one dress, I became 100 proc different). totally not what I ordered
    supplier does not agree to take a dress.
    I suggest to anyone not to trust this site

  39. I have ordered my wedding dress from aweddingdressforless a few months ago. I sent them a couple of emails over the past 2 days to follow up on the order and have had no response. I then tried phoning them and their phone number is no longer connected. I would like to know if anyone else has used this company before and what their experience with them was like. I have paid just over $900 for this dress. I hope I haven’t been scammed.

  40. Robin says:

    Ordered a swatch to make sure it was the right color….Ordered one dress and it matched the swatch…very pleased…BUT then ordered other 4 dresses…They are a different orange! Sent everything they asked for pictures showing color difference…receipts…they only want to send me $60.00….I’ out $500.00-$600.00…contacted my credit card company and they are on it, BUT my wedding is in 8 weeks….VISA says it will take 20-25 days to settle…thus my dilemma….do I order different dresses and maybe not et reimbursed for the first one…Grr…

  41. chioma says:

    Please does anybody know if based in china is a scam?

    • Sandy says:

      My friend ordered her wedding dress from and got it exactly as they advertised it. She was pleased with what she got…obviously it is not the best quality but it is satisfactory.

    • Geoff says:

      Tidebuy is just another one of hundreds of Chinese websites preying on consumers. Many of them steal images from designer websites and post them online. All designers list their authorized retailers on their own sites and, if you have questions, you can contact the designer directly.
      There are plenty of legitimate retailers in the US, Canada and elsewhere. For those who are on a tight budget, check out sample sales, consignment shops and even used gowns but save yourselves the grief of a poorly made, fake gown.

      • Lanie says:

        Geof: Please stop commenting as your comments are not helpful. Apparrently you do not have any first hand experience with many of the companies people are here to inquire about. Generalizing about all shops in China is not a fair response. I’m sure there must be a few shops in China that do deliver on their promises and people on this blog are looking for experienced people to help them sort that out. Most of us know that we are not getting the authorized dealers authentic brand dress when ordering from a company like this but don’t be too quick to judge. Where do you think these authorized dealers have their dresses made in the first place? Yep, you guessed it

  42. mina says:

    Hi there. . I live in Germany and i ordered my wedding dress from it should have already arrived , since I paid more money to rush the delivery. Has anybody made some experience with this website? Im really scared and scrwed if this website is a scam. Im getting married in 2 weeks 🙁 .. thanks a lot for your response! !

    • Geoff says:

      Jennabridals is just another one of hundreds of Chinese websites preying on consumers. Many of them steal images from designer websites and post them online. All designers list their authorized retailers on their own sites and, if you have questions, you can contact the designer directly.
      There are plenty of legitimate retailers in the US, Canada and elsewhere. For those who are on a tight budget, check out sample sales, consignment shops and even used gowns but save yourselves the grief of a poorly made, fake gown.

  43. Samants says:

    My Review
    is a big, fat, outrageous scam. A few months ago I happened to place an order for a 20 page paper through their website. With “transparent” writer reviews and “affordable” prices, I thought I was making the best choice available. I was wrong. (A bit of background information: I am a senior in college who wanted a sample paper to help me complete my comps). When I first saw website, it didn’t seem horrible. They promised low prices and their writers seemed American or at least fluent in the English language (stupid me thinking that their writers’ names were real). But what was advertised as $7.50 per page quickly spiraled into $25 and $30 per page. On top of that, I realized that if you didn’t buy from a pricey writer, your paper was going to be complete shit. Like illegible. Like an F. So after I placed my order with a writer named God-knows-what in real life, I sat and waited for my paper. I had written a draft of my paper already and was going to use this to ease the process. What I got was COMPLETE GARBAGE. The paper was formatted incorrectly, it didn’t reach the page limit I PAID FOR, and didn’t even address the topics I requested. I think assumes that students who use their service are complete idiots. Some may be. But I am not. I ordered a paper with them because I care about my grades (who doesn’t when paying 50K a year for school) and wanted to IMPROVE my dissertation. So, what did they do when I called to ask for a partial refund? They told ME that nothing could be done. That the terms and conditions I agreed too were set in stone and that it was my fault for having selected the writer that I did.

    Essentially they told me that they can take my money but not offer a shred of accountability when one of their employees fucks up. WOW. And then here’s the best part: when I called to speak with someone about giving a negative review of their service, they told me they would find out where I go to school and make sure I would always regret speaking poorly about them. Real professional. So, as an aspiring computer programmer, A REALLY PISSED OFF CUSTOMER, and someone who doesn’t give a flying fuck that these scam artists have my contact information, I created this website to inform students around the world that is a scam. I encourage fellow students who have been scammed by this company to give their reviews on as well. The more reviews the merrier.

