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How Bad of a Problem Is Ebay Fraud?

By Rich Johnson132 comments

You’ve heard the horror stories and have been told be to careful on eBay, but is fraud really so common these days? The answer is yes – eBay scams are still quite common on the popular auction site, and both sellers and buyers need to aware of the dangers they face trading money and products with strangers. Following is a list of several of the most common eBay scams and what to look out for to protect your wallet and belongings.

Phishing and Account Take-Overs


For those unaware, phishing is a scam in which a con artist will send a user an email that appears to have come from eBay, but instead tricks the user into giving their username and password. Despite the news and warnings circulated by eBay and fraud combatant blogs, the problem isn’t going away – the con artists are simply getting craftier.

It used to be that obtaining a user’s eBay account was as easy as sending an email from an address that looked like eBay, and telling them their account would be closed unless they replied with their username and password. These days people don’t commonly fall for this, so scammers have started using fake websites that look just like eBay, except they steal account information when a user logs in.

In fact, earlier this year JSOnline reported that some eBay scammers used Craigslist to lure in their victims. Con artists do this by posting something for sale on Craigslist and then telling interested buyers that they would rather sell it on eBay because it is more secure. The user is then sent a link to a fake listing that prompts them to sign into their account and place their bid. Predictably, when the user signs in, the site steals their username and password and the scammer uses the victim’s account to continue the fraud.

Phony Items For Sale

Ebay users must not only look out for their identity, but also for fake items listed for sale as the real thing. In 2006, the International Data Corporation (IDC) performed an investigation of the prevalence of pirated software for sale on eBay and found that over 50% of Microsoft branded software on eBay was illegitimate. This study illustrates the far-reaching nature of this kind of fraud, and leaves users to wonder what percentage of other highly coveted items are fake.

Not even name brand electronics are safe from counterfeiters. Earlier this month, TechWorld reported that several eBay scammers were creating and selling fake Apple iPads for $80.00 – $100.00. The devices look like a smaller iPad, but run Android software. Such stories can be found in almost every market from fashion to technology. If you find any of the following popular and normally expensive items for sale on eBay at huge discounts, they are most likely counterfeit:

  • Electronics.
  • Designer clothing.
  • Computer software.
  • Movies and music.
  • Autographs.
  • Collectibles
  • Antiques.

Ebay users are encouraged to remember the old saying “if its too good to be true, it probably is.” No sane person would take a loss worth hundreds of dollars to get you a new Chanel bag for $50.00.

Triangulation Fraud


Triangulation fraud is a popular and uncommonly aggressive type of eBay fraud. Worse yet – it’s incredibly difficult to detect until it strikes. The way this scam works is that the criminal will list a moderately expensive item for sale on eBay, but one that is also available from other online retail sources. When a buyer wins the auction, the scammer will purchase the item from an online retailer with a stolen credit card and pass along the buyer’s shipping information.

Only once the credit card is reported to be stolen will the retailer investigate the charge, and when they look into it they will have a record containing the eBay buyer’s information – taking the scammer clean out of the picture. EHow cautions buyers to check all receipts and shipping documents that come with purchases to look for strange credit card numbers or information from people they have never heard of. If you catch the fraud before the credit card gets reported, you might have an easier time dealing with the authorities when they question you.

“Second Chance” Fraud


Ebay buyers who lose an auction sometimes receive “second chance” notifications in which the seller offers them another opportunity to buy the item they were bidding on. Scammers manipulate this system to steal novice users’ credit card information by setting up an auction and letting buyers bid all they want on the item. When the auction ends, the seller sends out very official looking, eBay branded emails to the second and third highest bidders telling them that the seller has offered them a second chance to buy the item for their highest bid.

When the victim clicks on the “buy” link, they are taken to a page that looks like an eBay auction in every way – except it isn’t. Instead, the page was designed by the scammer and is programmed to steal the buyers credit card information the moment they type it in.

SafeFromScams reports that this problem is more widespread than most users realize. “It’s become a pervasive Ebay scam,” they proclaim. “In 2004 a Welsh teenager was convicted of conning more than 100 people out of £45,000 with such a scam, and he’s just the tip of the iceberg. According to computer security experts, hundreds of thousands of such e-mails are sent every month.”

Shield Scams


Shield scams are a type of eBay trickery that targets the seller of items, rather than the buyer as with most scams. The scam is set to target people selling expensive items who haven’t put a reserve on their listing. Typically the scammer will register two accounts, and use competing bids to ensure that they get the item for an incredibly low price.

If an item of interest costs $1,000.00, for example, and the seller forgot to set a reserve on the listing, the scammer would use one account to bid very low – say $40.00. He would then use his second account to make an astronomical bid that no other legitimate user would dare challenge – say $3,000. This discourages anyone else from bidding, until only a few seconds of the auction remains. The scammer then retracts his high bid, leaving his low one as the sole winner of the auction.


132 Responses to “How Bad of a Problem Is Ebay Fraud?”
  1. TheReviewer says:

    Pay Pal is also used for phishing scams. Only one time as a seller and they tried for two more years to get my credit card info.
    Before I started I told Pay Pal I would only pay them by check. They agreed.

    • eddy says:

      my capital card was stolen it was used to pay a bill from pay pal via e bay
      how ever the person who got my card used it to pay his bill and it went threw evan that the card info my name——info—capital one threw me contacted the fbi and other police law offices the person was caught yes capital one again contacted pay pal yes my card was closed–but only untill the police and fbi got to pay pal–so capital one got the money back to my card then to there costs$ back of what they gave me back— i since closed most of my accts cards pay pal should never put threw this stolen card and used by some one else– under another name and billing– for over 2 months pay pal wold not give in–and admit its fraud total was 500.00$

      • Carlos says:

        Another knife scam. A seller put up a “vintage Ka Kar military” knife. It is rusted and well used. I asked the seller if the knife was stamped KA BAr on the knife. He said no. So how the hell can he sell it as a KA BAR knife? I reported it to eBay today. I’ll bet 75 million dollars eBay will not do a damn thing about it. The scamming and selling counterfeit knives on eBay has become the norm.

        • eddy says:

          e bay owns pay pal! when they first both came out–it seemed like the thing to do! i dont trust e bay at all— i dont need soomething that bad to bid on and then have to deal* with a seller and have to return a item. the seller gets B.S.– dont give me a negative review– sorry no returns , yes like collections of knifes vintage collections. yes lots scams lots! just not worth it on e bay or other new bidding web sites and crap from pay pal– if any seller says i except pay pal only—something else may be wrong!!? fast cash and thanks good by enjoy what i just sold you–and ripped you off! sales for 1.00$ parts only! shipping$$ wow–what a scam for a buck$ AMAZON has its sellers with rateings but nothing like e bays fly by nights bids or buy it now– or bigest line well it goes on and its old but i think it works? some sellers now except visa master card — i still like AMAZON OR SEARS vintage items collections somethings at yard sales or private dealers who have only certin things they sell of rare collections and war items that are real from days gone by—-e bay pay pal monkey see monkey do–slave labor via walmart thats another consumer ?????? $$$

          • bhucom says:

            Ebay has ethics problem, a seller sold me a totally bogus item, and Ebay not only sided with them removed my negative feedback from the post., when a seller sells a product to a consumer he has the responsibility to give consideration, or a ethical business deal between the buyer and the seller.

            Ebay destroys your ability to defend your self by erasing all material facts about the case and defending those they feel will make them money in the long run, its a very unethical company with no resolution for consumer protection, and any laws that protect the consumer are non existent, so why do people go to Ebay is simple they are so far the only company that sells products and that you can be sure of a good deal, still somewhere down the road you will be lied to cheated and stole from. and you must all realize its the price for doing business with Ebay.

            In any company you have consumer laws that protect the consumer from unethical behavior, in Ebays case you have no safety protocols in place for this and they rub it in your face, the act of an equal exchange for a product does not lie in ethical behavior, it lies in who can get away with bad ethical behavior and that’s Ebay remember its not a matter of if it will happen its a matter of when and since they hide all records of their dealings you will never have nothing to stand on or be able to go against them. since all evidence has been erased.

        • Wally Bodin says:

          Agreed, I had a bad experience from a seller on E Bay. No support from E Bay, and that’s the last time I use E Bay

          • Carlos Aona says:

            I’ve been a month trying to get my case resolved. The Seller make an offer to send me a return prepaid shipping label and I agreed.
            So, the case was closed. BUT the seller is stonewalling me by not sending me the mailer. So, I contacted PayPal by phone. They said the case was closed. Period. “I sent this today to the seller:
            “Hello again,
            I assume you are not going to honor your agreement with me to send the shipping label via email since you are stone-walling. I will telephone you Monday on your cell phone
            (770) 910-xxxx cell phone T-Mobil (in Duluth, GA)
            I’ve been advised by to contact the Ebay /PayPal legal enforcement agent at 1 480 967 9919 if this cannot be resolved as we agreed. I will do so Monday. Also, Monday, I will contact my Credit Card Company and open a dispute involving the charge against my card if this is not resolved on Monday. This is my last attempted contact with you that I’ll make if this issue is not settled Monday Sept. 11, 2014. We can do this hard or easy.
            SEND THAT MAILING LABEL to me.
            As information, I will also report the case to the independent eBay fraud forum. That is not a threat.”…
            thxrunner sent Sept 6 2014

            I will use this forum to relay the results.
            I urge everyone to use this forum. The other forums are useless, especially the eBay forums.

          • c says:

            eBay seller strikes again with bullcrap shipping charges. I bought a brass nic nac, seller accepted the offer. I paid with PayPal. A few days later seller asked for more shipping charges. His listing said, “FREE SHIPPING”.
            We argued back and fourth, then he abruptly refunded the purchase price and re-listed the item. I asked eBay for arbitration but I found out they do not give a crap. That practice is acceptable. Problem is, we had a legal deal. The scumbag seller told me was selling for a charity. I checked him out. He is located in San Diego. The Charity is in NY. They said they had no arrangement with that seller.
            I just completed my first item from AliExpress in China. The prices are great, the selection is great, there is no shipping charge. I’ll buy there from now on from Amazon. I hate eBay’s crooked sellers and those that condone them.

          • Not Disclosed says:

            Wrong move! Why on Earth did you close the case?!?! Never close the case unless the problem has been resolved to your satisfaction!

          • Not Disclosed says:

            Don’t be so greedy …you got a refund! The seller probably made some kind of error in the listing and was too non-cutomer-service-like to honor the commitment. So that seller is obviously a jerk! It gives you the perfect chance to vent your frustrations by leaving a non-removeable NEGATIVE feedback! (Non-removeable meaning: Take your time and make certain that your feedback follows the rules. Put some thought into it, don’t make a fool out of yourself, ie avoid childish stuff like “LIAR” and other dumbness. Stick to the facts, act with dignity and like an adult) (Its best to wait a day or two before leaving feedback. Use notepad to make a few samples, then come back to them a day or so later and either edit or pick one. Never leave feedback while you are angry, it will sound dumb). Negative feedbacks hurt, believe me and shouldn’t be used frivoulessly (use the eBay feedback procedure responsibly, because you might do a great deal of harm to an honest and upstanding seller who is trying to make a living). If its an honest mistake that even you could have made consider being merciful. If it was a problem caused by an outside party and not the sellers fault, then you have a responsability to NOT take it out on the seller).

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    • Carlos Aona says:

      Hey webmaster, can we somehow have posts listed as last post first? I have a hell of a time following whatz happening.
      Another note: I recently gave a seller one star because it took over two weeks for a DVD to arrive. He responded that I was ridiculous on his feedback. I have no way to rebut his remarks. Buyers are second class citizens on eBay.

      • Not Disclosed says:

        Let me ask you this: Did the seller send the item within the amount of time that he stated in the listing and was the delay caused by the post office? I ask because often buyers will pin the blame on the seller when the postal system caused the delay. Please realize that some sellers are selling to support families and consider that your feedback can have a devastating affect on a seller and their entire family, which might include very young children. If you leave a negative for a seller because of a delay caused by the shipping company then you should be ashamed of yourself. Many buyers are sociopaths who have no respect for other people.

        Regardless, sellers aren’t allowed to leave negative feedback for a buyer. If it is a negative remark inside a positive feedback framethen all that you need to do is contact ebay and they will remove it. There is even a form that you can use in the “Help” forums for this purpose. However, your profile will then have a “feedback removed” in your feedbacks, which basically screams to other eBayers that you are a jerk.

      • johnthepensioner says:


        I bought items from these companies in good faith to re-sell. I checked all the items insisting that all goods were ce certificated and all electrical goods came with a fitted uk plug. I sold on Ebay for over a year with only a few comebacks and making a reasonable profit of 30% most discounts I got I passed on to the customer. However I had a phone call from a guy who said he was from ebay he asked me questions about suppliers and I answered him truthfully. 2 days later all my listings on ebay vanished so I phoned them and asked what was going on, they said they had had a complaint from a customer about some of my items I asked which and was told that my selling account was closed and from that date over 4 years ago I have not been able to sell on ebay.
        Well the lesson to learn from this is don’t trust Chinese imports. I had my stock professionally checked and 85% of it was found to be faulty. I dumped over £4000.00 pounds worth of stock.
        DONT TRUST CHINESE IMPORTS EBAY WAS RIGHT IN ITS DECISION BUT THEY NEVER HEARD OF SECOND CHANCES. Most of the items that I was selling are still on sale on ebay some of them marked up at over 300%. SO BEWARE ALL YE THAT BUY>.
        291015 Sheffield

    • E. Barrett Estes says:

      I got “ripped off” by a North Carolina woman, an ebay seller and buyer who, I saw post fact had a few negatives but BAD negatives, ones I wouldn’t have bidden on over had I seen them. Rude and unapologetic service, girard1222 actually LIED to me as well- I never got the refund she said would be sent, almost two months later I’m still unrefunded. This whole bidding/online shopping thing can be a real gamble and nasty ones too. Guessing games, when the ebayer on the other end doesn’t respond to you, even in this case with me as a customer; whatever happened to customer service and INTEGRITY? Its out the window.

      • Not Disclosed says:

        I’m sorry to hear that you had a problem. Some sellers actually are very customer service oriented. Especially the ones who are trying to make a living out of it. Many sellers are fine people. However in this case you should have opened a claim. eBay and paypal will always side with the buyer, often even if it is an openly fraudulant situation.

  2. Jen Robinson says:

    I just got burned for $8800 on ‘purchase’ of a tractor advertized by someone who had hijacked a semi-regular seller’s identity and did a pretty good job of conning me, a novice user, into transferring money via fake instructions supposedly sent by eBay. I spent at least 8 hours with eBay trying to confirm that the seller was real . .. their consumer support is useless . . .the result of my research lead me to confirm things were ok. I think eBay is as guilty as the con man, and making a helluva lot more money.

    • kevin lukinbill says:

      same scam I was sucked into called ebay during transaction to confirm they confirmed to pay the rest of balance with a delivery date 2 days later ebay has never heard of them they are being tricked during the scam but want take any serious look into it , it might just reveal whats going down fake ebay site also greendotmoneypak cards zero customer service zero

  3. Jef says:

    Um one big problem with one of your “scams” and a real scam. In the Shield scams If an item of interest costs $1,000.00, and the seller forgot to set a reserve on the listing, the so called scammer using one account to bid very low – then use his second account to make an astronomical bid say $3,000. his astronomical bid would never show up as anything but a few dollars higher than the next highest bid!! Whether that next highest bid is his own or someone else’s, eBay bids are not and never have been revealed until they actually become a bid. In order for this to work the scammer would need three accounts! Two to jack the price up into the thousands (in your example $3000) then cancel both high bids leaving his third account to win at a low price. This would be spotted by eBay rather quickly.

    Now for the real scam involving retracted bids. Lets say I want a clock on eBay, I bid what I feel is a very fair price let’s say $200 and then the day before the auctions end I am currently the high bidder at $75.00 so the next highest bidder bids $1000.00 he now sees the next highest bid, which happens to be mine at $200 because all he has to do is bid higher than me his bid is now officially $205.00 (remember the $1000.00 bid would never show up unless the next highest bid was $990.00)So he retracts his bid of $1000.00 and now I am the high bidder again at $75.00 He now knows to the penny what my highest bid is! Come the next day 10 seconds or so before the auction is completed he bids $205 knowing my highest bid is $200. This has happened on an item I SOLD, the bid retracter came back the day after he retracted his bid and bid the minimum amount required to beat the bid he saw as the next highest when he bid $1000.00 I canceled his bid and sold to the next highest bidder. The next day he tried the same thing on another auction of mine and after he retracted his $1000.00 bid I blocked him from bidding at all.

    I hope I explained both of these scenarios well enough to make them understood. Any Questions as the author of this page please feel free to e-mail me.

    • John says:

      Thank you for sharing that information, Jef.

    • sukhwinder says:

      Though I could understand what was given at this sitejabber web page itself about the sheild scam, I am not able to understand what Jef has clarified on it. What does it mean that if someone bids $1000 after $75 bid, the $1000 bid is kept hidden? I cannot understand what scenario Jef has described. More explanations would be great!

      • ATG says:

        Ebay only lets you bid in small increments, so if $75 is the highest bid, the next highest, depending on the increments, would be something like $80, then the next would have to be $90. You can set a maximum that you are willing to go and bid by proxy until your high bid is eventually passed up by someone elses high bid, but your maximum bid is hidden until you no longer automatically top the next incremental bid. It would take a lot of bidding to increase $75 to 1000 if it only goes up in increments of $5. Therefore, no one would see his high bid of $3000 unless the bidding slowly creeped up to that by 5 dollar bids (or whatever the increment is set at). That would never happen for an item that starts out at that price range. Is that more clear? 😀

    • Stumpy says:

      Thanks for the insight. I have recently purchased 11 items from eBay. Over 1/2 of my purchases were problematic – from broken items (5), to misrepresented items(1), to shill bidding (2 that were obvious – now I suspect it is very common), I’ve tried to resolve the most egregious issues with the seller “Yes, I will refund your money” – never happened. Where shill bidding was involved I tried to get eBay involved. They have a “complaint process” that 1) doesn’t get your money back. 2) doesn’t notify you of the resolution. 3) doesn’t identify the fraudsters. You know – kind of like the “Suggestion Box” at work. Consequently, I will be a “shark” when bidding or selling in the future. I’ve learned my lesson well. Bottom line – eBay’s policies invite fraud and dishonesty. If they confirmed their bidders – permitting only one bidding or selling account per verified individual – as in a real auction things would be much better.

    • Not Disclosed says:

      Jeff, you’ve described a legitimate scam but you don’t seem to understand what you are describing. The way that you describe this scam makes no sense, since the buyer could just leave the bid and win it for 205$… why go through the hassle to retract his bid, only to place it again??!? The reason people do this is to get the item at a very low price. Shield bidding is when a buyer uses 2 accounts to get an item with no reserve at a very low price. He places a very low bid with the first account and then “shields” his bid with a very high bid from his second account, which makes the auction “uninteresting” to other buyers, since the price now seems to be so high. Then the buyer retracts the second bids just before the auction ends thus winning the auction at a very low price. eBay has made this scam virtually impossible to commit now, since a buyer can’t retract a bid unless there are at least 12 hours left in the auction, unless you’ve placed it within the last hour. Its decent of you to bring to the readers attention that there are actually fraudlant buyers out there and its not always about sellers commiting terrible acts. I ascert that there are actually many more buyers commiting frauds in the electronic marketplace then sellers, just as it is in the “real” world.

  4. bruce loper says:

    I got hit with a new fraud. I bought a Wii through Ebay but it was nothing like advertised. It had none of the cords or software as promised. So after a week of arguing through Ebay email the seller agrees to refund the money if I ship it back in the original package which was a post office prepaid. No problem. I went there and returned it just as he sent it. what he counted on was my not purchasing delivery confirmation just like he didn’t. He got the Wii back, my money and I am left with a useless post office receipt. Ebay of course finds in his favor without the confirmation despite the original fraud.

    • ebay is fraud inc. says:

      i sold a 200$ equalizer brand new,shipped with confirmation and insurance.when buyer recieved it he simply said it was old and smelly and demanded lump sums of money to go away.
      ebay had him send it back but he simply listed a fake tracking number and kept the item.of course ebay finds favor with the buyer who was refunded his money and kept my flipping new equalizer,im out 200$ and the theif is laughing but i did everything exactly like i was suppose to.ebay even told me i would WIN the case before it was even excalated.
      point is ,stay away from ebay they are just as bad as the con men they help to extort us.

      • Truthfinder says:

        I find that one hard to believe. Ebay NEVER gives the buyer a win/refund in the case unless tracking shows it was delivered to you. I do not doubt you say this happened but there is more to this story. They don’t just refund a buyer unless they have proof something was mailed back to your address….

        • ebay_not says:

          That’s not true. I sold an item on Ebay. Had it professionally packaged and shipped. The buyer reported that it was broken and asked for a refund. Without any proof of damage, the buyer contacted Ebay and the money was refunded and my item was never returned. They didn’t even require proof of the damage.

          Ebay only facilitates online theft.

          • Carlos Aonia says:

            Not true, you say?
            The dealer who sold me the defective knife could care less. The tactic sellers use to prevent returns is simple. Buy a twelve dollar item, pay seven or eight dollar shipping and tax, then the seller says return it and get your twelve dollars returned.
            HUH?? I will have paid fourteen dollars in shipping both ways, in order to get an eleven dollar credit? I’m not insane. eBay should require sellers to own-up to their responsibility for selling defective items by paying shipping BOTH ways. eBay apparently does not give a shit as long as they collect their fees.

            I received another knife yesterday. The photos showed a very clean knife with the inscription lasered into the blade saying”
            Ka bar 1189 USA.” Several of those knives were for sale.
            I could almost NOT read the lasered inscription on the blade, but the photos showed crystal-clear lettering. Bait and switch. I’m not even sure now, that the knives arn’t counterfeit. The Ka bar is spelled with a lower case ” b “. Ka bar as opposed to Ka Bar.

        • S. Diana says:

          Remember, though, delivery confirmation only shows that a box was delivered. It does not show what was in the box.

    • judy says:

      I am a victim like you , the seller posted phoney photos of a designer, but when I received the bag, I received a totally different knock off. I then made a v\case with ebay , because they push their buyer protection!!! then I did the same as you sent the item back delivery confirmation asking to refund my money. ebay closed the case said no refund, seller did not refund. I am out $v105.00 and the seller has the money and the bag. How do you like buyer protection!!!