    As I dug a deeper review of past, I found some pretty scary things. Like for instance that their writers are almost all Pakistani (over 30% of their daily web traffic comes from the country) and use FAKE AMERICAN NAMES to pretend they are native English speakers. Isn’t it time this bullshit be investigated? I don’t care what you think about paper writing services (whether you believe they are ethical or not) but at least take down the companies that are pure scams like

  44. Olga says:

    Hi, Im thinking of buying a wedding dress from the web page: . Did anyone buy any dress from that web page? Is it worth to trust?

  45. Lissete Mata says:

    Has anyone heard of I saw a gorgeous dress that i cant seem to find anywhere else, but i dont want to order it without knowing whether the website is a scam or not. Thank you

  46. Lulu says:

    What about DH Gate (they do not sell exclusively wedding dresses, but other stuff). Could anyone give references about them?

  47. Nicole says:

    Has anyone ever ordered from I want this dress so bad but i dont want to order it and risk not getting my dress

  48. kathy El Hajj says:

    Dear sirs,
    can u please feed me back if (8 wedding dresses is trustworthy?)
    i am ordering my wedding dress from them

  49. Clara. J says:

    Anyone can give me a feedback about chouchoudress? I have ordered a wedding gown. They give me the shipping number but when i track it they didn’t have any data on my shipping number. Now i feel anxious that my gown would never arrive at all

  50. Emma says:

    I ordered a dress from I (stupidly) assumed it was a UK retailer from the website. The dress was custom made but when it showed up it was the wrong colour, and 2 dress sizes too big!!! (4 inches bigger than requested). It is completely unwearable but when I asked for a refund I was told I should just take it to a local tailor. As if I am going to pay to fix their mistake! I have been complaining for the last 2 weeks on a daily basis and they are refusing to give me a refund (but they will pay 10% of the tailoring cost – ridiculous!) I am not sure if I can report them to Trading Standards as they do have a UK office/warehouse but I will certainly try. Do not use this website unless you want a shoddy dress and to be out of pocket by over a hundred pounds. Complete scam artists.

  51. Wendy says:

    Has anyone ordered from

  52. bertha says:

    has anyone buy in this website ?? i order a dress on Jan 6th, 15 days later (on jan 20th) they sent me a DHL number, but i have been tracking and there is no information abut the shipment….. need to know if i have been scammed!! please help!!! it is supposed to arrive 7 days.

  53. bertha says:

    hi, does anyone know if this website is scam?? i have bought there a dress on jan 6th, on Jan 20th they sent me a DHL tracking number put up to today there is no infomration on DHL website, I need to know if i have been scammed plis!!! 🙁

  54. Tanya says:

    Hi, has anyone had any dealings with My niece ordered a dress for her prom. It came in completely the wrong colour, half the beading was hanging off, and when I looked closer, you can see the dressmakers marker where the pattern was supposed to be followed with the beading! That in turn had bled through to the underside of the dress. Half the netting for the mermaid part was ripped and only tacked by two stitches!my niece emailed them back and she got a brief response to ask what colour dress did she order, she’s well upset so I emailed them and am still waiting for a response as she has no dress now a this is totally wrong and damaged!

  55. Precious says:

    I ordered a dress with HDGate it’s a total reap off it arrived in a grey bundle not the same as the picture and wrong color when I contacted the selller he didn’t even apologies. I’m sending it back so disappointed don’t knows what to do now. The material used is cheap I’m lost want to cry don’t know how it will end now after returning it. Considering I have to pay postage to send it back I’m gutted.

  56. Mackenzie says:

    Has anyone used the site “” I found an amazing dress but I don’t want to get scammed.

  57. Sang says:

    After reading reviews about miss fish bridal and browsing their showroom, I decided to purchase my wedding dress from there. The real Maggie dress that I wanted would’ve cost me over 1600 dollars. There was no way I can afford that price. So I sent them pictures of that dress along with pictures of me in that dress and they were willing to do it with a fraction of the cost (385). So far the communication has been great, they email me with questions they are unsure about with what I want. I can’t wait to receive my dress. It should be coming around March. I will surely keep you guys updated.So far thumbs up for miss fish bridal.

  58. Tasha says:

    Need to know ASAP if there good or a scam please and thank you

  59. naana says:

    please please has anyone used this site before? I want to order my dream dress and i want to know if anyone has used them before and the results.

  60. Tasha says:

    Has anyone ordered and received anything from dream dresses 4 u website. If so was it the exact same as the picture and the designer ? Abs is this site a scam. Need to know ASAP

  61. Debora says:

    Is scammer? I ordered my dress over there last month.