      • ania42 says:

        I’m a very recent victim of an ebay scam regarding a designer handbag I purchased more than a week ago (the bag was fake and used). Ebay and paypal refused to help me and the seller will not respond to my refund inquiries. I have now filed a claim with BBB and and my state’s consumer protection agency is next. The more claims are filed by people like us the more publicity this ebay/paypal scamming thing will get and maybe something will get done. You can also go to the FBO/DOJ, 20/20, Michael Moore’s site and tell your story or hire an attorney if you think it’s worth the money. There ought to be class action lawsuits against these bastards. At this point I have feeling i may never see my money but it’s worth every second of my time to file claims about this scammer so that the is a trail.

      • Carlos says:

        If I am correct, Ebay (PayPal) just updated their Sellers’ responsibilities. Some sellers state NO RETURNS. Okay, I bought a camera item for a few dollars, but I received another camera item instead-a cheapo. The seller said “sorry, no returns. I told him and PayPay to go to u-no-where. The buyers protection plan was not as advertised. They said to return the item for a refund-EXCEPT FOR MY RETURN POSTAGE!!! Screw me, again, screw me three times. I told both Seller and PayPay I’d be bring a small claims complaint AND file fraud charges in the Seller’s home town’s D.A. !!
        I then I received a prepaid return mailer for the item. BUT THE g.d, m.f-ing seller said NO RETURNS. I had agreed with his restrictions when I bid on the item. Yet, now he is allowed to void the no-return restrictions.
        ANYWAY, I just read new rules apply to sellers. THEY MUST PAY THE RETURN SHIPPING FEES. The dastards finally get a taste of their own medicine.

  5. Mario says:

    along the same lines here (I think) this is to save other people some trouble and money. I was on vacations and left my paypal account waiting for some money to come in as a payment for my services to a person , then after a week I found the money never entered so because a 5 dollar hamburger my paypal went to zero so they hit my bank, where no money was available, result? paypal hit my bank 13 times in 5 days costing me near 600 dollars in NSF (30 dollars each time paypal hit my account) when complained they sent me to each other, paypal to the bank and the bank to paypal, solution? I downgraded my account and unlinked paypal from my bank so no more problems like this could happen again. it was supposed to be a “feature” not a money sink.

    • dEEEb says:

      Did you get your money back because this is happening to me and im in 400. I sold an airline voucher that had 400 on it for 150 and he said it only had 149 on it and he got an automattic refund from paypal leaving me 150 plus what they charged me for being in the negative amounting in me owing paypal about $400.

    • Abdulhadi says:

      I have always been uncomfortable that PayPal wants to default payments to my linked account, my card is a safer option. So after reading what you have written I have unlinked my account.

  6. Isabel says:

    Buyers on ebay please if you are returning an item back to sellers make sure you pay that extra confirmation delivery fee. I also had an incident where the seller claimed he did not receive item. I was also left with no refund money, a post office receipt and no support from ebay customer service. Some people are dishonest and use the post office’s honest workers.

  7. As both a seller and buyer on eBay these scams make it harder for both buyers and sellers. I’ve had scammers try and rip me off both as a buyer and a seller. As Isabel said, make sure all your mail has Delivery Confirmation, it might not be enough to have the PayPal gods rule in your favor, but it does go a long way.

  8. Jaime says:

    I’d been selling on eBay for 5 years and have achieved a Power seller status with 100% positive feedback, over 1000 transaction and 500+ and 100% positive feedback.
    I can honestly tell you that there is a lot of fraud going on from all sides and your best bet will always be with US power sellers. Going for the cheep option can bite back. If you are not satisfied with the product because of a legit reason, always contact the seller using eBay email. Log into your account, go to the item and email from there. Be Honest! and I bet you the seller will work with you.

    If you are returning something 1- Make Sure you are mailing to correct address, insure and get tracking. It is rare that a seller will disagree to reasonable and honest requests.

    All the best!

  9. Jim says:

    Here’s a scam that sellers have no defense against. If you sell an item to a buyer and the buyer claims your item was not described accurately Ebay will give them a full refund taken from your Paypal or linked bank account if the buyer opens a case against you. It’s not quite that easy for the buyer of course. Ebay would never refund the money without the buyer returning the actual item you sent them, right? Wrong. The only thing Ebay requires of the buyer is a Delivery Confirmation number of the package they sent back to the seller, supposedly returning your item. However, regardless of what is inside that package, Ebay WILL give them a full refund and there is not a single thing you can do about it. I was sent a bag of dirt and then Ebay gave the buyer a complete refund. They said if I can prove that the buyer sent me a bag of dirt that I could appeal the case, but of course there is NO WAY to prove anything about what they sent you. I was told taking pictures would be proof but when I tried this, they told me it was insufficient evidence because I could have put that bag of dirt in the box myself. This leaves the buyer with the only “proof” Ebay accepts and that is a confirmation number of the package they sent to you. For anyone considering selling on Ebay please be warned, a buyer has ALL the tools to scam a seller, leaving the seller with little to no options.

    • Jolene says:

      The same thing happened to my daughter. The buyer had a delivery confirmation but all she got back was an empty box. Ebay should look at the sellers feedback ( my daughter was 100%). Don’t need to look at the buyers because they don’t have any on hit and run accounts.

  10. Larry says:

    I bought a military watch on E-bay, supposed to be original when I found it was a fake I contacted the seller. His response It was made up of pieces and it looks good so don’t worry. Stay away from Vietnam on Ebay.

  11. Larry says:

    Contacted Credit card company(Capital One) my money has been refunded pending paperwork. No answer from E-bay

  12. Al says:

    eBay and PayPal appear to be assisting cons. They both tout how they protect you, encouraging you to buy on eBay, and with PayPal, but when you get ripped off, they apparently have a multitude of excuses why you will not get your money back.
    We bought a vehicle from russ-in-texas/Blue Collar Guys (I see he has now canceled this eBay account). The ad for this vehicle prominently displayed the buyer protective/guarantees from both eBay and PayPal.
    The delivery was part of the deal and that to be on a particular day. We paid him asap. Then he started making excuses, not answering communications, etc. We did not receive the vehicle, if there ever was one, nor did we receive any contact from him until after we informed him we were going to report it to PayPal/eBay. He left us waiting in another state for the delivery. Caused us tremendous stress and difficulty.
    Apparently, PayPal and eBay allowed him to list approx. half of the purchase price one way, and half of the purchase price of the ONE single vehicle we purchased in a different way that was NOT “eligible” for PayPal to assist us. This, according to PayPal, meant that PayPal had no obligation to get our money back/return our money to us. The way one payment was listed “qualified” for PayPal protection, they said, and the other didn’t (of course there was no info. regarding this possibility prior to our purchase).
    eBay deferred their end of the “Vehicle Protection Plan” to their third party (Auction Insurance Agency and Centennial Casualty Company)who apparently handles these types of problems. They first told us we were eligible for a refund. Then they came back and told us things like, “the seller doesn’t want to give the money back. He’ll bring you the car now.” [IF there was a car at all, he could have sugared the gas tank before the delivery or sabotaged it in other ways before delivery to us, and he’d already caused us great harm and loss] “the seller can’t give your money back. He spent it already.” etc.
    Now they say they will “help us” file a complaint with the FBI (as our bank suggested, as they’ve had reports that eBay is/has been investigated by the FBI for other cases of fraud.).
    So far it looks like it will be very hard to get our $1000 back, if we get it back at all. THANKS! eBay, Vehicle Protection Program, Auction Insurance Agency and Centennial Casualty Company, PayPal, russ-in-texas/ Blue Collar Guys/Russ E Schlicher/PayPal Email ID PP843!

  13. Al says:

    The other thing PayPal did that left us with fewer options for getting our money back:
    demanding that we put a checking account as primary, and even if you change it to your credit card for payment, it has for us often/sometimes gotten switched back by the PayPal system, or some failure on their site, SO we do not even have a credit card company to make it good. Would NOT have purchased this from our checking account as we make most all our purchases by credit card, especially when it is for large amounts.

  14. Mike says:

    My favorite… Purchased a broken xbox 360 for repair purposes… Yes, I knew it wasn’t functional. I knew about the described/photographed cosmetic issues. Description listed that the system powered on but had RROD. Not going to go into what that means, but basicly it had all its parts and there was something that is usually minor wrong. I’ve been buying these left and right and double even tripling my money on them for years…

    anyway… System shows up, it’s been gutted. Basicly the only thing that was left was the shell and the exhaust fans. Great… the two parts that are next to useless for repair purposes. Not what was described, not what was pictured… So I contact the seller, state that it was nothing like the pictures and it was missing parts, no response. Escalate to eBay claim. Immediately get offered a full refund upon return. Wrap it up, box it up, ship it out with delivery confirmation… Seller responds: We have received your RMA unit, however we will not be issuing a refund because you removed all the internal components. eBay closes case in their favor. Ok, escalate to an PayPal claim… Sent youtube link of the video I took of the package arriving and being opened also showing the missing parts. Response from PayPal: eBay has already addressed this issue. Case Closed. Contact the bank who handles my credit card, they reverse the charge. Sweet!

    Very next day PayPal recharges my card and puts a hold on my paypal account. I knew it was a mistake to get a card through PayPal, even though the cards are issued through GE banks… Call GE again, they say they can’t do anything about the second charge from paypal due to the card/paypal terms. Great, so I just got screwed by the seller, eBay, PayPal TWICE, and GE bank… Needless to say that card has been cancelled, my ebay and paypal accounts will never be used again. Thanks to all of you who have made a good track record of online commerce go to shit in two seconds flat.

    • John says:

      Terrible! Glad you shared this, though.

    • Jon says:

      Thanks for taking the time to print this story out. I think its high time we seriously stopped and reassessed just what we do with our money and how often we just take peoples word as gospel. Ebay has been held up as the model for online sales but the truth is Ebay consists of people simply trying to make money, not make a better world.


  15. Edwin Kloster says:

    eBay has another big poke in your back “serial retractor” or, RE-LISTING DUE TO HIGH BIDDER NEVER GOT A HOLD OF ME TO MAKE PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS.
    Bidder A 100% value bid (my opinion).
    Bidder B “serial retractor” bids 120% just a guess on percent.
    Bidder C 110% value bid just a guess on percent.
    If no more Bids then “serial retractor” retracts bid.Bidder C has 5 retracted bids in the History of eBay of 6 months. eBay get a percent of winning Bids, They do not care.
    *Shilling bids *Hackers *dim minded buyers it’s costing buyer money but eBay keep it going saying no proof.
    “Serial Retractor” some as many as 50 some odds poke in the eBay limited SIX MONTH HISTORY.
    This is a simple idea of 16 bids up to $1425.00

  16. Natalie Ritter says:

    This happened not once, but twice. The first time ebay charged my bank account $43.00 in service fees. I found this suspicious because I NEVER sold anything on ebay. I hadn’t even made a purchase in quite some time. After undo stress, insufficient bank fees for overdrafts, caused by this unauthorized transaction, conversations with uninformed telephone operators, disconnected calls, and pay pal and ebay passing the blame bucket back and forth, I finally got my money back. I canceled my ebay account. I wanted nothing to do with this incompetent organization.
    Thinking this was over, imagine my horror to find ebay was going to debit my bank account $424.!!! More trumped up seller’s fees! Same scenario. Ebay has no record of me, because I canceled my account. Yet, no one can tell me why I have this charge!!! Stupidity reigns at ebay!!!
    I am awaiting resolution from pay pal. I’m looking into who I need to talk to about ebay’s lack of business ethics!!! Anyone????

    • Kaye says:

      The same thing just happened to me! I found 5 withdrawals from Paypal yesterday for “Ebay seller fees” around $25 each from my checking account when I haven’t sold anything in years! Ebay is useless on the phone. Been back and forth between Paypal and Ebay for the past 2 days with each one passing the buck on to each other not to mention Ebay putting me on hold for 15-20 minutes at a time and then being disconnected. Finally found out from Ebay on my 3rd call to them that my account is also linked with another Ebay user (unbeknownst to me) which means they have access to my financial information. Ebay could not tell me how to unlink this other ebay user from my account. I opened a case with Paypal and they said that I should get an email response within 9 business days. Are they kidding me?! I’m hoping I get my money back. I’m done with both Ebay and Paypal!

  17. Larry says:

    Forget the refund, Capital One recharged me without saying anything(their letter said they would contact me first) & so far refuses to tell me why the rebill. The seller off of had the nerve to contact me after I told him I was flagging him on collector websites I use as a definite do not buy.Funny how his english improved when he wanted something. Still trying to complain over Capital one head to get the money back from”feelingtubes” Ebay seller to beware.

  18. simon says:

    i was just had when i tryed to buy a truck through ebay , …was scammed out off $4,000 . ? now what im screwwed !! truck was an white ford f-250 diesel truck . the thief goes by sara bailey , and her partner goes by brayn watson .. yall be carefull out there ..

    • RangersFan says:

      $4000 is a lot of money. Internet can be a wild, dangerous place. Sympathies. Hope you reported them to the FBI.

  19. Avinash Lewis says:

    Hi all, I was hit by same way as bruce loper was hit, The seller has sent me damaged memory card, later i went to sandisk service centre to know it was fake, i opted for refund, sent the card back to the address provided only to know that the address was fake, “Beijingshi, beijing muncipality 100055” seller claimed my money, by describing goods didnot reached back, in my case i got the packet returned, with address insufficient mark by chinese postal authorities.

    Resolution of case no. PP-001-214-410-487
    Add star
    Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 9:43 AM
    Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original
    Hello Avinash Lewis,

    We have concluded our investigation into the following claim:

    Seller’s Name:
    Seller’s Email:
    Seller’s Transaction ID: 37M99576A1862615K

    Transaction Date: 25-Jan-2011
    Transaction Amount: -$16.99 USD
    Your Transaction ID: 1PP81242KX534124F
    Case Number: PP-001-214-410-487

    Buyer’s Transaction ID: 1PP81242KX534124F

    The tracking information you provided was invalid, and we were unable to
    confirm delivery of the item associated with this claim. As a result, the
    case is now considered closed and we are unable to process a refund.

    We encourage you to work directly with the seller to find a resolution.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Yours sincerely,

    Protection Services Department

  20. chai says:

    I use ebay as a buyer and seller all the time. Here is what I’ve learned.

    1. Don’t buy/sell more than you’re willing to lose. Sooner or later you will get burned, the only question will be “how much?”

    2. Don’t link your bank account to pay-pal – When you’re paid via paypal have them issue you a check. When you pay for something via pay-pal, use a pre-paid credit card. This way, pay-pal can NEVER get into your bank account.

    3. Don’t buy ANYTHING on ebay you can’t buy somewhere else, even if you have to pay a little bit more for it, it’s worth it. Not to mention, 99% of the time, Amazon will have it for less. If you’re looking for something unique like an old car part, check craigslist first or hobby forums for whatever it is you’re looking for.

    As of April of this year, ebay will begin taxing sellers on SHIPPING! So now you’ll pay a tax for selling your item, INCLUDING the cost of shipping, and of course another tax from Pay-Pal (which is actually the SAME company).

    Soon, the ONLY way to make money on ebay will be fraud! : )

  21. herzco says:

    I believe the author is incorrect on one point (regarding Triangulation)
    A person bidding cannot retract a bid after a certain point in the auction process – and they absolutely CANNOT retract a bid an hour before an auction ends. Ebay does not allow bid retractions that late in an auction (perhaps for this reason)

  22. herzco says:

    One more type of fraud, albeit small, that I have encountered a lot on eBay: a seller will indicate that their item is eligible for a return / refund within 7 days in the BOLD print, but when you click on the “see details” link, the seller reverses that position and says that returns are not accepted!

    While it is always a good idea to read the fine print, it is VERY misleading when the main body of the listing in large type says “I accept returns” and the fine print contradicts that.

    I got burned by that (and eBay actually sided with the seller)

    And regarding Paypal: Once Paypal got into the equation, it just feels like an organized crime operation, albeit a friendly one. They really can use the good cop / bad cop thing and throw your issue endlessly back and forth.

  23. jake says:

    My latest rip off was from ebay member alohameanslove who is a Chinese national selling artificial furs from China pretending to be a native Hawaiian selling Hawaiian artifacts which in fact are made in China.

  24. Mike says:

    eBAY fraud can go a long way.

    I have been receiving tens of items regularly.

    I order an item from 24-7swords. AFTER a month the item is returned back due to “address not verified”. The item is SHOWN to be on its way back to seller via standard tracking yet the seller will NOT refund me. Reason? He needs item in his hands although he knows it IS on the way back to him.


    Check the fraud out and NEVER buy from here:

  25. david says:

    I am currently watching an ebay member’s auctions that contains 5 high end items that he cannot possibly own. He has one single image of each item which has been pulled from ebay’s own highlights site(!), gives no description, does not answer emails, yet people continue to bid. I have contacted ebay with detailed information and they’re doing nothing. So… I’ll just watch and wait. This seller is going to net somewhere between 40K and 200K depending on how crazy the bidding gets.

  26. Liz says:

    I am wondering if anyone has heard of this fraud. I purchased an item, the label was printing and a tracking number was given. But nothing further was ever done with the tracking number – it was never taken to the post office. I contacted seller repeatedly. Finally, I opened a dispute. On the last day the seller replied and refunded my money through PayPal. Ebay then closed the case. PayPal refund was not honored by the seller’s bank. Ebay will not reopen the case. And PayPal will not open a case because I already had opened one in Ebay. I think someone knows how to play the system. And furthermore, I think Ebay and PayPal’s guarantees are worthless. I am wondering if the seller committed mail fraud. Anyway, I don’t know if this is just a lot of coincidences or if this is a new kind of fraud. Thought you all might like to know.

  27. kevin bartrum says:

    Fraud on Ebay, really comes down to being a smart informed buyer, i’ve not once of late since informing myself been a victim of any sort when buying on ebay.

    What is the communication like between you and buyer?
    What is their feedback like?
    What is product image like?
    How is the auction set up?

    I look at all these details with a fine tooth comb before buying, if i’m not satisfied i don’t buy. No sale.
    It’s that simple. and what i don’t buy i can usually find somewhere else with confidence and sometimes better price.

  28. ebay says:

    mein ebay Konto wurde nach fast 14 Jahren Laufzeit und 100% Bewertungen jetzt plötzlich und unerwartet gelöscht.
    Ich sollte Kaufbelege für meine gebrauchten Golfbälle und selbst gemalten Aquarelle für 1,-Euro zuschicken + Ausweiskopie.
    Seit dem ebay in der ehemaligen DDR ist, geht da ganz schön die Post ab.

  29. Bruce K says:

    Here are two scams I’ve been subjected to. I bid on a laser drum for my printer and was a successful winner. The final price was good for me, bad for the seller. After the auction I got an email from the seller saying he no longer had the item. Pretty easy way to get out of a sale they don’t want to make.

    Second was an eBay slight of hand. Read the fine print and you will see that as a buyer you are committed to a bid even after loosing the auction. A seller came back to me stating that the top bidder retracted his bid and since I was the next below him, I was the winner….two days after the auction closed! EBay backed him up stating what to me was an unknown policy. I was stuck with the item and luckily for me, was not a winner in other auctions for the same item.

  30. Paul T says:

    I am a Power Seller on ebay…over 6000 items sold. A buddy of mine and I uncovered a very clever scam on ebay involving the sale of men’s Robert Graham shirts. One ebay seller uses 2 ebay accounts…one to buy USED Roert Graham shirts, and the other to sell them as NEW for hundreds more. She simply adds a spare price tag and voila…the shirt is now “New”. I wrote a Guide on ebay, describing in detail how it is done. Below is the link to the Guide. I hope the link will work.

  31. Peggy says:

    Why would a seller list an item, let you win the auction and pay for it, then refund your money and say the item wasn’t for sale? It is to get your mailing address or something else? Should I worry about my account getting hacked now?

    • ChaiG says:


      Most likely the seller wanted more money for it than the auction closed for, or he was able to sell the item locally for more money than you paid. I recently refunded someone the cost of an item because when I went to mail it, the mailing costs (odd shaped package) were 2x more than I had quoted him and more than the value of the item.

    • scrapsmusic says:

      Regarding the comment about why a seller would list something on Ebay and then have to cancel the sale could be because, like myself, sometimes a listing goes up in error when the item in reality has already sold. It’s a human mistake. As for the complaints about not getting what you pay for, etc., and then not getting your money back. I offer a 100% money-back-guarantee for 30 days as long as the buyer returns the item in the same condition that they receive it…but I also pay for return shipping. Nine point nine times (9.9) out of 10, I just return their money and don’t expect them to return the item, but suggest that they donate it to a charity, etc., if it is still useable. My items, however, are generally collectible sheet music and I’ve gotten to know the ropes with a lot of hard work, starting out with no “know how”. As well, my buyers have gotten to where they trust my judgement as to the quality of the music they are buying…nonetheless, I have had a legitimate complaint whereas I missed some water damage on a piece. No problem, just give the buyer back their money and apologize. Those buyers come back for more… Sellers, just like buyers, hopefully are still made up of humans who want to keep their Karma in check overall

  32. Mark says:

    Joeeaglefeather out of Las Vegas is another one to watch out for. He sells fake indian arrows and arrowheads which are sold as antique and even makes up fake certificates of authentication where he pastes a picture of his item over top of somebody elses COA to make it look like it is for his item. This guy isn’t just an ordinary con artist, he is plain evil.
    Threatened to kill me on the phone for having spoken out against him for stealing hundreds of dollars worth from me and thousands of dollars worth from many hundreds of other people on ebay for 13 years. He claimed the box was empty when it the return arrived back to him & insurance would not cover it because he refused to take the empty box to PO for inspection. Naturally ebay refuses to take any action at all & actually backs him up in all his fraudulent sales. So much for their “Trust & Safety”” Dept. Is Ebay ever going to clean up their act? Nope. And this idiot seller with 12 alternate user IDs is just the tip of an enormous iceberg. Don;t use ebay!

  33. Jack says:

    ebay is allowing sale of used medical devices as new, in particular INR checkers that are required by people on blood thinners. Problem is an inaccurate device can put someone in the hospital and may be contaminated with human blood. ebay does not enforce its own guidelines on medical devices. The INR devices can only be bought new through authorized distributors, none of who sell on ebay. A great example of ebay endangering human lives, I would like to warn ebay but of course there is no way to do so.

    • Beth H says:

      Not so! There is definitely a telephone number you can find on the site to contact them about something like this, something potentially life threatening. I would check their help section. If you cannot get a number, then send an email through their site! Just say what you said in this post.

      They may be jerks, but they are not murderers.