  62. Nicole says:

    I thought I found the perfect dress and at a perfect price. I looked on line for reviews for the site I found the dress on. I didn’t really find much but what I did find was positive so I went ahead and ordered . I quickly had second thoughts and googled the site again and found that all the comments/ reviews were from the same person. I knew that I had been SCAM do not shop at or I have email and all my emails have come back as non deliverable. Then when I went to chat with them it went to this other site check with the BBB and if they don’t have anything on them don’t buy it. You may have 2 spend a litte more but at least you’ll have the dress you dreamed of

  63. Shaina says:

    Hi I am looking to order a prom dress from this site has anyone ever ordered from here?

  64. Sam says:

    Has anyone purchased a dress from dreamdresses4u !!!!! ? I want to order my prom dress but I don’t want it to look any different than the picture

  65. tracey says:

    what scares me – what if the scammers hit these scam sites and promote their business as good? After reading all this i am not going to take the chance of ordering on line…my hard earned cash is not going to some lowlife in another country.

  66. Janelle says:

    Hi everyone. It’d really appreciated if some people could tell me what they’ve experienced or heard of about I’m in love with a dress in their website that I can’t find anywhere else! Please let me know

  67. Shayla says:

    Has anyone purchased off dreamdresses4u? I bought a dress a week ago and I’m not expecting it for another two weeks but I’ve tried responding to an email on two different email address and both have failed. PLEASE HELP

    • Lorraine says:

      Yes, I have ordered from dreamdreses4u on th 6th February, so sent an emai today asking when it would be dispatched and email invalid. Also cannot get on to their website. Doesn’t look good!

      • Emilia says:

        I’ve ordered a prom dress from a couple of days ago, I can’t either access to their web site. What should I do if the dress doesn’t come or if it arrives and looks awful?

        • Emilia says:

          I’ve ordered a prom dress from a couple of days ago, I can’t either access to their web site. What should I do if the dress doesn’t come or if it arrives and looks awful?

    • nick petty says: i ordered a prom dress on feb 16th. i think its a scam and links are down. even a 866 number comes up invalid.i have an I.P adress based out in california through Not sure if its a stationed business or out of country. my daughter drowning in tears right now and im out $250

  68. Dianne L. says:

    We are roman catholic and our parish requires girls 17 and under to wear a white poofy,middle of the knees dress with a bonnet,white tights and white mary jane shoes for their sacrement of baptism.the parish then gives each girl being baptized a white disposable diaper and plastic pants that have to be worn under their tights.We baptized our 15 year old daughter last year at easter vigil and ordered her dress and bonnet thru the parish.The dress and bonnet came 4 days before easter vigil and it was shorter than what it was supposed to be.It was midthigh length!We showed it to the baptism director and she said there was nothing that could be done,it was too late!She wore the dress for her baptism and when she bent over to get the water on her head,the dress went up in back and everyone saw her diaper and rubberpants showing thru her tights! she was so embarrassed and humiliated.We got a full refund on the dress and bonnet!

  69. Kathy says:

    Does anyone know about My daughter wants a prom dress from there but I am worried

  70. Faye says:

    I was wondering if anyone has ordered from I can only find 2 reviews on the net (both bad&very recent) but I was hoping for some wider feedback… hope to hear from you!

  71. Faye says:

    Anyone used or got information about I’m tempted to use them, but only 2 reviews online and both are negative… be grateful of any feedback!

  72. Melissa says:

    Is this site safe ????? I would love buy a prom dress from there!

  73. Josh says:

    Has anyone looked at It looks like a total scam.

  74. Lindsay says:

    Do not order from DressIm ! It is a complete scam!! The reviews are all fake! This is a company based in China.. I ordered a dress and after emailing back and forth for over a month, receiving nothing but excuses why my dress wasn’t done, they finally said it shipped but that they couldn’t give me a confirmation number. I NEVER received my dress and they’ve refused multiple requests for me to get a refund… Do NOT order from this site!! You will not receive your merchandise or your money back! Just google the company name and you’ll find out the facts on this website!!

  75. Brianna says:

    I found my dream dress at after following a link on pintrest. Does anyone have experience with this website? I would really appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

  76. Lj says:

    Buyer beware! This is a scam. They also go by rosewholesale, sammydress, and rosegal, probably more. Read the negative reviews on those FB pages. All these people are getting ripped off!

  77. hoshi says:

    Has anyone ordered a dress from they have so many amazing gowns but i am so scared of scams, and i really cant afford to lose money as we are on a very tight budget for our wedding. Thanks!

  78. kwatson says:

    Hey everyone. .I came across . Legit or not in not finding anything online about it.