      • Mark says:

        Dear Beth,
        Clearly you have never had to try that number. There is a phone number on ebay & paypal for that kind of thing. I called them. I was told to file a report with the Sheriff and then I asked them “now what”? Trust & Safety Dept. repeatedly refused to repond when I asked what they were going to do. It has been 2 months and this seller is still selling, still using a dozen user IDs which change all the time. So much for that number. When I finally got disgusted with Trust and Safety refusing to repond to me I wrote should anything happen to me due to their continued negligance and refusal to repond my family has all the information needed to take it up with a lawyer. THEN they reponded with EBAYs legal mailing addres and nothing else. You’re fooling yourself if you think there is anywhere to turn. Even the Sheriff did not follow up on it with Las Vegas Sheriff. Not until some is dead anyway. Ebay disclaims ANY reponsibiliity for what another member does in this sort of case even though they continue to allow them to use their site!

        • Jack says:

          I understand that if i write to their Legal Department at ebay HQ in San Jose, eventually I may get a response. Their Trust and safety department has no direct contact, that should tell you something about ebay’s commitment to fight fraud. No way I am going to sit on a phone and be routed to someone in India who has no authority to do anything.

          • ChaiG says:

            “routed to someone in India” wow, I would *love* to be routed to someone In India, hell, I’d love to get ANYONE from eBay on the phone. (Honestly, I don’t think anyone has ever spoken to anyone at eBay in regards to anything they have sold or purchased on eBay, in the history of the company, ever).

  34. Mark says:

    Actually I have talked to several people on the phone in the U.S. –probably since I am a customer who spends a lot of money on there. Not that that will continue now. It money they care about. Nothing else, just money. Thats it. They don’t care if you get killed, or if somebody stole your money. They only care about THEIR money.

    • paul says:

      Well said. wasted time trying to report fraud. ebay did not seem interested in hearing the details?

      • Mark says:

        They listened to the details. They just claimed there was nothing they could do about it. One rep told me even if they remove the seller they can still re-register under another user id and Ebay has no way of tracking them. They do have a way, but they don’t care to. There is too much money being made in fraud on ebay. Why would they want to stop or slow that down? Safety? Give me a break.

  35. Joshua Edwards says:

    I recently sold on eBay. 100% feedback, Top Rated Seller status, impeccable policy compliance and multitudes of return customers. Sounds great doesn’t it. Well you’d be wrong. I will never, ever, sell on eBay again. Within the space of 2 days, despite the above, I ended in closing my account due to eBay’s appalling behavior in refusing to punish members inflating item prices by falsely reporting them claiming they are in violation of eBay terms of use and as such colluding in what I interpret to be fraud. I had an item removed in such a manner, then spent 4 hours on the phone with eBay before finally getting it re-instated and forcing eBay to issue an email admitting fault. I then filed a complaint against those members who had submitted false information in order to get the item removed in the first place, due to the fact it was competing at a lower price than those that had themselves listed. EBay’s response? Nothing. And not just nothing, much worse. Not only did they refuse to punish the people responsible for trying to damage my reputation, they then threatened me with policy violations when I had the nerve to author an eBay guide which informed others of what had occurred. Apparently eBay only cares about providing a safe and informed environment when it isn’t their own level of safety or the lack of enforcing policy bought into question. I was contacted with a message from eBay Trust & Saftey (what a joke) informing me that if I didn’t remove or edit the guide I would be hit with policy violations (despite the fact that the information contained within it was 100% true and accurate) a message I interpreted to be a form of blackmail. When I refused to comply they did indeed issue multiple violations, effectively destroying my business. And this again despite a spotless record, 100% feedback and Top Rated Seller status. To say I’m disgusted doesn’t even come close. They refuse to punish long term members engaged in fraudulent behavior, thus in effect colluding in it, punish those who speak out, then claim in messages to the innocent party they are only acting in the best interest of eBay as a whole. My advice, never buy anything on eBay again. You are simply getting ripped of by a company and selling environment that cares nothing for honesty or integrity.

    • Beth H says:

      This is just appalling behavior on their part. I think much of the reason that people have hung on so long (both buyers and sellers) is because we remember the good old days when eBay was a smaller, honest company.

      I wish there were alternatives to sell my gently used fashion etc. Does anyone know of any? Id love to hear of other options for selling that is not craigslist, which can be creepy.

      Seems like eBay is not only dishonest but has a vice type grip on any competition.

    • Teresa says:

      If you do not have a credit card, I sgseugt using a prepaid debit card. I have been selling on ebay for 2 years with out a credit card or bank account. Use paypal to collect your money, then attach your prepaid debit card to it and be able to pay for your items and transfer your money to and from your paypal account. I use netspend as my prepaid card provider and they are very good. Check them out at .If you need some tips and ideas on selling on eBay, I just bought this book that is pretty good on the subject. Its only $15 and you can get it at Was this answer helpful?

  36. Marie says:

    One to watch out for is the partial refund scam. I was just hit with a neg because I exposed a jewelry buyer’s game. She had great FB, because she pays immediately, then waits for sellers to leave a positive FB to hit them with a very friendly, “it’s broken but if you give me a partial refund I’ll keep it for parts scam.” I gave her the partial, but decided to dig a little deeper and contacted other sellers on her FB. THEY TOO went through the same scam, but didn’t think anything of it, because she seemed somewhat legit. Once I called her out on it she attacked my stars and made erroneous claims against my character. As if the neg isn’t bad enough, these scammers/chronic neg leavers come up every now and then, but it doesn’t just effect your reputation, it can prevent you from selling altogether. I decided to google this evil witch and she sells her own home made crap online for 3 times what the rare designer pieces she is ‘inspired by’ actually sells for. She also narcissistically posts photos of herself wearing the jewelry all over the website. lol no wonder her nose is so freaking HUGE, it grows every time she lies to someone. Rest assured I will be contacting other sellers to warn them of her scam until she is reported enough to be suspended.

  37. JEFF says:


  38. William gonzalez says:

    Here is how EBAY Buyers abroad get FREE STUFF

    International Shipping Scam tolerated by EBAY BUYER PROTECTION

    Here is how the Scam works

    Seller place item on EBAY
    International Buyer wins item and pays for item plus S&H
    You print international postage and custom forms from EBAY and get a tracking number starting with two letters and followed by numbers
    You Ship item thru USPS


    USPS accepts item
    Item makes it all the way to Jamaica NY, 11430 USPS Origin Sort Facility
    NOW USPS Tracking number stops here
    Tracking numbers that starts with letters do not require scanning or tracking by destination Country Postal Service
    Item is now en route to destination


    Buyer waits a couple of weeks
    Buyer place a claim to EBAY RESOLUTION CENTER stating he did not receive item
    even if they did receive the item in question
    EBAY Resolution Center contact Seller to provide USPS Tracking Number
    Tracking Number shows final destination as Jamaica, NJ USPS Origin Sort Facility
    EBAY Resolution Center will never receive a tracking confirmation from destination and will never receive proof of delivery even if item has arrived to destination.
    Case is closed in FAVOR of Buyer because tracking number can not be accounted for after Jamaica, NJ , USPS Origin Sort Facility
    Buyer gets back FULL amount they paid plus S&H

    Buyer Gets Items for FREE and All Money Back

    Seller is out of Item and Money

    EBAY Resolution Center answer to this is that Seller should have had the item insured and registered
    EBAY Resolution Center do not control any part of the shipping process that is “ conveniently” located on it’s website.
    Tracking number is absolutely USELESS
    EBAY BUYER PROTECTION will close claim on BUYERS FAVOR knowing this SCAM is HAPPENING
    USPS do not have any mechanism in place for you to file a CLAIM for stuff sold internationally

    Seller is SCREWED

    Creatureunlimited Lost $39.45


    • chaibala says:

      thanks for the heads up, I do a lot of international shipping and until recently, I’ve always just taken the packages to the post office and bypassed the “print your own shipping” option. Recently, I decided to switch over to printing it myself because it’s more convenient and because eBay suggested it would help me become a preferred seller if I did.

      Now, I’m going to take all my international packages to the post office and hopefully avoid this mess. Thanks for the heads up!

      • Supa D says:

        Ok, it’s actually more complicated than this. I’ve been shipping internationally for over 12 years on ebay. The only package that is traceable overseas is US Priority International. NO first class international package is trackable once it leaves the US. In fact, even with the most restrictive international shipping method the US post office offers, Registered Mail, there is absolutely no guarantee the package will arrive at it’s overseas destination. I had a $200 package disappear in transit to sweden, supposedly under lock and key for the entire route. Landed in Sweden, then disappeared, no trace. Buyer got his money and shipping back. I was out the cash as well as the item. USPS will not pay off on lost packages only damaged. What can you do? Nothing… Block buyers who you have previously had the slightest issue with. I even block buyer who seem confrontational when they send questions during the auction. Avoid shipping to ANY country you feel the slightest bit queasy about.

        • chaibala says:

          interesting, I knew this, but always “assumed” that if the package made it to the foreign customs office, you wouldn’t be held liable and the buyer would have to pursue matters with their local postal system.

          I’ve shipped dozens of packages over seas and never had a problem. The only “issue” was with a particular package that was held up in customs for weeks.

          Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to block all foreign buyers as they comprise the bulk of my business. I guess I’ve just been lucky thus far. I do fully expect to be burned one day though, I guess it’s just the cost of doing business.

  39. DawnT says:

    I bought a white gold ring from a seller on ebay that had goodfeedback in the thousands. The ring was marked 14k. I brought it to a jeweler to check it for resale value. They quoted $50 less than what I paid. I thought that was fair. Five months later I send it to a jeweler to be remade into a ring and it turns out it was sterling silver. I can get $4 for it. Yay.

  40. Jan says:

    I know I just got screwed on eBay. I’ve bought and sold on ebay for over 10 years and have had nothing like this. I had purchased three used small bottles of perfume. I thought great I will have a travel bottle of my favorite kind and two other brands to try. After recieving it, having difficultly opening the Dune bottle and couldn’t open the other two bottles. I sprayed the Dune bottle on my arm and found it smelled like chemicals and my arm itched. The seller (b.Dazzled) had a return policy so I emailed and said I was going to return it. The Seller (b.Dazzled) said that there was glue on the lid and I should have realized that from the photos. I was in complete shock. Who puts glue on perfume bottles? And what else was tampered with. I contacted eBay, they advised me of the buyer protection and I would get my money back. In an email the Seller said they would reimburse me of the return shipping but didn’t after I had mailed it to them. I did get my initial shipping and purchase price back. I was still concerned because she is still selling perfume on eBay. I advised eBay my concern that someone could get hurt or possibly die from a Seller selling some strange substance and even her admitting to the glue on the lids of the perfume bottles. eBay said they wouldn’t do anything until more people complained. In one of my conversations to eBay the eBay employee told me he got screwed too with some colonge and he got his shipping and purchase price but not return ship. And the selling is still selling on eBay. I understand that it is difficult for eBay to police their site but when they advertise a Buyers Protection it makes it sound that you are protected. Ebay should do more after all they are making LOTS of money off of the Sellers unlike Craigs list that just list items for sale. And it seems like the Buyers are getting screwed. I wish there was an agency that would look into the fraud on eBay or website to warn people or something.

    • chaibala says:

      10 years on ebay and the worst thing that’s ever happened is you bought some fake perfume and they didn’t refund your return shipping? hahahahaaaa!!!

  41. martin says:

    i’ve been an ebayer for 8 years the scammers are relentless at every turn the worst scammer i’ve heard of was a guy who sold 100 digital flat screen tvs over a 2 week period at approximately $450 each and only sent the boxes (empty boxes with no tv’s inside them) because he had proof that he sent them ebay stood by him.His account then closed and the scam was complete what a load of nonsense ebay is making so much money from a computer software program with no real buyer protection rights or customer service it’s the ghost in the machine

    • Kasia says:

      Thanks so much, Kathryn! I really apaceripte you getting in touch. I hope you got my text to say a huge thank-you for hosting such a great night, and for your kind offer afterwards sorry I couldn’t make it. Love to hear from any of your customers about my book, too

  42. Frank says:

    I was sold atop rated seller account. It came to my attention that the seller wasn’t allowed to sell it as it is against ebays TOS. They refuse to give me my money back. I know they are selling other accounts. Any advise ?

  43. Lisa says:

    BEWARE- Russmay on ebay is a fraudulent seller! Russmay sold the same jewelry item to me and someone else, shipped it to the other person, and refused to refund my money. I have filed criminal charges for petty larceny with the local police, filed an Internet fraud case with the IC3, and am pursuing her in small claims court in her town of residence. What a hassle just to get justice and my refund! Ebay customer service reps promise more than they can deliver. Ebay reps ultimately claimed they were powerless to change their own “buyer’s protection” flawed case system. Here is yet another example of a significant waste of my time due to ebay’s inability to make seller’s accountable for being honest!

    Oh ya- and one more thing, a different seller just sold me a necklace as 14kt gold, but when I received it, it was stamped “925” – and that is sterling silver – she claimed she did not know… I find that very difficult to believe- but at least she refunded my money! Up until now I have had mostly positive experiences for the last 8 years, but Ebay is AWFUL these days! I am no longer a registered user… tahoeangels.

  44. Sellers says:

    Everyone is screeming of sellers being the fraud people. NOT SO! Everyone forgets buyers are the biggest scam artists of them all! Actual cardholder’s will use their own credit cards to commit fraud. Its called friendly fraud. Visa & Mastercard kiss the customers ass and leave the merchant out thousands of dollars because of the rules Visa & Mastercard set in direct opposition.

    • Carlos Aona says:

      NOT SO, eBay Seller. I’ve been using eBay for three years or more. Almost all of my transactions were with honorable sellers. But in the 6 months, 20% of sellers have been corrupt, dishonest, deceptive, or dumping merchandise with bait and switch ploys. I now have an account with ALIBABA and AliExpress. I have a feeling they will crush eBay like a dried up dog turd.

  45. Sellers says:

    Facts : when a buyer initiates a chargeback, guess what is the buyer’s own bank that makes the decision! The merchants processing company sends all the paper work to the buyer’s own bank, and the buyer’s credit card company will find some kind of loophole to allow the buyer to keep the merchandise. The buyer can lie through their teeth and a large part of the time they get away with it.

    The only acception is Amex. Amex is the one that makes the decision because they have the merchant and the buyer and make a clean honest decision. Since Visa and Mastercard dont want to get involved, they leave it up to the buyer’s bank to make the decision. And who do you think the buyer’s credit card company is going to favor. Its like giving the enemy your gun to hold and saw brb hold my gun while i have to go pee!

  46. branke says:

    Hello there,

    I’ve been ebay’ing for the last 12 years.

    Had some minor problems like non payment for the item ..

    Resolved, no problem.

    People here, (most of them) trying to stop everyone from using ebay because the dishonest ones around.

    Fair enough, they got stung..

    But lets look at differently for a second.

    According to eBay’s Unaudited Supplemental Operational Metrics (released January 16th, 2013) the company has 112.3 million *active users. .

    A lot, isn’t it??

    Would you condemn a nation of 112.3 million people because of “DISHONEST” ones between them?

    You wouldn’t..

    I certainly will not stop buying-selling through ebay, just because of a miniscule proportion of the community..

    I drive everyday well aware that accidents happening..


    • sukhwinder says:

      I think this site does a very good job. If I would ever shop from ebay, I will keep these informations in my mind to avoid getting into known scams.

      I am one person, who desperately needed to buy from the ebay (In fact I still have some such requirements). However, I read in many forums that the ebay support staff do not help much when somebody is hit by scams – buyers or sellers, both cases. Their horrible tales are filled up in many forums. If I start seeing that the ebay people are responding to them and are trying to at least understand their problem instead of giving them canned answers from their rule book I may consider buying from ebay. Secondly what will make me trust ebay would be that ebay people start moving towards the real situation of these affected people instead of following their fixed rules, which as it seems have become outdated and are allowing scammers to get by.

  47. Corey says:

    Ebay is a forum for sellers who are not professionals who make mistakes describing their items and buyers who believe people are not out there to screw them. I have been screwed out of two purchases lately through ebay their customer service stinks. Do not trust any seller open cases against everyone after three days drive ebay nuts until they create an honest middleman environment.

  48. Jud says:

    This is how fair Paypal assesses a dispute for the buyer. I received an item NOT as described and INCOMPLETE. I now have to fork out return shipping [which will cost me half of what I paid for for the item] if I want a refund MINUS SHIPPING COST from the seller- who is on Ebay.
    They deal in Broze Statues and go by the Ebay moniker ‘bronze_deal’- so AVOID them otherwise you could end up like me- out of pocket for something contrary to what they advertised!
    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS Ebay merchant unless you are prepared to accept what you ordered IS NOT what you got!

  49. Jud says:

    This is how fair Paypal assesses a dispute for the buyer. I received an item NOT as described and INCOMPLETE. I now have to fork out return shipping [which will cost me half of what I paid for the item] if I want a refund MINUS SHIPPING COST from the seller- who is on Ebay.
    They deal in Broze Statues and go by the Ebay moniker ‘bronze_deal’- so AVOID them otherwise you could end up like me- out of pocket for something contrary to what they advertised!
    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS Ebay merchant unless you are prepared to accept what you ordered IS NOT what you got!

  50. Jud says:

    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM bronze-deal unless you are absolutely guarranteed you’ll get what you paid for- and their so-called guarrantee on their Ebay site is worth NOTHING!

  51. Jud says:

    Don’t bother dealing with Paypal if you want to make a claim but only refunded if you RETURN ITEM to seller because they have ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING IDEA of ‘time difference’; shipping costs; and shipping time between countries!

  52. Peter says:

    A warning to anyone looking for ‘original’ militaria items. ‘Original’ is used as a very ambiguous term- meaning that items listed as original are ‘replicas’ to make them look original. ALWAYS keep saved drafts of E bay exchanges with seller and only use Paypal. But even then Paypal ALWAYS FAVOURS the seller and NOT the buyer. They will NOT COVER RETURN SHIPPING COSTS for a bought item! This is how the wankers make their fucking profits- they don’t lose a fucking cent but the buyer loses the additional shipping cost! And if you come from the other side of the planet [ie., Australia] the return postage is almost as much as you paid for the item in the first place. In a nut shell- GET DOCUMENTED PROOF of item’s ‘originality’ so you have a ‘water-tight’ case for a claim!

  53. aryheen says:

    AHH Ebay, I got burned for $18,600.01 for Porsche cayenne.Car was good had carfax, buyer without feedback but transaction was protected up $50,000 so I bought it.The seller cooperated until money arrived on his banking account.i contacted ebay, but they washed their hand (dickheads), not even gave the address of the seller.. ((they are people working on Ebay cooperating together with spammer)). soon after, ebay removed the seller and transaction from visible files what not help me at all. and the case closed.

  54. Mike says:

    I am a dealer in rare US Coins, and am a long standing eBayer with great feedback and eBay experiences. There have, of course, been a few bumps in the road.

    Keep it simple, and use your heads . . . as an eBay buyer, if the item is in the traditional price point for that seller, and good feedback abounds, you’re probably good to go.

    As a seller, same applies . . . review purchase feedback, typical purchase price, and nature of merchandise purchased. If it fits, you are proably safe dealing with that buyer.

    There’s one more action that I have employed in the past when doubt enters my mind . . . you can contact an eBayer’s previous buyer or seller to elaborate on how it was working with that party. This proved invaluable for me on a few occasions. I even used it once to get law enforcement to pay a couple of evasive scammers a visit, and got my money returned.

    Good luck to all.

  55. Buster Jack says:

    The original question was “How bad of a problem is eBay Fraud?”

    On eBay UK, it’s BAD. I’ve been a scam-finder/reporter/buster since April 2013, just under 4 months, and in that time I have found, reported and busted over 2600 individual fraudulent listings which, if they had each found 1 victim, would have generated £13 million (US$20 million) for the bad guys. Normally I get scams shut down in 4 hours, sometimes less than 1 hour, so the overwhelming majority of scam attempts generate nothing. On August 1st I took the day off and simply observed, and the 37 scams I found (mainly cars, commercial vehicles, tractors and excavators) ran for an average of 22 hours. That’s high risk, so I returned to work the next day. It’s a 100-hour a week job and eBay refuse to employ me, despite the evidence that apart from protecting consumers from fraud loss, I’m doing eBay a favour too.

    I also did a lot of scambusting on back in 2005, shut down over 45,000 scam listings – mainly laptops, cameras and electronic stuff.

  56. luvfab4 says:

    A hacker with the ebay user name swaggaroo2013 hacked a buyer’s account and changed the buyer’s mailing address. The buyer paid for a purchase and the merchandise went to the hacker’s address. If you are a seller please put this criminal on your block list. If you are a buyer please check your account regularly to make sure that no one has hacked your account and changed your address.

  57. nickg says:

    I’ve been selling on eBay over 10 years and scamming does exist but it’s a minority. most people simply want to purchase and make an easy transaction like you or I would. however be cautious if you’re selling an expensive and POPULAR item. Always send the item by tracked service. Recently I had a bizarre experience where the buyer sent the item back with poor packaging and it was damaged in the post. EBay refunded the buyer in full but would not refund unless I filled in an online fraud report sent it back! if you are in any doubt when you receive the package back have a professional person witness you opening it. You can always refuse to sign for it if you are suspicious and arrange to collect it from the depot/post office later

  58. Carlos Aonia says:

    Regarding the “Private” eBay auctions, for knives especially, a tactic is used by so-called private bidders (who are actually sellers) to run up the price. Hence, legitimate bidders do not win because the sale is just above what the real bidders bid. Then immediately, the Seller places the identical knives up for auction which is a dollar or two over the fake bid. Those legitimate buyers who failed to buy the item are sent an email with the same knives listed for sale at the higher price. This practice mostly occurs in the knife market. I know eBay will do nothing about it.
    Another problem in the knife auctions: Buyer beware! I’ve been burned by fake brand knives.

  59. dub says:

    ive heard of a scam that involves high priced items… ebay has caught on to the empty return boxes. As a seller, it is a scam on the buyers end that i am worried about. I am wanting to sell a PS4 and cash in on those who werent smart enough to reserve one. I did this before when the Wii first came out. THIS IS THE SCAME… the listing and transactions go just as any other would, even with shipping tracking the buyer receives the item. within a few days they open a case and say the item is not listed and would like a refund. so they send back the item in the original box to get the similar product dimensions and fill it with a weighted item to match that of the one they received. so now my account is locked, they $$$ (probably more than what i paid for the ps4) is taken out of my account and once ebay sees that i received the box back they issue a refund… so now i would be out of the ps4, the money i paid for it and then some… the only thing i can think to do to protect myself is record myself leaving gamestop and taking the unopen box into UPS and paying for shipping and insurance.

  60. Mike says:

    Long story, but worth reading . . .

    I once bought a coin from an eBay seller who regularly offered coins, although most looked altered or artificially toned. This particular coin was a scarce date, but photos were poorly focused, yet the coin was PCGS certified, and the seller offered a return privilege and had good recent feedback, so I felt confident enough to buy it.