  79. Andrea says:

    Hi, has anybody order from and can give me some feedback? thanks!

  80. Jamie says:

    Has anyone ordered from
    Supposedly located in California ?

  81. Jamie says:

    Has anyone ordered from
    Or know of anyone who has?

  82. Lola says:

    For any australians is a scam! Not even based in australia as they had represented themselves as. Dress is way too big, I’ve sent photos and requested a refund proving they have made the wrong size dress and they refuse to assist me. They are even claiming it’s my fault for providing the incorrect measurements. I’ve contacted my bank to dispute the charges, contacted the company that processed their transaction to dispute it. I’ve made complaints to various government bodies and am waiting to see what happens there. These companies need to be put out of business!

  83. Nikk B says:

    has anyone every heard anything bad about or, I’ve seen some really pretty dresses on there for my wedding dress and for my bridesmaids and I want to make sure they are a good company before I have my girls and myself place an order with either one.


  84. Kate says:

    Is realiable or not? Has anyone ordered a dress from them?

  85. Kristina says:

    Has anyone purchased bridesmaids dresses from Can anyone provide good or bad reviews?

  86. nikky says:

    Is a scam?

  87. nikky says:

    Is a scam

  88. Delissa says:

    Has anyone used to purchase a dress? I finished my order and email and realized there was nowhere to do the payment. I then emailed the site and they replied with a site to make my payment. I clicked on it and it showed 2 orders of the same dress. I emailed and they removed 1 of the orders. I then noticed the order number on my original order was different than the order number on the payment page. Sounds kind of fishy to me. Just thought id see if anyone has used this sight.

  89. Heather says:

    VogueHQ/vogue HQ – Would not order from this website again. Utter rip off merchants. Having paid £85.00 for the dress (with shipping) I was absolutely disgusted when my dress arrived it had holes in the bodice and netting – whilst I appreciate they do not keep a stock of items their returns policy states they will accept returns on items with quality defects (mine certainly qualified), when i approached them to return the dress they flatly refused offering me a discount on my next purchase instead (the notion that I would even consider purchasing from this site again is laughable). It was only when I threatened them with trading standards that they agreed to refund me 8% (a grand total of £7). It cost me £60 to put the defects right on the dress. Call themselves professional dress makers? A joke. In addition they sensor their reviews so the bad ones are not published.

  90. Jessica says:

    Does anyone know anything about benefit I am looking to order a wedding dress from them but cannot find many reviews. Thanks!

  91. ashley says:

    I ordered a dress from, big mistake! I knew the dress shown on their pictures and the one they were going to make wouldn’t be spot on. I tried on the dress in a bridal store, it was 2300.00, found it on this site for 329.00, free shipping. I requested them to send pictures prior to mailing for approval. They mail it first then sent me pictures and it is not even close, looks cheap, the shape of the dress is somewhat close, the beading is 1/8 done… not pleased. I have yet to receive it but I’m not holding my breath. You get what you paid for…. lesson learned… ugh.

  92. lisa says:

    I ordered a dress from ebay. The seller is felicity.bride988. Does anyone know if this is a scam site?

  93. marea meyer says:


  94. Angel says:

    Hi has anyone ordered from if so was the dress of good quality and was delivery in a timely manner????

  95. Shanitta says:

    Has anyone ordered from Kathydress on Etsy?

  96. Tawny says:

    Has anyone heard of Thinking of ordering a wedding dress! But I am afraid it may be a scam. Can anyone help??

  97. Mona says:

    Dear all,
    I want to purchase my wedding dress from a site called and i want to know if anyone had purchased from this site or know if it is a scam or not?

  98. Pozzo says:

    Could anyone please let me know if they have ordered from VogueHQ their dresses and reviews look fab but obviously I am dubious about trusting an internet provider – any advice / experiences appreciated. Many thanks.

  99. jeanette says:

    I livein south Africa and would like to sell all my wedding dresses and evening dresses but cant seem to find someone legit from overseas to sell them to. Does anyone know where or to whom I can sell them???

  100. jeanette says:

    I live in South Africa and cant seem to find someone legit to buy all my bridal stock. Does anyone know a place that will buy it and actually pay for it?

  101. Bobbi says:

    Bride was trying to save money and we have already purchased the second wedding dress!!!
    How do we return a Chineese made wedding dress?

  102. Bobbi says:

    How do you return our first wedding dress purchased? It was from China!!!

  103. Fiona says:

    Just wondering if anyone has ordered from Lightindreaming?

  104. Bee says:

    Hi. I’d like to ask, had someone ordered from I’m thinking of ordering my wedding dress from there, hope it’s not a scam..

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