    When I received the coin, it was an extremely low quality coin for the assigned grade, and the seller agreed to receive it for a refund, so I sent it back, signature required.

    When my refund did not come, I inquired as to why not, and the seller told me I returned to him an empty package. I was incredulous, and immediately began going further back into his feedback than I had before. I discovered that had ridiculous amounts of feedback from 2 other eBay users. Comparing the items sold and bought, I found that he owned both of those accounts, and had been shilling his items upward with those accounts and then offering them again from his account . . . not very smart, as he eventually got caught.

    I contacted the buyer he eventually sold my coin to (yes, it was still legally mine because he hadn’t paid me back for the return), and obtained proof of delivery and an affidavit of receipt. Then I armed his local police with a ton of data, making sure there were no missing links in the chain of evidence, and they paid him a visit.

    Ultimately, I got my money back, and he got bad feedback, yet today he continues to buy tons of eBay coins under that name, and must be selling under a different account that I have not been able to identify.

    eBay did not help me out at any point in the process . . . I had to do all of the detective work myself, and work with the seller’s local law enforcement to get satisfaction.

    Buyer’s beware!

    • Carlos Aonia says:

      A similar scam happened to me. I bought a “Military Knife”. After receiving it, the knife was obviously made in Mexico or China –a cheap counterfeit. It had the knife and the metal sheath had identical serial numbers engraved into them. It was obviously done with a cheap engraver’s tool. After raising hell with him, he finally agreed to take it back. Later, he said he never received it, even though I had the tracking Number which showed it WAS delivered. I have stopped buying knives on eBay.

  61. bought an evga gts 250 for 80…………..came, was a gtx 8600

  62. Carlos Aonia says:

    check this before they take it down.
    This auction if for a KA BAR knife. That is NOT true. The sheath is an old KA BAR sheath. The knife is NOT a KA BAR.
    This trick goes on relentlessly at eBay in the arena of knife auctions. eBay seems paralyzed or passed-out regarding fraud.

  63. Carlos Aonia says:

    Well, another fraud that was swept under the old rug. Some guy is selling knives on eBay. He is using some sort of photography to make a 4 inch blade look like a 10 or 12 inch blade–to my eyes anyway. I went on the eBay forum and gave a specific account and URL of the item.
    So, naturally, eBay made the seller take off the misrepresented knives, right? NOT !!!
    No, but they did delete my post and sent me an email stating I could not make post of that nature. Pluck off eBay.

  64. Carlos Aonia says:

    New Knife scam:
    I received six knives from a seller two days ago. One of the knives had a broken scale with a half-inch piece missing. The seller said it must have been damaged in shipment.
    Bull crap. I took a close look at the his eBay photos which I enlarged. It was easy to see that the scale had been photo-chopped (fixed by fill-in). I’d report it to eBay, but I do not think they give a damn.
    I wish Amazon would get their own auction website.

  65. Carlos says:

    Intimidation from seller?
    The email below was received on 1/14/2014. It is unsolicited, improper and slightly threatening.

    “j_reinholdt60 (630)
    100.0% Positive Feedback
    Member since Nov-30-07 in United States
    Location: IA, United States
    Activity with j_reinholdt60 (last 90 days): I have bid on 0 items from j_reinholdt60
    Activity with j_reinholdt60 (last 90 days): j_reinholdt60 has bid on 0 of my items
    Dear member,
    i saw you sued ebay, with some posting just curious how it worked out for you, i settled for 500 recently and now i have another i have to file
    – j_reinholdt60”

    What do you think his motive might be? I’ve tried to send eBay a report but I can not find any email address to report it. eBay makes it as difficult as possible to report anything.

  66. Leo Olsen says:

    Lee Tan
    Shared publicly – May 21, 2014Gallery 925 / RETURNED “FAKE” gEoRg jEn$eN NECK RING NO: 238 TO RETIRED COUPLE!!!!

    Most stories of people being conned on the internet carry the admonition “buyer beware”, but the case of Leo Olsen shows that sellers too can be at risk from unscrupulous traders. Mr Olsen has been fighting since early 2013 for a San Francisco jewellery trader to honour her promise to purchase a rare “Georg Jensen” necklace and belt buckle.
    Jensen, who lived from 1866 to 1935, developed a word class reputation as a silversmith. His Art Nouveau designs proved exceedingly popular and his business rapidly expanded beyond Copenhagen; before the end of the 1920s he had opened retail outlets in New York, London, Paris, Stockholm and Berlin. Since then dozens of designers, most of them Danish, have produced jewellery under the Georg Jensen brand. When new, these pieces are sold by company stores or, in places such as Australia, through high end retailers such as David Jones. Pieces bearing the Jensen name are highly collectable, and often sell for large sums.
    Unfortunately, once the jewellery is put up for re-sale there is no accreditation of dealers, and as a result many businesses have set themselves up as Jensen “experts” despite having no connection to the Copenhagen business nor to its worldwide network of stores.
    When Leo Olsen turned to eBay to sell his Georg Jensen necklace and belt buckle he expected it might sell privately, to a collector such as himself, but was pleasantly surprised when the winning bid – for $6,145.80 – came from Gallery Nine Two Five, a California business which represents itself as “specializing in 20th century silver, featuring Georg Jensen at the head of the collection”.
    Having received payment through eBay, Mr Olsen duly packaged his items and shipped them to the gallery. It was then that his problems started.
    Gallery Nine Two Five owner Rachel Prater claimed that the items were received in a damaged condition, though acknowledged they had been well packed for shipping. She used eBay’s internal dispute procedure to request a refund; eBay wrote to Mr Olsen in April, calling him an “outstanding buyer and seller on the site” and noting that he’d bought and sold 62 items since 2006 without any issues. However the auction site said that, since Ms Prater disputed that the description matched the item she’d received, the simplest resolution was for her to return the necklace and belt buckle to Mr Olsen, and Mr Olsen refund her money.
    While he had no doubt that the items he’d sent weren’t damaged, Mr Olsen did so, paying the refund before the package arrived from San Francisco. And it’s at this point that the story takes an unusual turn. Generally, buyer and seller would go their separate ways; Ms Prater able to buy jewellery from someone else and Mr Olsen at liberty to sell his necklace and belt buckle to a different buyer.
    But what Mr Olsen got back wasn’t his necklace at all. While he says the belt buckle is the one he sent Ms Prater, the necklace is a look-alike, in a slightly different colour – a fake, he claims. And sure enough, it shows signs of damage – dents to the silver in two places and small chips in the coloured enamel.
    It seems Gallery Nine Two Five sent Mr Olsen a different neck ring to the one he’d sent them, retaining his to on-sell while saddling him with a copy worth much less than his original.
    Since then, Leo Olsen has tirelessly campaigned for justice, hampered by the distance between Perth and San Francisco, by the different legal systems in both countries and by the fact that, at around $6,000, the dispute is about an amount large enough to represent a sizeable loss to the Olsens but hardly enough to justify hiring a US attorney to pursue. “I’ve tried,” he says ruefully, “but they all want 10 or 20 thousand dollars [in their trust accounts] before they’ll even start”.
    eBay, understandably, say they’re not experts in verifying the provenance of jewellery and simply applied a hard-and-fast rule: if the buyer complains the item received doesn’t match the description, the easiest solution is that they get their money and the seller gets their item back to try again.
    He’s also filed a complaint with the WA Police – who say it’s outside their jurisdiction – the ACCC and with a US government agency, the Internet Crime Complaint Centre (IC3), a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).
    Strangely, Mr Olsen even complained to the Better Business Bureau, of which Gallery Nine Two Five is a member. The BBB claims it “sets standards for ethical business behavior and monitors compliance”, giving its member businesses a ranking based on a number of factors, including the number of complaints received. Mr Olsen has a copy of the complaint he sent to the Bureau, yet the BB website gives Gallery Nine Two Five a “AAA-“ rating based, amongst other things on there having been “no complaints filed with BBB”.
    Australian media have become interested in the case, with local News Corporation paper The Sunday Times running a piece on the issue. “They satisfied themselves that our complaint was truthful before they’d run the story,” Mr Olsen points out. He has also taken to the internet to tell his tale to other would-be buyers and sellers via sites such as Scamwatch and The Rip Off Report.
    The Olsens, who are retired, have photos to prove the jewellery they sent to Gallery 925 is not the same as that received after they’d refunded Ms Prater’s money, and have offered to swear affidavits to that effect, and verifying the pieces they sent were in perfect condition. “eBay advised us to wait for the items to arrive and then to inspect them over the following three days before paying the refund,” Mr Olsen admits. “But that’s not how I do business. The buyer wasn’t satisfied so I gave her money back, and in return I thought we’d get our necklace”.
    While Mr Olsen was happy with the original bid of just over $6,000 he puts his losses at between US$10,000 and $12,000 – the amount he could have sold the piece for in the United States, where Georg Jensen jewellery attracts high prices. “We just want back what is ours,” Leo Olsen says. “We’ve spent over a year now trying to pressure Ms Prater to return the original items we sent her. She can have what she sent to us back, it’s worthless. She already has her money, all we want is our property back”.
    Meanwhile Ms Prater, while maintaining her innocence, seems to have shut up shop on eBay – Gallery 925 is no longer a user. Mr Olsen initially closed his eBay account, upset with the outcome, but has since re-opened it. Again, he has received 100 percent positive feedback since December 2013

  67. GIO says:

    I have been victim of a scam on ebay last week and I have been trying to report the seller to ebay.
    Problem is he’s cancelled all his active listing and it seems that on ebay you can only report a suspect listing but not a seller. Even going through the ‘ contact us’ option all the options are prepopulated for you an you have to enter a listing number or you can’t complain

  68. Rajani says:

    I had purchased 26 pieces of an item “3 in 1 designer metal look ball point pen/ Stylus pen & Mobile stand/ holder-B33, Brand – Power Plus” (Item Code – 281455611808) on 8th October, 2014 from ebay to gift to my colleagues during Diwali. Ebay seller sent me items which didnot match the items brand specification on Ebay site. The items were functionally unfit to hold a mobile phone. Even after providing sufficient evidences as snaps of the items from all angles showing that its not of power plus brand and screen shot of the item specifications from my purchase history proving that the item was indeed specified as belonging to power plus brand while placing the order, ebay rejected my claim and has not yet processed my refund. Ebay asked me to send the items back to the seller. Item was shipped back to the seller and courier bill and proof of delivery sent to ebay but still ebay is not ready to refund my amount.
    The details for this ebay purchase are provided below :
    Seller – stationdeal
    Item Code – 281455611808
    Pay Paisa Id – 3755761013
    Transaction value – Rs.3076/-
    Courier Charges to ship back the item – Rs.300/-
    Ebay Guarantee Claim – 69530

    Please find below the complete details of my interaction with the seller and ebay on this and story of my endless follow up with ebay to resolve this issue.
    Attaching proofs to prove that item was not as described and details of interaction with ebay. Please help resolving this issue and take due action to protect consumer interests.
    Complete Details
    I had placed an order on EBAY India for 26 pieces of item “3 in 1 designer metal look ball point pen/ Stylus pen & Mobile stand/ holder-B33” (Item Code – 281455611808) on 8th October and made payment for it. The item description put by the seller mentioned brand as “Power Plus”. Pay Paisa Id for this transaction was – 37557610130. The transaction value was Rs.3076/-.

    On 16th October, when I received the items, to my disgust, it was not of power plus brand. It was a weak mobile/pen stand on which mobile phone couldn’t rest due to its low weight and also the pen provided with the item was not a “stylus” pen. It was an ordinary ball point pen.
    I raised the concerns with Ebay on Ebay gaurantee. The claim id is 695302.
    On the same day, I received call from the seller stating that the item was defintely specified as “power plus” brand on the site but you won’t have the brand name embossed or engraved on the item. I asked him if there was anything which could make me believe that the item is indeed of that brand. He then said “powerplus” is just a brand name by which he sells his items. I also told him that it cannot support a mobile phone on it to which he said he would try to place his Samsung Note-2 on it and check. He never got back on this.
    The very next day seller updated the item specifications for item purchased by me (Item Code – 281455611808) and removed the brand specifications from it.
    Ebay asked me for proofs and I provided them snaps of the item from all angles to show that it doesn’t belong to powerplus brand.
    Also, even though the buyer had removed the item brand specification from the ebay product listing, my ebay history page showed the brand specification of the item when I had purchased it. I provided a screen shot of the same to ebay.
    Meanwhile, seller called me and was ready to refund the amount excluding shipping charges. I agreed to it.
    Then, ebay rejected my claim even though I had provided them sufficient evidences to prove that the item was not as described.
    I fail to understand the reasons for rejecting my claim. Can a seller advertise to sell say a “NoKIA smart phone” and deliver the buyer “Micromax smart phone” ? Would that not be cheating the buyer and playing unfair. Why is ebay not understanding this ? Ebay asked me to work with seller for the refund.
    I called up the seller again and this time his tone was completely changed. He was not ready to refund the money.
    He asked me to reach out to ebay and also mentioned that “anyways ebay is going to support me”. His words were true here. Ebay was indeed supporting the interest of the seller even though all evidences were pointing to unfair play by the seller.
    I tried to reach out to ebay several times on chat regarding this issue. I was told that it is escalated and I will receive call from ebay with 24-48 hours.
    I waited for 2 days and again reached out to ebay. The chat customer care executive again said the same thing of issue being escalated and asking me to wait for 24-48 hours. Third time when I reached out to chat customer care executive, I was again told the same thing. I asked her to send me a mail confirming me of issue escalation. She provided me a Service Request number – 1-37380267906 and said she didnot have the authority to send mail.
    After waiting for another 2 days, I called up ebay.
    I spoke to escalation customer care executive, who was humble and took all inputs from me, verified the snaps of the item and all other evidences I had attached on ebay guarantee page, to prove that “Item was not as described” and asked me to ship the items back to the seller and confirmed me of refund processing. She provide me with service Request no: 1-38362630670.
    I received a mail from ebay with the address of the seller and was asked to ship the items back to the seller and send a scan copy of the courier bill.
    I shipped the items back to the seller, sent the courier bill to ebay and waited until the item was delivered to the seller.
    After the item was delivered to the seller, I sent the proof of delivery provided by the courier company by mail to ebay and asked them to refund my amount.
    As there was no response from ebay and neither refund was received, I called up ebay and asked them for refund.
    I spoke to escalation customer care executive, who informed me that the claim has been closed. This was disgusting. I told him that ebay had asked me to send the items back to the seller. How could the claim be closed without refunding my amount, in a case when I no longer have the items with me. It’s with the seller now and has been sent to him based on the mail from ebay asking to ship the items back to the seller. He informed me that the claim has been closed as the claim adjuster believed that “Item was as described”. I asked him that he could check the evidences provided by me, which undoubtedly prove that item was not as described, to which he replied asking me to send the snaps of the item taken from all angles. I told him that it was already sent before and check that on ebay gaurantee page. He provided me with Service Request No: 1-38426788659 and said he with escalate the matter and asked me to wait for 24-48 hours.
    After waiting for 2 days, I again called ebay. This time I spoke to Customer Care escalation executive .
    He said that as the claim is closed, he would process offline refund. I would not receive any mails from ebay but the refund money would get credited to my account within 8 working days. He provided me with Service Request No: 1-38559450700.
    After waiting for 8 working days, I called up ebay again and just asked the customer care executive the status of the Service Request – 1-38559450700 which was provided to me by last customer care executive 8 working days back. The customer care executive told me that “product purchased by me is not listed” and “my claim has been closed”. Based on the information she retrieved from ebay system going by the Service Request No:, she didnot tell me anything about refund.
    I wonder if the promise of refund was something just made by escalation customer care executive – Prashant Dhanawale orally and never recorded on systems.
    I insisted on speaking to senior executives. I was connected to a senior executive and I told me the entire story and asked that I wanted to speak to previous customer care executive, who has promised me refund 8 working days back. The executive told me that “Prashant” works in Mumbai office and is not available and he cannot connect my call. He said he would escalate the matter to mumbai team and I would receive call from ebay within 24 hours.
    I have waited for 24 hours and today – 22nd November, 2014, lost all faith in Ebay and believe that both ebay and seller have cheated me and played unfair with me. I had raised Ebay Gaurantee Claim on 16th October and have been following up with ebay sincerely believing that dumb ears would listen to my concerns and deliver justice. But now I want to take the issue to consumer courts and forums, so that due action is taken against ebay and the seller for cheating the buyer and playing unfair with customers.
    I am attaching all the evidences to prove that items delivered to me was not of “power plus” brand and hence not as per description by the seller.
    I am also attaching all the mail conversations between ebay and me.
    Please help looking into this matter and taking due action again Ebay to protect the interests of buyers.
    4 Service Requests Numbers were created by Ebay but complain raised has not been resolved.

    PaisaPay ID – 37557610130
    Ebay Claim Id – 69530
    Item Code – 281455611808

    • DonkeyAngel says:

      Claim is closed, my ass! The “Claim is closed” ploy is used to kiss-off buyers who were defrauded. I have had that done to me three times.
      Look carefully at the response to Seller page. It’s tricky. Clicking the wrong link will send a “case closed” report. BUT THE CASE IS CLOSED they say. Bullshit. In those cases I threatened to file a complaint with our local DA, and bring a Small Claims action. eBay will do anything to protect the seller. I have reported several instances of shilling by a major Knife seller. That seller has probably over 5,000 different knifes in his store. If he (it is a male seller) cannot get a higher price, a shill will enter a higher bid. I recently looked at several of his auctions and noticed a pattern. The phony bidders may have 75% of all their bids with that one seller. That is crap, especially when you see the pattern repeat using different identities with the vast majority of their bids with that same seller. Business in America is operated by liars and bastard.
      OH, want to check out a buyer?? Haa haa, eBay will not let you see details as in names or IP addresses of buyers because in my opinion, they want to protect the f–king sellers’ shilling.

  69. raedee says:

    Folks it’s this simple ebay has 10% REAL sellers and 90% scam artist and criminals. As a test we bought 50 pieces of jewelry off ebay at various prices. Every single pieces was stamped 14k or 925 silver and EVERY SINGLE PIECE was plated or painted gold or silver. The “gems” were glass or plastic. We got our money back on every piece but 3 which the seller requested us to send back the piece for a refund but would NOT provide an address The one that did simply reported we never sent the item back even when we had postal proof. You can expect ALL jewelry, designer and fashion items to be counterfeit. The FTC has on ongoing investigation currently running involving ebay allowing these criminals to operate freely on their site. ebay is bringing in 3.4 BILLION dollars a year off these scammers, now ask yourself do you really think they care if you lost $1000.00 when compared to 3.4 BILLION they are pocketing? Best advice is to NEVER shop ebay, that how this stops!!!

  70. Sheplot says:

    I recently sold a coin on ebay. The buyer told ebay that it WAS NOT THE COIN IN THE AUCTION. THE COIN WAS WORTH $40.00. WHEN i TOLD HIM TO SHIP BACK THE COIN FOR A REFUND, HE SENT ANOTHER COIN. I’m out the coin and $40.00. ebay took his side

  71. Auction Essistance says:

    Right now, buyers game the system with disputes and shipping back weird objects in attempts to get their money back. As far as fakes being sold, if it is too good to be true, it always is.

  72. Henry says:

    The sad part is eBay doesn’t even give a damn about honest people getting scammed. I can buy something, say the box arrived empty, eBay sides with me, I just got something for free. Or if I say what I bought is damaged, keep what was delivered but send back a crappy version of the same thing, eBay sides with me. The fact that a seller can’t give a buyer negative feedback tells you all you need to know. eBay basically enables fraud.

    • eBay enables fraud says:

      We all know State and Federal consumer laws protect consumers and sellers from unethical behavior. Unfortunately those laws don’t apply to eBay – no safety policies guard buyers and sellers from common everyday scams and misrepresentations. Indeed the act of an equal exchange for a product does not lie in ethical behavior, it lies in who can get away with bad ethical behavior, encouraged and supported by eBay.

      And because all evidence of fraudulent transactions are censored and hidden for unsuspecting buyers and sellers – all transactions are suspect, encouraging more fraud, not less.

      My recent experiences with eBay offered valuable incentives to me personally – that being to warn my family, my friends, acquaintances, my business associates, my customers and clients – everyone who “knows me” – that eBay fosters fraudulent transactions by way of “misrepresentation cesspools” – empowering sellers and buyers to become “subjects” of eBay agents and policies that systematically scam and destroy free markets at will, as buyers and sellers game the system at will – all backed 100% by eBay’s fraudulent policies.

  73. caveat_emptor says:

    Another closed ebay account to this list today 05/11/15. Bought an item, no tracking number given, wrong item sent, 6 weeks later, I wanted a refund, partial refund given. They made me eat shipping charges plus they would not give me a return shipping label. All around waste of time and money. ebay I hope you realize how many customers are hip to your scams.

  74. avalynn says:

    More and more counterfeits for sale on ebay… Ebay says to Report such auctions, but they aren’t taken down and just seem to multiply. Now there’s more fakes being sold than legit items. Most all from China, but they sometimes use foreign sellers to list their items, too. It’s ridiculous. Ebay obviously needs to get sued more. Otherwise they will keep taking the fees and pretend to act, but do nothing.

  75. eBay enables fraud says:

    We all know State and Federal consumer laws protect consumers and sellers from unethical behavior. Unfortunately those laws don’t apply to eBay – no safety policies guard buyers and sellers from common everyday scams and misrepresentations. Indeed the act of an equal exchange for a product does not lie in ethical behavior, it lies in who can get away with bad ethical behavior, encouraged and supported by eBay.

    And because all evidence of fraudulent transactions are censored and hidden for unsuspecting buyers and sellers – all transactions are suspect, encouraging more fraud, not less.

    My recent experiences with eBay offered valuable incentives to me personally – that being to warn my family, my friends, acquaintances, my business associates, my customers and clients – everyone who “knows me” – that eBay fosters fraudulent transactions by way of “misrepresentation cesspools” – empowering sellers and buyers to become “subjects” of eBay agents and policies that systematically scam and destroy free markets at will, as buyers and sellers game the system at will – all backed 100% by eBay’s fraudulent policies.

  76. Too Trusting says:

    I have returned two items on eBay without difficulty.
    The last was pure fraud, selling silver plated bars as real.
    eBay is intervening. The seller was not surprised when I busted him.

    I wonder if I showed up at his house with the police to file mail fraud charges? I have the proof!

    I’ll never use eBay again. Eventually some criminal will hit you no matter how much due diligence you do.

    Bye eBay, I will never purchase anything online again.

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